Sons of the Forest Golden Armor [Location & Usage]

Take a look at how to obtain the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest to unlock the Golden hand's sealed door in the game. 

Golden Armor is one of the best in Sons of the Forest, offering substantial protection against enemies. It can be obtained by heading toward the southeastern side of the map near the snowy mountains. The players can obtain the Golden mask, too, to complete the Golden Armor set in the game. It is a great Armor to have in a near-end game, and while it might not be as good as tech Armor, it certainly does an optimal job in protecting against enemies. 

Key Takeaways
  • Golden Armor: Essential end-game gear in Sons of the Forest.
  • Location: Southeastern snowy mountains, accessed via the right side of a large lake.
  • Requirements: Flashlight, pistol, rebreather, rope gun, and maintenance key card.
  • It is found on the second floor, and Golden Mask on the 5th floor (after defeating a mutant).
  • Durable, though not highly defensive, in my personal opinion.
  • The Armor is required to open the armed door to unlock the ending of Sons of the Forest. 
Important: Before the players can access the Golden Armor in the Southeastern Part of the map, getting the maintenance key in Sons of the Forest is important.

How To Get The Golden Armor 

Unlike the tech Armor, the Golden Armor cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain the Golden Armor is to find it on the Southeastern side of the map in Sons of the Forest. At the same time, it might not be as good as  Tech Armor regarding protection against enemies.

Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor
Accessing the Golden Armor in inventory (Image Captured by eXputer)

You will have to progress a little before obtaining the Golden Armor in the game. Furthermore, you will also be required to find a Maintenance Key to get to its location. You will have to look for The Cave on the eastern side of the large lake you will encounter in the southeastern area of the map. While the Armor itself is not that hard to find, you will have to spend a lot of time getting the key card to unlock the facility that houses the Golden Armor.

The maintenance key will be lying alongside a 3D printer, so if you have already located the printer, you can easily access the Golden Armor. 

Location Of The Armor 

As we mentioned before, the Golden Armor could not be crafted, and the only way to obtain the Armor is to head toward the southeastern area of the snowy mountain and look for a cave that will be located near the right shore of a large lake nearby.

Sons Of The Forest Uses of Golden Armor
Map location (Image Captured by eXputer)

We recommend using the GPS device while looking for the Armor. You will see a green pulse on the map when you are in this area, as it is an important cave that houses the Armor in the game. 

After following the green pulse on the GPS device, you will soon find yourself near a cave entrance. Head inside The Cave and use your Lighter or flashlight to navigate the dark tunnel. You can take the lighter out by Pressing L in the game. Remember that to use the flashlight, you must find the pistol first and then get the flashlight attachment for it.

Golden Armor Sons Of The Forest
Cave location (Image Captured by eXputer)

The pistol can be obtained by exploring the shore of the beach in the game. You can reach the weapon location by swimming in a red dingy. To get the flashlight attachment, you will have to head towards The Cave, where you will be able to find the shovel as well. First, you will have to go to a cavern and swim in the pool nearby to find the flashlight attachment on a dead body.

Look for the stairs (Image Captured by eXputer)

As soon as you enter The Cave, you must keep going down the path until you reach a lab. In the long corridor, you must keep progressing until you reach a set of stairs. Then you will find yourself near the entrance of a door that will allow you to head into the lower floor of the area. But before you can progress, you will need a maintenance key card. 

Getting The Maintenance Key Card 

First, find the shovel near the island’s edge within a cave to get the key card in Sons of the Forest. Be prepared to face Mutant Babies and Cave Cannibals. Once you have the shovel, follow the green GPS pulse.

For the maintenance key, search for a dirt patch between two tripods. Dig to reveal a maintenance hatch. Interact with it, descend using the ladder, and enter the corridor.

