Sons of the Forest: 6 BEST Base Locations [Expert’s Take]

Learn all about the best base locations you can set up in Sons of the Forest, helping you build a sturdy foundation for your playthrough.

Sons Of The Forest is the sequel to the classic indie game, The Forest. It features a far more detailed and diverse map. Players can now choose to build their base in a lot of awesome locations. The variety on offer here is great, but knowing where to build is key.

Important Tips
  • Like the original game, Sons of the Forest has diverse climates in different locales.
  • Kelvin is a new companion who speeds up the Base building.
  • Virginia, your second companion, offers excellent base defense when equipped with a gun.
  • Shovel unlocks loot from the three graves at the Three Graves Waterfall base.
  • Base location matters more due to the new cannibals in Sons Of The Forest
  • In my opinion, North West Beach stands out as the best base location with a stable food and water supply.

My Best Base Locations In Sons of The Forest

All you need to know about the best base locations in Sons of The Forest: 

RankLocationResourcesDisadvantagesBest For
1North West Beach- Seagulls
- Fresh Water
- Fish
- Pistol
- Difficult to get LogsReliability
2Water Island- Consistent Water Supply
- Unique types of Food
- Trees
- Takes a lot of time to build
- Winter time freezes the Water
Water-Centric Building
3North Beach- Seashells
- Turtles
- Deer
- Berries
- Camouflage Suit
- Rebreather
- Absence of Seagulls
- Small Area
Collecting Valuable Loot
4Wide Clearing- Trees
- Huge Loot
- Deer Meat
- Berries
- Distant Water Source
- inconvenient
5Snowy Mountains- Fish
- Fresh Water
- Difficulty gathering Stones & Sticks
- Difficult to recruit Virginia
- Special Mutant Encounters
Snowy Regions
6Three Graves Spot- Water Supply
- Berries
- Herbs
- Several Trees
- Frequent Cannibal Attacks
- Distant Food Sources

6. Three Graves Spot

The Most Convenient Base Location In Sons Of The Forest.
three graves locations the forest 2 guide
The spot with the three graves | Screenshot credit: eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: Convenience is a major factor when considering a good base location, and if you’re just starting, this is easily the best location for a sturdy base.

This base spot is conveniently located near a common spawn point. Check my screenshot for the exact GPS location; it’s great for defending against cannibals. Build your base with its back to the ocean current for added safety.

The trees are distant from the base clearing, so cannibals can’t easily access it. Gathering logs is simple due to the surrounding trees. You can drink from the stream below, though food options are limited to berries. The downside is frequent cannibal attacks, especially in the early game when defense options are limited, which can be frustrating.

To address the food issue, ask Kelvin to catch fish when not chopping wood, although it requires some walking.

  • Constant supply of water.
  • The area is full of various kinds of berries and herbs.
  • Depending on their spawn point, the player can reach the area very early.
  • Large area to build in.
  • You can dig up three graves for loot if you have the Shovel.
  • The spot has many trees, so you don’t have to hike to get logs.
  • Cannibals attack here constantly. 
  • Kelvin is useless here for gathering logs.
  • Must go a bit far to get good food.

5. Snowy Mountains

The Best Base Location In The Snowy Climate.
mountains snow forest 2 fishes guide
You can build a base here and get fish or water constantly | From us at eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: When visiting the snowy region in Sons of the Forest, you’ll find your HP and stamina much weaker, which is when this base becomes crucial.

Players can crash and land in the snowy mountain area, which will be fully covered in snow by day 10. It’s advisable to acclimate early, as there are advantages to this area, including excellent spots with good cover. One such spot, shown in the screenshot, offers a reliable supply of fish and water, which can help restore health.

However, the snowy mountain isn’t ideal for base building and is a challenge for experienced players. Gathering crafting resources here can be difficult. Collecting the essentials below and then returning to build a cozy cottage is recommended, in my opinion. Food, water, and building space are abundant, and zip lines simplify travel to lower areas.

  • Large supply of fish.
  • Pretty large area to build in.
  • Good supply of fresh water.
  • Cannibals have trouble attacking or infiltrating.
  • Trick cannibals into falling to their deaths in many areas.
  • Trouble collecting a lot of stones and sticks.
  • Can have trouble recruiting Virginia here.
  • Encountering special mutants early is far more likely here.

