Sons of the Forest Compound Bow Location

Scavenge the most classical bow to dominate these Mutants and Cannibals!

The Compound Bow is perhaps the best classical bow in Sons of the Forest that is truly crafted for the Bow fans. The weapon gives you pretty decent Ranged damage when compared to other Bows such as the Modern Bow. To get the weapon, you have to put in some effort and find its location where you can get it. So, make sure you know your way when you start your venture to hunt down your favorite bow on cannibal Island.

Key Takeaways
  • Compound Bow is a stealthy ranged weapon in the game that is quite deadly against sturdy monsters and cannibals.  
  • The bow is located inside a bunker room in the Maintenance Hatch B area that you can reach with the help of the GPS locator.
  • To get the bow, reach the bunker location and take out your shovel to dig down its entrance.
  • Get inside the bunker and walk through the corridor until you get inside a living room with an attached bath.
  • Open the bath door and reach the Bathtub to find the Compound Bow lying next to a corpse.

Sons Of The Forest Compound Bow

Sons of the Forest Compound Bow
The Compound Bow [Image by eXputer]
Name Compound Bow
Weapon Type Ranged
Location Maintenance Bunker B
Damage High
Range High
Upgradable No
Speed  Medium

Compound Bow is undoubtedly one of the most deadly weapons available in the bow category. It is one of the few weapons that have the ability to take down the opponent in a single headshot! The bow also offers a pretty decent range, but it is optimal to use it in close to mid-range combats only. The Bow also eliminates the running out of ammo issue as you can recollect your used bows from the enemy’s dead bodies and use them again.

The Bow offers attractive features that make everyone want to try it once, but you need to know that getting your hands on the Compound bow isn’t a piece of cake as you need to do a considerable amount of work to get the Bow. If you follow the steps appropriately, things will get much simpler for you.

Maintainance B site
Compound Bow Location [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
Important: You can find the location of the digging site by traveling to the green point of interest on the southwest side of the map.

How To Get The Compound Bow

Before starting the hunt for Compound Bow, make sure that you already have a shovel, as you’ll have to do some digging in the process.

Once you’re all set and ready with your equipment, grab your shovel and reach the location marked on the map above. As you reach the exact location, your GPS locator will start to ping, letting you know about the exact location of the diggable area.  Once you start digging the soil, you will soon uncover an entrance to the bunker “Maintenance Hatch B”.

How to get the Compound Bow
Compound Bow Location [Image by eXputer]
Once you open the Bunker Cap and slide down the ladder, you will find yourself in a dark hallway. Before getting inside the dark bunker, make sure to take your flashlight and useful equipment along with you.

As you move forward in the corridor, take a right towards the water-logged open hallway. In this living room, you will also find a 3D printer and the pistol suppressor lying on the desk. Grab the suppressor and use the printer if you need to craft any special item from it.

Now, to get the bow, go further into the attached bathroom of the living space There, you can find the Compound Bow inside the bathtub, lying next to a corpse. Go near the bow and interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Perks Of Using The Compound Bow 

The compound bow is one of the most stealthy and lethal weapons in the game that offers various edges over other weapons. Here are some of the benefits of using the compound bow:

  • Stealth: The bow is a silent weapon, making it the most suitable option for stealthy knockouts of enemies without creating any fuss. 
  • Range: The Bow offers an effective and decent range, allowing you to snipe your enemies from a safe distance.
  • Accuracy: Once you master the accuracy and bullet drop mechanism of the bow, you can become a sniping god with your precise hits, even at longer distances.
  • Versatility: You can use the Compound Bow for hunting animals, as well as fighting against enemies, all while getting a resupply of your ammo free of cost. This makes it a versatile weapon that can be useful in a variety of situations.
  • Lightweight: The compound bow is a lightweight weapon, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. This is especially important in a survival game where you may need to be on the move constantly.

Wrapping Up

The Compound Bow is an upgraded version of the Regular Bow and faster than a crossbow with enhanced damage, range, and speed. The bow is pretty reliable in mediocre fights, especially if you’re on a stealth mission and do not want to grab too much attention. If you truly know how to use the capabilities of the Compound Bow, you can really dominate your enemies in a flawless way.

Now that you’ve learned enough about bows, make sure to go through our Sons of the Forest map guide to master your navigation skills as well. Also, we recommend you check out our Sons of the Forest Keycard locations guide to learn about all the crucial key items. Furthermore, you can also go through our How To Quick Select in Sons of the Forest. Lastly, make sure to check out the Sons of the Forest review for a detailed insight into the game’s pros and cons.


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