Sons of the Forest: How To Find Pistol & Attachments

Pack a bullet rather than a punch!

Pistols and other modern weapons are extremely rare to find in Sons of the Forest. However, once you do, they become a crucial part of your inventory, and you can further enhance them with attachments!

Key Takeaways
  • You can find the Pistol on the raft near the beach in Sons of the Forest
  • One of its main benefits is that it doesn’t add any load, so you can freely carry it around without slowing down.
  • However, you need 9mm bullets to make the weapon functional, which are scattered throughout the world and are mainly found in camps and caves.
  • There are 4 attachments for this weapon in Sons of the Forest – Laser, Rail, Flashlight, and Silencer.
  • You can find the rail on the same beach as the Pistol, the laser in an underground bunker, the flashlight in a cave, and the silencer next to a battered helicopter.
  • These attachments can also be attached and detached anytime from the Inventory.

Pistol Location In Sons Of The Forest

Before I start, make sure you have a full Thirst, Hunger, and Rest meter since we’ll be going into shark-infested waters. With that out of the way, you’ll first need to go to the beach on the far western edge of the map. Make your way to the shoreline at the point where all the river streams perfectly connect to the ocean.

Pistol raft on the beach
Shoreline on edge with a red-colored raft out in the ocean (Image by eXputer)

From here, you’ll notice a bright, red floating raft out in the ocean. This will also show as a purple indicator on your GPS. You’ll need to use up all your stamina and quickly make your way onto that raft. If you currently have a low amount of stamina, remember to use a Tarp as your shelter or drink water from the nearby streams to replenish most of it. You can also hunt and cook nearby Sea Turtles and Fish as a reliable food source.

Sea Turtles Sons of the Forest
Sea Turtles on the beach (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Swim as quickly as you can to reach the raft and once you’re next to it, look for the ‘E’ prompt to get on. Remember to look out for sharks who’ll have a loud audio queue and a sharp water trail when they’re nearby!

Once you’re successfully on top, you can safely loot the entire boat. The gun will be right in front of you next to the corpse along with some flares, MRE Packs, and a GPS locator. After picking up the gun, you can equip it from the black briefcase inside your inventory.

Pistol in Sons of the Forest
Finding the Pistol on the raft (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

How To Use The Pistol

Using a pistol in Sons of the Forest is fairly straightforward. You can use your left click to shoot and right click to Aim Down Sight. Unfortunately, there’s no crosshair for better accuracy or a bullet counter to show how much ammo you have left. If you have a few bullets to spare, you can test out your newly found pistol to kill the sharks cycling next to your raft to create a safer route back.

Sharks Sons of the Forest
Using the Pistol to kill the swimming sharks (Image Source: eXputer)

Of course, along with the weapon itself, you need bullets. There are several ammo types in Sons of the Forest like Slug and Shotgun ammo but the type you need for the pistol are the 9mm rounds. This is one of the most common ammunition types in the game and you’ll often find it near abandoned campsites and inside caves.

Important: There are 12 bullets in a Pistol magazine and once you completely use it up, press ‘R’ to reload the weapon.

Swimming Back To Shore

Once you’ve looted the raft, wait for the sharks to stop cycling you, and then jump immediately back into the water and head back to the beach. Remember to use up any resource you can to get on the raft for maximum stamina before you jump out. After swimming a few meters, the ocean depth will drastically reduce and you’ll be on the safe side of the waters. 

All Pistol Attachments Locations In Sons Of The Forest

Now that we’ve covered the location of the pistol in Sons of the Forest let’s focus on upgrading it via attachments. These attachments mainly help to improve the gun’s aim, versatility, and overall reliability in most circumstances.


The Pistol Rail is the easiest attachment to find once you’ve obtained the pistol. You’ll find it on the same beach where you got the gun. More specifically, the rail will be next to the corpse located at the north-western shore of the beach. There will be a loud boombox playing beside the corpse which should also help you in finding it.

Pistol Rail Sons of the Forest
Pistol Rail Location (Image Source: eXputer)

Besides the Pistol Rail, you’ll get tons of valuable loot in the boxes next to the dead body, including:

  • MRE Packs
  • Energy Drinks
  • C4 Explosives and Grenades
  • Cash
  • Tarp
  • Batteries
  • Circuit Boards

So while you’re at it, you can stock up your inventory with these additional goods.


Next up is the silencer which you can actually find via 2 methods. The first one is going to an abandoned camp via the green beacon on the far southwest corner of the map. But if you don’t have a shovel or want to go that far, you can also get the silencer by visiting this crashlanded helicopter near several connecting river streams.

