The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide

Caves in The Forest are a haven of supplies, but they are also hard to find. Here is a guide mentioning all The Forest Cave Locations.

The Forest caves are a haven of supplies that make the nightmarish survival easier, providing you with abundant essentials like ropes, flares, soda, etc. However, these locations can be hard to find, with multiple entrances and several horrors lurking about. Here, we mention all of The Forest Cave Locations that the player can visit. 

Key Takeaways
  • The forest caves make surviving much easier because they have important supplies like a rope or a flare.
  • There are various types of entrances for these caves, like walking entrances that have a very small opening, climb down entrances that require you to go underground, and underwater entrances.
  • Dead Cave has a total of three entrances, with two being walking and one climbing. Similarly, Hanging Cave has 3 entrances but one is climbing, and two are walking.
  • Wet cave has one diving and one walking entrance. While Baby Cave only has one climbing entrance.
  • The Submerged Cave has 3 different entrances, walking, climbing and diving. 
  • Lawyer cave has been split into two, with an east and a west side. The east side has one climbing entrance while the west has one walking and a climbing entrance.
  • Chasm Cave has a single walking entrance. Sinkhole Cave is merged with Chasm cave and can be entered while passing through stone doors.
  • Ledge Cave has two climbing entrances and Waterfall Cave similarly has two climbing entrances as well.
  • The final cave is the Hell cave, with a single and terrifying entrance at the bottom of the sinkhole.

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The Forest Cave Locations

The Forest Screencap
Finding Cave Locations – The Forest

Cave entrances can be of different types. Caves in Forest are spread throughout the region, and finding them can be quite a strenuous task. However, don’t be afraid because we have given every possible Forest cave location in this guide!

  • Walk-in caves: A small congested cave opening where a player has to squeeze through to enter.
  • Climb down entrance: These entrances are like holes in the grounds with ropes leading down, which the player can use to descend into the cave.
  • Underwater entrances: These caves require the player to go underwater to enter, and you will need an item called a rebreather to assist you throughout your time in this water submerged cave.
The Forest Cave Locations
Universal Map of The Forest Cave Locations

Dead Cave

The very first cave that players can access is known as the Dead Cave. The grim name is comparable to the eerie horrors that await within and are a perfect way to kickstart your introduction to The Forest’s cave locations. You can enter cave 1 using three entrances. Moreover, you can also access cave 9 and cave 3 via cave 1. To access cave 9, blow up a wall in cave 9 using explosives, and to access cave 3, head towards the north of cave 1. This path gradually blends into cave 3.

Here is how you can enter Cave 1 in The Forest:

  • Sinkhole: The southeast rim of the sinkhole has an entrance to cave 1.
  • Cannibal Village: towards the south of the sinkhole is cannibal village. When you go through this path, you will be left with two entrances leading towards cave 1.

Cave Location

  • Cave 1: walking entrance between the rocks.
  • Other Cave 1: walking entrance near the Cannibal Village.
  • Third Cave 1: climbing entrance in the hill.
  • You can use this entrance to find katana, and this is why it is also known as katana cave.

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Hanging Cave
Cave 1 exit

Hanging Cave

The Hanging Cave is a very scenic place to sneak into if you’re a fan of atmospheric horror and the bizarre. As the image above shows, the cave is set near the lake of the Main Cannibal village. Cave 2 has two entrances:

  • Main cannibal village: You can access cave 2 through the main cannibal village.
  • Smaller cannibal village: Towards the north of the smaller cannibal village, on the side of the lake, is this secondary opening leading towards cave 2.

Cave Location

  • Cave 2 entrance: walking entrance between the rocks.
  • Other Cave 2 entrance: climbing entrance located in Main Village.
  • Final Cave 2 entrance: climbing entrance on the hill.
The Forest Cave Locations
Cave 2 and 4

Wet cave

The Wet Cave has two entrances and can also be accessed through Cave 1 – Dead Cave. You’ll need a climbing axe and a rebreather in order to explore this underwater cave.

  • Fertile Lands: On the west side of fertile lands on the river bottom, you can find an entrance to cave 3.
  • Mutant village: You can find another opening into cave 3 near the two mutant camps or cannibal villages. This entrance lies beside soiled white tents.

Cave Location

  • Cave 3 entrance: Diving entrance near the riverside village.
  • Other Cave 3 entrance: Walking entrance near the dirty white tents.

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Wet Cave Map
Special Items 🙂

Baby Cave

The Baby Cave has one entrance

  • Lakeside village: To the west of the lakeside village and in the northeast of the yacht, lies the entrance to cave 4.

Cave Location

The Cave 4 entrance: climbing entrance to the west of Lakeside Village

The Forest Cave Locations
Map Locations of Caves 2 and 4

Submerged Cave

The Submerged Cave has two entrances.

