How To Get Shovel In Sons of the Forest

Dig your way out of trouble with this special shovel that can only be found in caves.

While structure building is lacking, the developers have done a spectacular job when it comes to crafting & lots of other stuff. The Sons Of The Forest Shovel does exactly what you would expect. Shovel in Sons of The Forest is mostly used to dig up stuff like entrances to shelters. Our guide will show exactly how you can acquire it

Key Takeaways
  • A Shovel is a useful tool that comes in handy when you need to dig something up in the game.
  • Using a Shovel is compulsory if you want to acquire the Maintenace keycard.
  • The cave that contains the Shovel is present quite near the common spawn point.
  • To fully explore the cave that the Shovel is in, the players need to have the Rebreather and Rope Gun
  • Both the Rebreather and Rope Gun are present in caves near the one that has the Shovel.
  • Finding all caves in The Forest is now much easier thanks to the brand-new, highly detailed GPS
  • The Shovel is a new item that wasn’t present in The Forest and has made its appearance in the sequel
Before You Start: Exploring the caves is dangerous. Going into them unprepared and without the proper equipment is not the wisest idea. To explore the cave fully and to obtain the Shovel, you will need to have access to a Rebreather and a Rope Gun beforehand.

How To Get Shovel In Sons Of The Forest?

shovel guide digging spots in the forest
This cave contains the Shovel | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

After you’ve acquired the Rebreather and the Rope Gun, tell Calvin to relax and head toward the spot you see in the screenshot above. It is here that the cave which contains the Sons Of The Forest Shovel is. These green markers make reaching these caves far easier.

Moreover, if you still need help, just look for the area directly below the mountains. It is very close to the starting spawn point. You can make out the exact spot by taking a point of the surrounding structures you can in GPS. Once you reach it, it will be covered up by some boards. These can be broken with your axe or knife.

Now, go ahead and enter the cave by approaching it and pressing “E.” Pull out your electric lighter by pressing “L,” and then use the Rope Gun to proceed forward. These caves are dark, and the reason why a lot of fans consider the series among the best survival horror games. 

Furthermore, now make for the left side. You will almost instantly come across water. Here, you will use the Rebreather to get to the other side. Just go through the tunnel, which is at the bottom of the water, and soon you will exit from the other side

Proceed forward and then jump down when you see more water below ahead. Continue through the cave, and soon you will encounter two human bodies inside a room. Keep going through the cave, and soon you will reach another area on the right side. 

In addition, we are nearing the end. Soon you will come across another underwater area, and you will have to use the Rebreather. Go through here, and once you are out, you will see a body on the other side, which has the Sons Of The Forest Shovel on it. 

Now that you have it, you can use it to finally get that Maintenance keycard which is essential for getting all the other keycards. While getting it is a chore, it is plenty useful, and the animations look nice, so we can’t complain much.

Wrapping Up

According to the discussion below this Subreddit post, people are really upset with the developers removing stuff from the game. Survival games need loads of stuff to encourage extra playtime. So, removing it only goes against it.

We hope that the developers will provide the fans with tons of new content. Everything has been great so far, but the game admittedly does need more polish and a lot more content. Here’s to hoping that EndNight Games gives it their all.

Sons Of The Forest has the potential to be the best survival game ever by the end of its early access. In the meanwhile, let us know your opinion about the game. Do you like the new companions? How many cannibals have you fought thus far? Let us know all about it in the comments below. 

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