Using Maintainance Keycard
Using Maintainance Keycard (Image Captured by eXputer)

Continue through the corridor until you find a door on your right side. After you go through the door, you will see a painting on one of the walls. This will be an indication that you are in the right room. Next, you must look for a desk on your left side. On the desk, you can obtain the Maintenance Key Card that will allow you access to the Lower floor of the facility. 


First, find the rebreather and shovel to access the Maintenance key card. The rebreather is on the northern beach. Head northwest on the beach to get it.

Continue along the coast until you reach a sealed door with yellow barrels nearby, blocked by wooden planks. Use a weapon to break the planks. Proceed ahead to find the rebreather near a water source. Also, you’ll need to locate the Rope Gun, in a cavern marked by a helicopter icon on your GPS.

Heading Towards The Lower Floor 

Make sure that you have all the items we have mentioned above before you enter the cave. After that, you just need to make your way through the lower floor until you come across a door. It will be a yellow-colored door, and before you interact with it, ensure your items and weapons are ready. Because as soon as you do so, you will have to face a mutant in the game.

Opening the yellow door
Opening the yellow door (Image Captured by eXputer)

Interacting with the yellow door triggers a cutscene with new characters and a mutant. After the cutscene, turn around, exit the room, proceed straight, and find stairs. Go down to the second floor.

Fighting the mutant (Image Captured by eXputer)

Upon reaching the second floor, proceed straight to find a door. Inside, look to your right where there are multiple doors. Enter the third one on the right to reach the Golden Armor. It’s easily visible and can be added to your inventory by interacting with it.

Sons Of The Forest How To Get The Golden Armor
The Golden Armor (Image Captured by eXputer)

Getting The Golden Mask 

After obtaining the Golden Armor, you must also obtain the Golden Mask. Fortunately, the Golden Mask will be located nearby. The Golden mask can be retrieved from the same lab; however, you must go through some enemies first. From where you have found the Golden Armor, you must take the stairs and go straight down.

Sons Of The Forest Golden Armor
Getting the mask (Image Captured by eXputer)

To progress, defeat mutants, reach the 5th floor, go left, enter the lab, defeat the leaping mutant inside, and find the Golden mask on a corpse on a table, as shown in the image above.

Is The Golden Armor Worth It

The Golden Armor isn’t the best choice against mid-game enemies, but it’s effective against most foes in Sons of the Forest. You’ll need the whole set to complete the game, even though it’s not as protective as tech armor. The Golden Armor is immune to damage, lasting until the game’s end. Use other armor types for stronger enemies until you reach the endgame, then equip the Golden Armor.

Entering Bunker

Now, to open the bunker, you must get a Maintenance Keycard. Go inside the bunker and continue until you reach a set of stairs. You will have to go down before you reach a room. The room will be filled with pipes of different sizes and a glass wall. There will be a lot of blood in this area as well. Go straight ahead through the door and take a sharp left.

Sons Of The Forest Golden Mask and Golden Armor
Opening the arm door (Image Captured by eXputer)

You will then reach a hallway. Proceed further down the area until you reach a room. This room will be full of paintings, so you look for this as an indication. Go through a door located straight ahead in this room. 

Keep walking toward the end of the hallway to reach a living area. Next, you just need to take a left, and you will enter a series of rooms, and then you will finally find yourself in a cave. Go to the door located directly in front of you. Keep in mind to get to this area; you will have to cross a series of bedrooms and bathrooms. After entering through a destroyed wall and reaching The Cave, you need to go through a door located directly in front of you. 

Opening The Door 

Now, this is where the Golden Armor comes into action. If you manage to get to this arm door early on in the game, keep in mind that you won’t be able to open it in any way. This is because you will be able to obtain the Golden Armor only later on, near the end of the game.

You just have to equip the Golden Armor before you interact with the door to open it. Don’t forget to be prepared while entering the final Part of the game, and make sure to have the cross with you when opening the door. 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest and how to obtain it to open the Golden hand seal door during the end game. While at it, don’t forget to check out our guide on building a defensive wall and how to recruit Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

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