Sons of the Forest: How To Get Rope Gun [Walkthrough]

Explore the cave & get that rope gun to unlock new possibilities for exploration in Sons of the Forest!

It is not an easy undertaking for players to get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest since they need to trek deep into a dangerous cave in order to obtain it. The entrance to the Rope Gun cave may be found on a trail that runs parallel to a lake to the west of the snowy mountains. Players need to keep a sharp eye out for the green dot on the map that indicates the position of the cave since it is very well concealed.

Key Takeaways
  • Rope Gun is used to reach new heights in Sons Of The Forest or to descend from a higher platform to a lower one.
  • To get Rope Gun, you need to explore a cave located West of the snowy Mountains.
  • Keep your eyes on GPS, as a green marker will appear when you’re near the cave.
  • Come prepared with the best weapons & armor to fight cannibals while exploring the cave.
  • Take a right turn where the pathway branches inside the cave & you will find the rope gun.

Finding Cave Containing Rope Gun

map location rope gun

After the players have entered the cave, they will have to make their way through a labyrinth of gloomy passageways that are inhabited by cave cannibals and mutants. It is strongly suggested that players arrive to the battleground well-equipped with weapons and other gear to assist them in fending off these foes. As the players continue to explore the cavern, they will finally come to a vast chamber that is inhabited by a large number of cave cannibals.

Exploring Cave 

go left of the cave

Gamers need to stay on the left side of the cavern in order to locate an entrance to a new road that brings them to a corridor that has been shut off by a mutant. The players have to locate a time bomb on the ground to the right of the barred passage, pick it up, and then toss it at the mutant in order to blast open the blocked passage. Only then will they be able to pass through the mutant.

pick time bombs at the ground
blast the mutant and go through the gap

The Branching Pathway

take a left from here

After then, the players are required to keep trekking ahead into the cave until they reach the branching route. The road that branches off to the left goes to a page with some mythology, while the one that branches off to the right leads to the Rope Gun.

take the right side of the cave

Gamers are required to go in the correct direction till they get to a cliff that has a briefcase at the top that contains the Rope Gun. As soon as a player has the Rope Gun, they will be able to put it to use in order to construct ziplines and advance farther in the game.

rope gun obtained

How To Use Rope Gun

In order to use the Rope Gun to construct a zipline, players need to first equip the Rope Gun and then aim and fire it at a certain place on the terrain. This will result in one of the zipline’s termination points being created. After the first point has been established, players are required to fire the Rope Gun a second time in order to position the second point at the other end of the zipline. In order for players to ride the zipline, they have to interact with it while holding down the “E” key.

Why Should You Use The Rope Gun?

The survival-horror video game Sons of the Forest is a challenging experience in which players must make their way through a perilous island that is inhabited by cannibalistic monsters and has terrible topography. As they make their way farther into the game, players will be confronted with a wide variety of problems and roadblocks, each of which requires them to make use of a certain set of tools and strategies in order to conquer. One of these vital tools is the Rope Gun, which gives players the ability to construct ziplines that may be ridden to reach higher or lower heights. Players can also use the Rope Gun to descend to lower levels.


In conclusion, the Rope Gun is a crucial weapon for players in Sons of the Forest since it enables them to make ziplines and traverse over the difficult terrain of the island. Players may also use the Rope Gun to swing from point to point. The players will have to make their way through a perilous cave that is full with foes in order to get the Rope Gun; nevertheless, the reward will be well worth the trouble. Players will be able to acquire the Rope Gun and make rapid advancements in the game if they pay attention to and implement the advice and guidance provided in this walkthrough.


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