Sons of the Forest Guitar Not Spawning [FIXED]

If you're having trouble acquiring the Guitar in Sons of The Forest, we're here to help you spawn it

In Sons of The Forest, survival is key, and finding unusual objects like guitars to use as weapons adds a unique twist. But there’s a prevalent issue where the guitar, a cool weapon, doesn’t spawn for players at the expected location. This problem arises due to bugs typical of early access games, causing quest items to glitch or not appear as intended.

Players encounter frustration when crucial items like the guitar fail to spawn, disrupting their gameplay. Fortunately, there are workarounds available to resolve this issue and ensure that these items, including the guitar, spawn correctly for a smoother gaming experience.

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of Forest has cool weapons and items in the game that you can find; the guitar is one of them. 
  • Some players have reported that the guitar was not spawning in Sons of the Forest for them, here are a few ways you can fix this problem:
    • Try saving in the room where the guitar should spawn and reload that save to see if the spawn resets. 
    • You can try leaving the area, going to a settlement, and coming back after a while to see if the Guitar spawns. 
    • Try to party up with your friends and travel to the location. If the guitar spawns for any of your party members, they can share it with you. 
    • Try restarting the game to see if it fixes the spawning problems. 
  • You can find the guitar on a countertop bar area within a bunker that’s located in the west of snowy mountains. Follow along the south of the river that runs in the direction of ease-west and cuts the island and find the cave entrance near the stream. 
  • You’ll need the following items first before visiting the guitar’s location:
    • Air Tank and Rebreather
    • Maintenance Keycard

The Save & Reload Method

This is one of the most popular methods to spawn the guitar in the Sons of the Forest. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. When you’re in the restaurant area of the location > open your inventory > select a trap. 
  2. Once you select it > drop the trap anywhere in the room > save the game. You can create a separate file if you like just to be safe. 
  3. Once you save your game > exit to the main menu > then load back into the save you created just now. 
  4. As you load into the > go to the bar area of the restaurant in that room and you’ll see the guitar lying on the counter. 

This is one of the quickest ways you can fix the issue of the Sons of The Forest guitar not spawning. This has worked well for me and almost everyone in the community. However, if it doesn’t work for you, check out other fixes below. 

Revisiting The Location

If the save and reload method didn’t work out for you, you can try another popular fix for the Sons of The Forest guitar not spawning problem. Just do as follows:

  1. Exit the location > go to your settlement. The farther you go the better to let things reset over here. 
  2. Once you settle > sleep > Wake up the next day. 
  3. As you wake up > revisit the location > the guitar will spawn on the countertop at the bar. 

This method is also quite effective as it resets the restaurant area letting things spawn back in if they didn’t on the first go. You may need to do this method a few times for it to work but this will surely work for you. 

Visit The Location with Friends

Try to team up with your buddies and visit the restaurant location. If the guitar isn’t spawning for you, maybe it’ll spawn for your buddies. Here’s how to do this method. 

  1. Make sure to team up with your buddies away from the guitar location; most preferably in a settlement. 
  2. Once your friends join your party > head out to the guitar location together. 
  3. As you reach the location, even if the guitar doesn’t spawn for you, there’s a high chance it’ll spawn for your buddies. 
  4. After one of your friends picks up the guitar, they can easily share it with you via the item trade system in Sons of The Forest. 

If you’re like me and you ain’t got friends…yeah…life’s hard…then you can also do a similar method with randoms too. You can hop into the Sons of Forest official discord and team up with people and let them help you acquire the guitar. 

How to Find The Guitar in Sons of Forest?

For players who are new here and want to know where they can find the guitar in Sons of Forest, we’re here to help you out. Simply follow the brief instructions below and you’ll attain one of the collected makeshift weapons in the game so you can rock and roll while bashing in heads. 

Items You Need to Acquire the Guitar

First things first, you should know that going to the location where you can find the guitar is a long journey. It’ll be a shame that you make this journey through the wilderness fighting through enemies only to find out you don’t have the items needed to access the location. This is why we’ve made a list of things you’ll need to get so you can access the guitar location. 

Air Tank and a Rebreather

You’ll need to get the maintenance keycard to access the area where the guitar spawns. However, to get the VIP card you’ll need a rebreather and an air tank. You’ll be swimming your way to the VIP card hence these items are necessary. 

Air Tank and Rebreather Location
Cave entrance to get Air Tank and Rebreather

You can find them towards the cave which is located in the northernmost part of the island. It’s the island you can find near the beach. Do keep in mind that this isn’t an unlimited air tank and rebreather farm, They’re available in a limited supply on this island. 

Maintenance Keycard

maintenance area in sons of forest
You’ll find the maintenance keycard here

Once you get your hands on an air tank and a rebreather, you’ll need to get the Maintenence Keycard.

You can obtain the Maintenance Keycard quite easily in Sons of the Forest. You’ll need your Air tank, Rebreather, and Shovel to dig up the bunker entrance. All you need to do is reach the area marked on the map in the image above. The cave entrance is at the northwest part of the island. 

Simply start digging in the area shown above and you’ll uncover the bunker below. Enter it and head down the staircase to find quality loot. Among that loot will be the Maintenence Keycard on a table.

Reaching The Location to Get the Guitar

Cave Location to Get Guitar
Cave Location

Go west of the snowy mountains, south of the river that runs in the direction of ease-west and cuts the island. You’ll find a small cave near the stream. 

Small cave near the stream
Cave Entrance near Stream

Enter the cave and after a tight squeeze, you’ll enter a hallway with concert walls and tons of wiring. Head towards the end of the hallway and take a left. After following the left path, the hallways will open up to an open area with a metal door on the end. 

Metal Door Inside Cave
The Metal Door

Once you approach the door you’ll hear a faint sound of music playing. Open up your inventory and use the Maintenance Keycard you acquired earlier to unlock the door. 

Gym Area inside the room
Gym Area

Once you enter through the metal doors, go straight and then left cutting through the gym area. Once the gym room ends go across the dead guy towards the right side of the reception desk and inside the new area. You’ll see the area marked in the image above. 

Restaurant Area Entrance
Enter the Restaurant Area on the First Floor

Once you enter the new area across from the reception desk, keep heading forward until you see a flight of stairs on your left. Go up the staircase and across the hall until you reach the restaurant area. You can see the restaurant area marked in the image above. 

Guitar Location
The guitar is on the Countertop

Once you enter the restaurant area, you’ll find the guitar lying on the bar’s countertop. And that’s it, enjoy your weapon of mass destruction and rock and roll. 

Closing Thoughts on Guitar Not Spawning Issue

Sons of Forest is truly one of the most fun survival games packed with cool items and weapons for players to utilize but some players face Sons of The Forest guitar not spawning issue.

The problem isn’t specific to a platform but affects many (Steam, Reddit). There are workarounds like saving and reloading or revisiting the location after leaving and returning.

Developers have yet to acknowledge this issue on Twitter or Steam patch notes. The community’s shared strategies and the developer’s commitment to addressing such issues provide hope for a smoother gaming experience in future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the guitar at any point in the Sons of the Forest?

Yes, you can acquire the guitar anytime after the opening section of the game.

Will the guitar not the spawning problem will be fixed in Sons of the Forest?

The developers are actively working on this title and hopefully will be fixing issues like this real soon.

Is the guitar a powerful weapon in Sons of the Forest?

Guitar in Sons of Forest isn’t the most powerful weapon. It sure has decent damage and the fact you hear the guitar strings when you bash an enemy with it.

Can you play the guitar in Sons of the Forest?

No. You cannot play the guitar in Sons of the Forest. It can only be used as a weapon.

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