Silencer location Sons of the Forest
The Crash landed Helicopter location with the Silencer (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

You’ll find the Pistol silencer in one of the briefcases outside the helicopter. In addition to that, you’ll also uncover some extra loot, including ammunition for the Pistol, Printer Resin Ink, ropes, energy drinks, flares, and a few batteries.


Getting the laser is slightly trickier since you need to have a Shovel to find it, which is a step you could skip for the previous attachment. This will be buried underground near the beacon close to the second beach found northwest of your current location. For reference, this is the same beach where you find the Rebreather in its cave. Head to the closest green beacon along the river stream up north that should be highlighted on your GPS.

pistol laser location Sons of the Forest
The Pistol Laser’s location (Image Source: eXputer)

Once you’re at this location, start digging on the spot with the shovel prompt until you see a metal hatch. You should find this spot exactly in front of the broken-down white vehicle. Keep digging until you’ve fully removed the dirt on top of the hatch and see the ‘Enter’ prompt.

Metal Hatch Sons of the Forest
Metal Hatch next to the broken-down cart (Screenshot by eXputer)

Interact with the hatch using the ‘E’ key and take the ladder down to an underground bunker. Now, go down the hallway illuminated by some LEDs and enter the first room on the right towards the end of the hallway. 

Underground bunker room Sons of the Forest
The first room on the right inside the bunker (Image by eXputer)

Inside the room, you’ll have the Laser on the desk next to the computer on the far-left side. Besides that, you’ll find several other valuable resources, including a Printer, Crunchies Wunchies, Emails, Ramen, as well as a Maintenance Keycard.

Pistol Laser Sons of the Forest
Pistol Laser next to the computer (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)


For your last attachment, you’ll find the Flashlight in the exact cave where you find the shovel in Sons of the Forest. So you should have the Scuba Gear and the Zipline beforehand which are two necessary items for exploring this cave. And if you haven’t gotten the shovel, you can now get it along with the Flashlight simultaneously.

Pistol Flashlight location Sons of the Forest
The Pistol Flashlight’s location (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Important: Unless you’re in Peaceful mode, this cave will be filled with creeps and cannibals so make sure you’ve had enough rest, hydration, and food before you proceed. Also, make sure you have a decent inventory of weapons and ammunition to tackle the hostiles inside.

Once you’ve entered this cave, go straight down the path and take the zipline at the end of the trail to hoist yourself to the other edge of the cave. Now, jump into the water head downwards with your Scuba Gear, and continue to follow this path until you reach the mainland again.

Shovel/Pistol Flashlight Cave Sons of the Forest
Swimming through the cave with the Scuba Gear (Image Source: eXputer)

After that, go straight down the narrow pathway until you come across a sharp cliff, where you’ll slide down and continue down the same road.

Falling Down the Shovel cave Sons of the Forest
Falling Down the Cave (Image Captured by eXputer)

As you keep moving, you’ll eventually end up in a large, open area with a few flashing lights. The Pistol Flashlight will roughly be at the center of this area, next to one of the dead bodies. Grab the Flashlight and move a few meters straight until you find the shovel as well.

Pistol Flashlight Sons of the Forest
Pistol Flashlight in the hands of a corpse (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

How To Equip The Pistol Attachments?

Using these newly found attachments on your Pistol is fairly simple. Just open up your Inventory using the ‘I’ key, locate the attachments in the black briefcase that also has the Pistol, and use your right-click to combine your Pistol with the associated attachment.

Important: You can apply all the attachments either simultaneously or individually onto the pistol.
Pistol Attachments Sons of the Forest
Combining the Pistol Attachments in the inventory (Image by eXputer)

If you want, you also have the option to dismantle these attachments from your Pistol. Simply click on the inventory cogwheel and right-click to automatically dismantle the attachments. Keep in mind that this will remove all attachments from your weapon.

Dismantling attachments in Sons of the Forest
Dismantling attachments from the Pistol (Image Source: eXputer)


That wraps up my detailed guide on the pistol and its attachments in Sons of the Forest. Since you can get it relatively early in the game, it’ll likely be the strongest weapon in your arsenal. As such, it’s better to look for its attachments and make it even more overpowered for killing hostile mobs. If you’re having any difficulty finding the locations in this guide, you can check out the full map to get a better view.

If you want to learn more about the game and its mechanics, check out our Sons of the Forest Crafting Guide, where we cover one of its key aspects. For uncovering other useful info, consider reading up on Top 21 Tips and Tricks in Sons of the Forest

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