Sons of the Forest: How To Get Shotgun & Ammo [Walkthrough]

Fire buck shots, make holes in enemies' chest by using Shotgun in Sons of the Forest.

The shotgun is one of the best weapons in Sons of the Forest since it can quickly eliminate any foe it is pointed at. But, it is not always easy to get, and in order to uncover it, you will need certain pieces of equipment that are prerequisites. In this walkthrough, we will demonstrate how to get the shotgun, as well as the steps that must be taken before going outside to look for it.

Key Takeaways
  • The shotgun is a very powerful close-combat weapon in Sons of the Forest.
  • To get shotgun & rail attachment, follow these steps:
    1. You can get this weapon by going to the top-right side of the map and finding a grave.
    2. You will need a shovel to dig the grave & pry it open as well to obtain a shotgun on a dead body. 
    3. The rail attachment of this weapon gives the shotgun more utility & it can be found by two different methods.
    4. The first method is easy, as you need to spawn on the beach and look for a corpse that is between 2 tents.
    5. The second method requires you to have a keycard & then go a little further from the beach into a cave to obtain the shotgun rail attachment placed on a shelf.

Ready Your Gear

You will need to double-check that you have all of the necessary equipment before you head off. You will also need some patience in addition to the Shovel and the GPS Tracker. You will need to do some digging in order to get the shotgun since it has been buried in a cemetery somewhere. Be careful to stock up on food and other essentials before setting out on your journey since it’s quite probable that you’ll run across some cannibals along the route.

Unearthing A Grave

Shotgun location – sons of the forest

In order to locate the Shotgun, you will need to make your way toward the GPS Locator marker, which is colored purple and is located in the top-right corner of the map.

  • The distance between you and the target causes the GPS Tracker to begin beeping, and the frequency of the beeps increases as you come closer.
  • Find a cross constructed of sticks that has a crimson fabric draped over it and observe how it moves in the wind. This is the spot where the grave is located.
the cross indicates you have reached the grave with the shotgun

Dig Up The Grave

dig the grave using a shovel to get the shotgun – sons of the forest

As soon as you locate the burial, you should equip your shovel and begin excavating.

  • Continue your digging until you find the wooden coffin buried under the dirt. You may use your shovel to pry it open, and once you do, you’ll discover the shotgun inside.
  • Your hard work has paid off, as you now own one of the best weapons in the Sons of the Forest.
shotgun found inside the grave – sons of the forest

Locating Shotgun Ammunition

You will need to search caverns, camps, bunkers, and other random containers on the game’s map in order to collect shotgun ammunition since it is dispersed over the world.

  • Since it is not possible to craft shotgun ammunition, you will have to continue searching for shells until you discover any.
  • You may give the shotgun to Virginia if you don’t want to keep it in your inventory, even if you don’t have any ammunition for it.
  • Since she does not need ammunition to shoot buckshot via the shotgun, she will be able to use the weapon to its full potential without having to search for shells.

Using Ammunition Sparingly

In Sons of the Forest, ammo is a scarce and precious resource; thus, you should try to save it as much as possible. You may save your game next to an area that is known to contain Shotgun ammunition, then reload your save to get more ammo by doing so. This is useful if you are in a serious situation and need more ammo immediately.

How To Get Shotgun Rail Attachment

Beach Spawn location – sons of the forest

In Sons of the Forest, acquiring the Shotgun Rail Attachment may be accomplished in one of two different ways. The first technique is called the Beach Method, and it’s one of the quickest and easiest methods out there.

  • In order for players to take advantage of this strategy, they must go to the most northern area of the map and find a beach camping that has been deserted.
  • They need to seek for a corpse next to two tents and some boxes, then pick up the Shotgun Rail Attachment off the body and connect it to their shotgun.
Shotgun rail attachment near tent and corpse

The second approach is known as the Maintenance Keycard Method, and it is characterized by more difficulty but also greater potential for reward.

  • In order for players to make use of this strategy, they will first need to acquire a Maintenance Keycard, a Rebreather, and a Shovel.
Shotgun Rail Location Sons Of The Forest
  • You need to search the island for secret locations in order to uncover the concealed keycard for the maintenance facility.
  • After they have the keycard in their possession, they should go to a place that is shown on the map for the game but is situated some distance from the beach.
  • In order for them to reach the Shotgun Rail Attachment that is perched on a shelf, they will have to go through caverns, up ladders, and engage in combat with mutants.
Keycard door
  • Once you’re inside the cave, whose location we just showed you above, proceed through the latch stairway, and you will come across a room with a keycard door to its left [as seen in the image above].
  • Open the door using a keycard and then swim through a flooded floor. At the end of the path, you will come across another room that will not be submerged.
  • This room contains the shotgun rail located on a cabinet, as seen in the image below. 
Swim out and reach the room
rail attachment found at the cabinet

Which Method Is Easy?

The Beach Method Walkthrough is presented in a little more in-depth format. The Crash Zone is located on the beach, and players should gaze inland toward the forest as they begin the game. They should keep traveling on the same route beyond the orcas until they come across a few of abandoned rafts and kayaks on the sand. The beach should be followed to the left, and they should continue in the same direction.

They need to investigate the rafts and remove the machete from the first one they discover if they want to continue. The machete will come in handy in the event that they come across any mutants or obstructions. The next step for them is to check to their right, where they should find a couple of tents, some treasure containers, and a dead corpse. The Shotgun Rail Attachment will be in the hand of the deceased, and players may take it from them by moving closer to the corpse and hitting the “E” button.

Is Rail Attachment Worth It?

The rail attachment increases the damage of buckshot, making this gun even more devastating to enemies. Gamers should choose the approach that is most suited to their play style and interests, then enjoy exploring the island in any way that they see fit.

There you have it, a complete step-by-step guide on how to get the shotgun in Sons of the Forest and its rail attachment to make the gun more powerful than the base version of it. Before you leave the page, consider reading our Sons Of The Forest: How To Craft Red Masks, all cannibal enemies, and how to upgrade flashlight guides. 


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