Sons of the Forest: How To Make Rope [Explained]

Rope is the real gold in Sons Of The Forest, better stack up on it!

Rope is an essential resource in Sons Of The Forest, and knowing the methods of obtaining this item in the game will be extremely necessary for survival, especially during the early game. Currently, there are only a few methods of getting your hands on rope in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Rope cannot be crafted in the game, and the only way to obtain it is through exploration.
  • You will most likely find rope in caves and enemy camps, but it is also scattered everywhere around the map.
  • Rope has a plethora of uses in the game additionally. 
  • You will need rope to craft some of the best weapons, armor, and traps in the game.
  • Additionally, rope will also be used to craft furniture and towers.
Important: Rope cannot be crafted currently in the game; however, if the developers do add a recipe later in a future update, we will update the guide.

How To Get Rope

how to make rope sons of the forest
Obtaining Rope Through Exploration (Image Captured by Us)

Unfortunately, there is no way of crafting rope in the game, even though it is one of the most important resources that players will need during the early game. The only way of obtaining rope in the game is through exploration additionally.

You will most likely find rope in Caves and Enemy Camps scattered around the map. You might even come across rope placed in debris around the world or inside suitcases as well. If you obtain rope at a certain location, you can make a save point and reload the game to make the item respawn as well.

The above-mentioned method can be used to farm rope as well in the game. The game is still in early access currently, and the developers might add a crafting recipe for rope later in the future. If that does end up happening, then we will make sure to update the guide with that information.

Make sure to pick up any rope that you come across while exploring the map in the game. You’ll need the rope to craft various things for your survival, and the importance of this resource is great. 

Uses Of Rope

how to make rope sons of the forest
Uses Of Rope In Sons Of The Forest (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Rope can be used to craft various things, from weapons to traps and armor as well in the game. That is why it is an extremely important resource for the player and why you should always be on the lookout for rope while exploring. The following are the uses of Rope in the game;

  • Crafting Weapons
  • Crafting Armor
  • Crafting Shelter And Furniture
  • Crafting Traps

Crafting Weapons

You’ll need Rope to craft the Crafted Bow and Club in the game. Both of these are extremely useful weapons for your journey in Sons Of The Forest, especially the bow. You’ll need a long-range weapon, and the bow will serve that purpose for you.

As for the club, it is a heavy-hitting weapon and extremely powerful. However, it is slow to swing around, but when you do land a hit with it, it will hurt! Additionally, the other items needed to craft the club are easy to obtain as well, so you can get this weapon early in the game. 

Crafting Armor

You can craft the Bone Armor using Rope in the game, and this armor is one of the best additionally. Bone Armor can also be easily crafted early in the game as the other items, in addition to the rope needed to craft it, can be acquired early on. And the armor itself is so good that it will serve you well in the later parts of the game as well.

Crafting Shelter And Furniture

Sons Of The Forest allows you to create your own base in the game. That includes crafting furniture and buildings for your base. However, you’ll need rope to craft some of the furniture and buildings required for your base. That includes the Lookout Tower, Tree Platform, Treehouse Shelter, and Ceiling Skull Lamp. As you can see, rope has so many uses in the game that it serves both your offense and defense.

Crafting Traps

Lastly, you’ll need traps to secure your base in the game, and rope is required to craft the traps additionally. Bone Maker Trap and Fly Swatter Trap are the ones that you can craft using rope in the game. Traps are absolutely necessary to add more protection to your base, and you’ll need rope to craft some of the best traps additionally. 


Sons Of The Forest is a direct sequel to The Forest, and the game is currently in early access. However, the game is doing really well currently on Steam due to the fact that it is a great sequel, and the developers have introduced better survival mechanics in the game. You can additionally enjoy the game with multiple friends in CO-OP, which makes the overall survival experience much better.

This concludes our guide on how you can get rope in Sons Of The Forest. As we mentioned in our guide, there is no way of crafting rope in the game, and you can only obtain the item through exploration. However, we have also entailed the locations where you should look out for rope. We hope that the guide was helpful in collecting rope. Let us know what you think about Sons Of The Forest so far in the comments below!


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