4. Wide Clearing

The Most Open Base Location In Sons Of The Forest.
wide area with trees and deer in forest 2 base
The Wide Clearing base offers a massive area to build in | Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: Wide Clearing offers a spacious and tree-filled area for building a large fortress, making it an excellent base location.

Head to the same location as marked in my screenshot above. You can gather plenty of logs here, and the abundance of trees ensures a constant supply. Additionally, you’ll find deer and various berries nearby for food, and there’s a sizable cannibal base a bit further away for looting.

  • Huge space to make a base.
  • Many trees to cut down and gather logs from.
  • You can loot a lot of stuff from the nearby cannibal base.
  • Abundant Deer in this region.
  • Various types of berries are available.
  • Trouble collecting a lot of stones and sticks.
  • Can have trouble recruiting Virginia here.
  • Encountering special mutants early is far more likely here.

3. North Beach 

The Best Base Location For Collecting Valuable Loot.
north beach virginia outfit and rebreather cave in sons of the forest
Roaming the area around the North Beach Base, here you can find deer and berries | Image provided by eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: Unlike other base locations on this list, North Beach offers extremely rare and exclusive loot that you’ll need for the rest of your playthrough, so it’s an obvious pick for me.

Refer to the screenshot above for a nearby spot in North Beach that’s rich in berries and deer—a prime food source. The cave here contains the essential Rebreather tool. Additionally, this area offers the Virginia camouflage outfit. If deer hunting feels time-consuming, there are turtles for easy cooking—simply approach one and hold the left mouse button at the head.

Even though you can collect their shells, there is no turtle shell water collector in Sons Of The Forest as of now. Even in winter, this spot remains an excellent area. There is only one place to collect lots of rocks in the winter: the beach. So, if you build here, you are literally in a win-win situation.

  • Can eat seashells that are present at the shore.
  • You can kill turtles to get a lot of food.
  • Turtles are present in excess quantity.
  • Deers are present as soon as you enter the forest.
  • You can find berries all around near the spot.
  • The player can find the camouflage suit for Virginia here.
  • Nearby cave contains the Rebreather, an essential tool.
  • There are no seagulls here to hunt and eat.
  • Small area to build in when compared to other beaches.

2. Water Island

The Best Water-Centric Base Location In Sons Of The Forest.
water island base location sons of the forest game
You can build a Water Island base here | From us at eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: If you’ve watched streamers, you’re likely aware of this rapidly popular site for building an excellent base in Sons Of The Forest – a large water-covered area where cannibals can’t swim and are defenseless.

Using a Shotgun with Virginia as a companion is highly effective against cannibals if you set up a base here. Some players avoid this spot due to the extra time required for building. To transport logs to the island, drop them into the water while looking up at the sky, which can be a bit tedious. Overall, the benefits and the nearby food make it worthwhile if you’re willing to put in the extra effort.

  • Surrounding water prevents cannibals from reaching you.
  • Offers up a large area to build in.
  • Constant supply of water.
  • Different kinds of food available in the area.
  • Loads of trees to get logs from.
  • Eye-catching and stylish.
  • Lot more time-consuming to build in.
  • The water gets frozen in winter, allowing cannibals to attack the base.

1. North West Beach Base

The Most Reliable Base Location In Sons Of The Forest.
best beach spot in the forest 2
Our cottage in the North West Beach area | Screenshot credit: eXputer
  • Why I Chose This: The best base location in Sons of the Forest is North West Beach, offering a spacious, flat area for creative fortress building.

Abundant seagulls in the area provide a steady source of meat and feathers, particularly in winter. Drinking water is readily available.

However, trees are a bit distant from the beach, requiring manual transportation for construction. Since you want to regrow trees in Sons Of The Forest, destroying the stump isn’t a good idea. This spot is ideal year-round, with minimal cannibal encounters, making it a top choice for your base unless you seek a different visual setting.

  • Constant supply of Food through Seagulls.
  • Hitting seagulls multiple times is the best way to get feathers.
  • Fresh water is easily accessible. 
  • Massive area to build in.
  • Cannibals rarely come here.
  • Getting logs can be a bit tedious.
  • Cannibals don’t come here a lot, so little action can get boring for some players.

After you are done setting up a base, finding yourself the GPS locators should be your first priority. These are excellent for exploration as they are used as waypoints. You can also give one to Virginia to keep track of her movements. 

As of now, I am having a blast with the game. The developers just need to add back everything they have removed, and you have a phenomenal sequel on your hands; enough about us. I want to hear your opinion on the game. So, let me know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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