6 BEST Base Locations In Sons of the Forest

Build a mini-mansion out of wood and defend it with all your wit and might.

Sons Of The Forest is the sequel to the classic indie game, The Forest. It features a far more detailed and diverse map. Players can now choose to build their base in a lot of awesome locations. The variety on offer here is great, but knowing where to build is key. Today we will show you the very best base locations in Sons Of The Forest. 

Important Tips
  • Akin to the original game, Sons Of The Forest has different locales that have different climates.
  • Kelvin is a new companion introduced in the game, and he can help you build a base fast.
  • Virginia, the second companion you can have, is the best defense for a base a person can hope for. All you need to do is provide her with a gun.
  • After you get Shovel in Sons Of The Forest, you can acquire a bunch of loot from the three graves located at our Three Graves Waterfall base area
  • Knowing where you can build a strong base is now more essential than ever because of all the new cannibals in Sons Of The Forest
  • In our opinion, North West Beach is the best base location for Sons Of The Forest. It has a constant supply of food and water
  • Due to its inaccessibility to cannibals, the Water Island base area has already become a fan-favorite spot.
  • Before building a base, the player needs to think about a lot of stuff. It must have a good supply of food, water, and, of course, wood.
  • Building in the Wide Clearing base area can prove to be extremely good as the area has loads of trees and is surrounded by deer and berries
  • The North Beach area has a cave near it. You can get the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest from here. Also, exploring all caves in The Forest is half the fun of the entire game.

All you need to know about the best base locations in Sons of The Forest: 

Three Graves Spot- Water Supply
- Berries
- Herbs
- Several Trees
- Frequent Cannibal Attacks
- Distant Food Sources
Snowy Mountains- Fish
- Fresh Water
- Difficulty gathering Stones & Sticks
- Difficult to recruit Virginia
- Special Mutant Encounters
Wide Clearing- Trees
- Huge Loot
- Deer Meat
- Berries
- Distant Water Source
- inconvenient
North Beach- Seashells
- Turtles
- Deer
- Berries
- Camouflage Suit
- Rebreather
- Absence of Seagulls
- Small Area
Water Island- Consistent Water Supply
- Unique types of Food
- Trees
- Takes a lot of time to build
- Winter time freezes the Water
North West Beach- Seagulls
- Fresh Water
- Fish
- Pistol
- Difficult to get Logs

Three Graves Spot

three graves locations the forest 2 guide
The spot with the three graves | Screenshot credit: eXputer

Finding this spot for the base is easy, as it is near one of the most common spawn points. Take a look at our screenshot above. It shows the exact location it is at on the GPS. The area here made our list because of how great it is for defending against cannibals.

We recommend that you build your base with its back to ocean current. That will ensure complete safety from cannibals for that one side, so you now have one less spot to worry about. That already places it among some of the best base locations in Sons Of The Forest.

Moreover, cannibals can climb trees, but the trees here are far away from the actual clearing where you will be building your base at. That is yet another reason why the spot is excellent. You can gather logs to build your base easily because the area is surrounded by lots of trees

Also, you don’t have to worry about dying from thirst or hunger because you can safely drink from the water stream below. Finding good food here is rare because mostly you can only have berries

The main downside of the spot is that it is one of the areas where cannibals constantly attack. When you are in the early game, you don’t have many options to defend yourself. So, that can make the area frustrating as the cannibals will keep halting progression by scaring Kelvin or by downing you.

The other problem here is that you will need to walk quite a bit to gather some good food. If Kelvin isn’t busy chopping wood, you can ask him to catch Fish for you. That takes care of the food problem


  • Constant supply of water.
  • The area around it is full of various kinds of berries and herbs.
  • The player can reach the area very early on, depending on their spawn point.
  • Large area to build in.
  • You can dig up three graves for loot if you have the Shovel.
  • The spot has many trees around it, so you don’t have to hike at all to get logs.


  • Cannibals attack here constantly
  • While you can get fresh water easily, you will need to go a bit far to get good food.
  • Kelvin is basically useless here for gathering logs, as cannibals constantly scare him off. 

Snowy Mountains

mountains snow forest 2 fishes guide
You can build a base here and get fish or water constantly | From us at eXputer

The player can also crash and land in the snowy mountain area. The entire land will be covered in snow anyway when you reach day 10. So, it is better to get used to it from the get-go. No need to panic if you have found yourself here. There are plenty of advantages to this area.