  • Peninsula: You can find cave 5 located in the southwest of the peninsula. One entrance is a walking entrance between the rocks, and the other entrance is a climbing entrance located near the sacred tree.
  • Geese Lake: Another entrance to cave 5 is the underwater entrance under geese lake. You’ll require a rebreather in order to explore this cave, as most of it is underwater.

Cave Location

  • Cave 5 entrance: walking entrance between rocks.
  • Other Cave 5 entrance: climbing entrance near the sacred tree.
  • Cave 5 entrance: Diving entrance beneath the Geese Lake.
submerged cave entrance and location
Cave 5 – Three entrances

Lawyer Cave

This cave lies under the west coast of the peninsula, and it is split into two halves; the Eastern side and the Western side.

Eastern Side of Lawyer Cave

On the north side of Geese Lake, cave 6 has a climbing entrance. This entrance drops into a room full of beheaded lawyers hence the name lawyer’s cave. You can access cave 10 through cave 6, continuing north and destroying a rock wall using explosives.

Western Side of Lawyer Cave

The western side has two entrances to it. One on the northwest side of the Geese lake and the second entrance can be found on the side of a hill near the Shipping Containers.

Cave Location

  • Cave 6: walking entrance between rocks near the peninsula
  • Other Cave 6: walking entrance on the hill near the shipping containers.
  • Third Cave 6: climbing entrance to the north of Geese Lake
The Forest Cave 6 entrance and location
Cave 6 entrance and location

Chasm Cave

The Chasm Cave in The Forest has only one opening for the players to enter.

  • Landbridge: The opening to cave 7 can be found after crossing the northernmost land bridge that connects the peninsula to the mountains. This is where players can find the Modern Bow as well.

Cave Location

  • Cave 7 walking entrance near the land bridge
  • Sinkhole exit(to exit cave 7 and 8)
Cave 7 Entrance
Cave 7

Sinkhole Cave

Among all of the Forest cave locations, this one is a bit unique. That is because Cave 8 is merged with cave 7 but has its own structure and network. It was added in version 0.01. Furthermore, the locale for this particular cave is stunning and had us put down our controller and laud its beauty for a hot minute. Players can enter Cave 8 through Cave 7’s sinkhole after passing through a set of stone doors.

Cave Location

Entering cave 8 passing through stone doors(sacrificial doors)

The Forest Cave Locations
Sinkhole Cave

Ledge Cave

The Ledge Cave has two entrances to it. You can access cave 9 by blowing a wall in the southern part of cave 1.

  • Big lake- one of the entrances to cave 9 lies between big lake and sinkhole.
  • Hill- another entrance lies at the hill nearby the big lake.

Cave Location

  • Cave 9 entrance: Climbing entrance near white tents between big lake and sinkhole.
  • Other Cave 9 entrance: Climbing entrance on the hill near a big lake.
Ledge Cave
Cave 9

Waterfall Cave

The Waterfall Cave has the following entrances: 

  • Seaside Village: One of the entrances to cave 10 is near the seaside village.
  • Beach Hut Village:  You can also find another entrance to cave 10, a little further away from beach hut village near the orange tents.

You can access cave 10 through the west of the sinkhole. You can also access cave 6 through cave 10 by blowing up the rock walls.

Cave Location

  • Cave 10 entrance: climbing entrance near the Seaside Village.
  • Other Cave 10 entrance: climbing entrance near the orange tents near beach hut village.
The Forest Cave Locations
Cave 10

Cave HC – Hell Cave

The Hell Cave is the stuff of nightmares and not for the faint of heart, but chances are, if you pushed this far into the game, you would be alright. What makes this particular cave unique is the darker than darkness vibe, and the gripping terror common across all of The Forest cave locations multiplied ten-fold. This is a dangerous zone crawling with enemies, but the rewards are as promising as terrifying enemies. Proceed with caution!

This cave is filled with cannibals, and the player can use it to access the Sahara Research Lab further in the cave. Hell cave has the following entrance:

  • Through sinkhole: At the bottom of the sinkhole, swimming through a small hole will lead you to Hell Cave.

Cave Location

  • Hell cave entrance at the bottom of the sinkhole
The Forest Cave Locations
Hell Cave Lighting


This has been eXputer’s guide on The Forest cave locations. This article strives to cover any and all concerns a player might have about the Forest cave’s. This fun and the spooky little bundle of side areas is a treat for those of us that despise sleep and being comfortable. Crawling with terrors and filled to the brim with items to make further ventures easier, caves are risky but the payoff of the exploration is worth it, which perfectly captures and encapsulates the essence of a game such as The Forest.

We hope that this guide helped in making your adventures through the eerie Forest a bit easier. The Forest can get intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially if you are not a regular player of horror games, so we wish you luck on your adventures throughout this delightfully frightening game, draining it for content. Good luck!

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