Sons of the Forest: All Keycard Locations

Gain access to the world's secrets by opening mysterious doors with these keycards.

Keycards have always been a part of The Forest. These are required to gain access to some areas, a lot of which are inside caves. Players are kind of mixed about the inclusion of these cards. They are required way more frequently. You only used them once or twice in the original game. Our guide will make your frustration vanish by letting you know about the locations of all the Sons Of The Forest keycards

Before You Start: To gain access to these cards, you will need to explore caves. Going into them unprepared will certainly result in failure. We recommend that you get yourself some armor and healing items beforehand to ensure success and survival.
Key Takeaways
  • Keycards are required to gain access to plenty of areas in the game, most of which are in caves.
  • To fully explore caves, you must first acquire the Rebreather in Sons Of The Forest.
  • Two of the keycards are present deep inside caves.
  • The Maintenace keycard is the one that is waiting for you inside a concealed underground bunker
  • To access the bunker, players will need to find the Shovel, which itself inside another cave.
  • Locating all the caves in The Forest was tedious due to the lousy map. This time around, you have an incredible navigation GPS, which makes the process of finding caves significantly easier.
  • Caves and other points of interest are marked with a green circular marker on the GPS.

Information about all the keycard locations: 

Maintenance KeycardBunker AFound in a hatch in the cave leading to Bunker A. Requires the Shovel to access.
VIP KeycardRadio TowerFound on a corpse in the Radio Tower. Requires the Rebreather to access.
Guest KeycardNightclubFound on a table in the Nightclub. Requires the VIP Keycard to access.

Maintenance Keycard Location

maintenance area in forest game
The Maintenance keycard is buried under here | Image provided by eXputer

Obtaining the Maintenace keycard in Sons Of The Forest is very easy. It doesn’t require much, and the only thing the player needs access to would be the Shovel. If you have already gotten the Shovel, then you almost certainly also have The Rebreather. That makes you eligible to get all of these keycards

Moreover, getting to the area is simple. Pull out your GPS and reach the exact same green marker we are at in the screenshot above. Once here, pull out your Shovel and start digging. Soon you will uncover the bunker which lies below. 

Go down the staircase, and once you reach the bottom, you will find plenty of goodies here. You can grab the Maintenace keycard from the table on the left side of the area. While you are here, make sure to grab everything you can and return for more once you have the inventory space

Important: We highly recommend that you get yourself a Rebreather and go after the Maintenace keycard first and foremost. It is essential to get the VIP keycard which then comes into play when acquiring the Guest keycard.

VIP Keycard Location

vip keycard location forest game
The cave which contains the VIP keycard | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Start by making your way to the exact same spot we are at. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the cave, as it is clearly visible during the day. Once at the spot, approach it and press “E” to enter.

Moreover, reaching the VIP keycard is fairly linear, but you will need to use the Rebreather to overcome some literal obstacles. Other than that, you will need to have the Maintenance keycard to open a door. Needless to say, don’t go so far into the cave before you have these items

These caves are intentionally very dark, and it is here where the game showcases its survival horror elements. To light the way, pull out your electric lighter by pressing “L.”Now that the area is much brighter, proceed forward. Keep going forward until you come across a hatch that leads to an underground area. 

In the area, you will come across a door with a card scanner. It is here where you will use the Maintenace keycard to gain access. Take the staircase on the left while collecting everything you can along the way. Soon you will find yourself under some water.

Furthermore, once you are out of the water, you will see two doors in the dark passageway you are in. Go through the one on your left. Soon you will reach a room. The VIP keycard will be lying here on the table

Guest Keycard Location 

guest keycard location forest game
The entrance to the cave that contains the Guest keycard | Captured by eXputer

All of the Sons Of The Forest keycards are located near the common spawn points. Simply make your way to the green marker we are at on our GPS in the screenshot above. This is the exact location where you will come across the cave

Furthermore, as you can guess by looking at it, it can be tricky to find. It is fairly well hidden, and looking for it at nighttime could prove to be a nightmare. Coming here before you have access to the VIP Keycard will be worthless as it is compulsory to open the door where the Guest keycard lies. 

The GPS is a Godsend here as it makes reaching the spot far more convenient. We advise you to thoroughly search as many of these caves as you can while you are here. They are by far the best source for many of the materials you can acquire. In this exact same cave, the players can also find the 3D Printer

Approach the cave and press “E” to enter. Pull out your lighter, flashlight, or torch. Start by casually going forward into the darkness, as there is no other way.

Moreover, soon you will come across a room at the left of a corridor. It is here where you will find the 3D Printer. Once you reach the left side of the end of the passageway, you will come across a door

Use the VIP keycard here to open it and go inside. It is on the second floor of this room, near the neon sign, where you will find the Guest keycard.

Wrapping Up

Hotkeys not being present is one of the few complaints the game has gotten so far, as is evident by this Subreddit post. Navigating the massive inventory just to equip something is really frustrating. It was far easier in the original game, as you could just map useful items like weapons to your desired key

We are glad that EndNight Games decided to launch the title in Early Access. While we are having a blast playing through the game, there are some clear issues that need to be fixed. Some of which are straight-up basic quality-of-life improvements. For some, the game is already among the best survival horror games. 

And with that, our Sons Of The Forest All Keycards location guide comes to a conclusion. We are very happy to be able to play the game finally. What are your thoughts? Do you like the new crafting system? Are the companions useful? Which weapon do you love to use? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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