Furthermore, there are plenty of excellent spots you can find here, including ones that provide excellent cover. In the screenshot above, we are at one great spot where you can have an amazing supply of Fish and water. Eating raw fish is one of the only ways to restore your health other than the usual consuming medicines

The snowy mountain isn’t the ideal spot to build a base. Only veteran, The Forest players consider it among the best base locations in Sons Of The Forest because of the challenge it provides. You will have trouble gathering a lot of crafting resources here.

In addition, we recommend that you go below and collect a lot of essential stuff and then return here to build yourself a cozy cottage. As far as food, water, & building space goes, you will have no trouble. Also, after you have built zip lines going below will be easier

If you know anything about how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest, then you know that she hates cold. Returning here after befriending her is an excellent move.


  • A big supply of fish which are excellent for restoring health and fulfilling hunger.
  • Pretty large area to build in.
  • A good supply of fresh water.
  • Has a lot of spots where you can build, so cannibals have trouble attacking or infiltrating.
  • Can trick cannibals into falling to their death in many areas


  • Trouble collecting a lot of stones and sticks.
  • Can have trouble recruiting Virginia here.
  • Encountering special mutants early is far more likely here.

Wide Clearing

wide area with trees and deer in forest 2 base
The Wide Clearing base offers a massive area to build in | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Make your way to the exact same spot we are at in the screenshot above. Here you will find a massive area that is completely clear. Many trees surround it, and you can build a very large fortress here. It is an excellent spot in almost every conceivable way. 

Moreover, the player can collect as many logs as they want here. There are so many trees here that it feels like you will never run out of them. Now, a spot needs more than that to be among the best base locations in Sons Of The Forest. 

Thankfully, you can find many deer near the area here. There are also various kinds of berries present here that you can collect and eat. A bit far away from here is also a fairly big cannibal base from where you can loot a lot of stuff whenever you log back in.

Furthermore, the only reason why you might consider another spot is that water is a bit tougher to come by. Even though the beach seems fairly near the spot, it is pretty far. You will need to run over there every time to quench your thirst whenever you wake up

Also, while most players love a challenge, the cannibals will prove to be annoying to a lot of newcomers. If you don’t have any trouble with these minor inconveniences, then you should beeline for the spot and make yourself an awesome base. 


  • Large area to build in.
  • Many trees to cut down and gather logs from.
  • A cannibal base not far away, you can loot a lot of stuff from here.
  • Deers are among the best sources of meat, and they are present in abundance here. 
  • You can find many deer roaming around the spot.
  • There are different types of berries you can find here.


  • To get Water, you will need to walk a bit.
  • To most new players, the cannibal base will be an inconvenience

North Beach 

north beach virginia outfit and rebreather cave in sons of the forest
Roaming the area around the North Beach Base, here you can find deer and berries | Image provided by eXputer

Next, we have one of our favorite spots. The beach that lies in the North has some excellent spots for bases. We have made one here ourselves. It is easily among the best base locations in Sons Of The Forest as it provides everything a player will need in order to survive

In addition, see the screenshot above to reach a spot that is very near the beach. Here you can find a seemingly endless supply of berries and deer. Deer, as you probably know, are among the best sources of food, and having them here in such excess quantity ensures that you will never be hungry.

The cave that lies here contains the Rebreather. That is a tool that is essential if you want to explore each cave to the fullest. Most of the best loot of a cave is mostly hidden behind a section that requires the Rebreather to access. You can also get the camouflage outfit for Virginia from here. 

Moreover, if you feel that deer are a bit of a nuisance and catching them wastes a lot of your time, fear not, as the spot also has turtles that you can cook and eat. Hunting these is super easy, just approach one and then hold the “left mouse button” while looking at the head. 

Even though you can collect their shells, there is no turtle shell water collector in Sons Of The Forest as of now. Even in winter, this spot remains an excellent area. There is only one place to collect lots of rocks in the winter, and that is the beach. So, if you build here, you are literally in a win-win situation.


  • Can eat seashells that are present at the shore.
  • You can kill turtles to get a lot of food.
  • Turtles are present in excess quantity, and killing a big one gives you two meat.
  • Deers are present as soon as you enter the forest.
  • You can find berries all around near the spot.
  • The player can find the camouflage suit for Virginia here.
  • The cave here contains the Rebreather, which is an essential tool in the game.


  • There are no seagulls here to hunt and eat. They are also excellent for gathering feathers.
  • Small area to build in when compared to other beaches.

Water Island

water island base location sons of the forest game
You can build a Water Island base here | From us at eXputer

If you have been watching streamers play the game, then chances are you already know about the spot. It has rapidly turned into a fan favorite site. It offers a decently large area that is covered by water. Here you can build one of the coolest and best bases in Sons Of The Forest.

Moreover, after playing the game for a while, you will find out that most cannibals die when they go into the water. These fellas can’t swim, and they drop dead the instant they get into a water body. So, the location already provides the best defense you can possibly ask for.

Now, you can probably guess the defense is rendered useless during winter as the water gets frozen. That allows the cannibals to just walk up to your spot and attack you, but by the time that happens, you will already have an excellent base set up. 

If you have gotten the Shotgun, you can give that to Virginia, and she will show the cannibals hell. Also, the main reason why some players avoid the spot is that it takes extra time to build here.

To get the logs to the island, you will need to drop them into the water while you are staring up at the sky. Soon the logs will bounce their way to the island. Now, as you can tell, that makes the already tedious process even more tedious

In our opinion, it is totally worth it. The base offers so much, and the area surrounding it has a lot of food. If you don’t mind the extra bodywork, then there is no reason to skip out on this spot.


  • It is surrounded by water, so cannibals can’t reach you.
  • It offers up a large area to build in.
  • Constant supply of water.
  • You can get different kinds of food from the area around it.
  • Loads of trees to get logs from.
  • Once you get yourself a Rope Gun, you can make the process of collecting logs instantaneous.
  • The spot is eye-catching and stylish.


  • Lot more time-consuming to build in.
  • The water gets frozen in winter, which allows the cannibals to attack the base.

North West Beach Base

best beach spot in the forest 2
Our cottage in the North West Beach area | Screenshot credit: eXputer

Lastly, the best base location in Sons Of The Forest is North West Beach. You can see the small cozy cottage we have built here in the screenshot above. You have all this large flat area to build in. Go full creative here and build yourself a massive fortress.

Moreover, you will never run out of meat here. You can kill loads and loads of seagulls here. They provide you with raw meat and are the best way to gather feathers. You can hit them more than once to get extra feathers each time. They even spawn here regularly in winter.

Finding drinking water will also be no trouble, obviously. The only thing that might come off as a nuisance is that the trees are a bit far back from the beach. So you will need to drag them down yourself each time to build a base.

You can choose to destroy the stumps of trees to roll the logs downhill, but you shouldn’t do that. If you destroy the stump, then trees won’t grow back, and since you want to regrow trees in Sons Of The Forest. Destroying the stump isn’t a wise idea.

Whether it be winter or summer, you will have an excellent base here. You won’t even run into a lot of cannibals here. If you spawn near it, there is no reason to go out of your way to find another spot unless you want something visually different


  • Constant supply of Food through Seagulls.
  • Hitting seagulls multiple times is the best way to get feathers.
  • Fresh water is easily accessible
  • Massive area to build in.
  • Cannibals rarely come here.
  • Kelvin will quickly catch Fish for you here.
  • You can swim to the purple spot away from the shore here to get the Pistol.
  • It is an excellent spot to befriend Virginia since she hates cold and loves warm areas.


  • Getting logs can be a bit tedious.
  • Cannibals don’t come here a lot. Little action can get boring for some players.

Wrapping Up

The game has plenty of bugs as of now. It can be further proven by this Subreddit post. Most fans do not mind the bugs at all. It is totally understandable that a game in early access would be a bit unstable. The entire purpose of early access is to fix any bugs or complaints that the fans have. 

After you are done setting up a base, finding yourself the GPS locators should be your first priority. These are excellent for exploration as they are used as waypoints. You can also give one to Virginia to keep track of her movements. 

As of now, we are having a blast with the game. The developers just need to add back everything that they have removed, and we have a phenomenal sequel on our hands; enough about us. We want to hear your opinion on the game. So, let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below. 

While you are here, consider reading the following guides. 

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