The Forest: How To Find The Modern Bow

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Modern Bow Overview

the forest modern bow
A closer look at The Modern Bow.

The Modern Bow is perhaps the most powerful weapon in The Forest. Usually, many players compare it to the Crafted Bow, but when you look at the difference, it’s evident that Modern Bow is better in the majority of departments. Suppose, you would want to know, the Modern Bow has Longer Range, Higher Damage, and Faster Arrow Speed as compared to Crafted Bow. Besides, the weapon also has more headshot ratio and less potential for arrow loss chance.

Key Takeaways
  • The Modern Bow is the most powerful weapon in the game due to its superior damage, range, and fire speed.
  • Holding the shot longer increases its distance, making it unique among bows.
  • To obtain the Modern Bow, players need a rebreather and climbing hatchet, or they can activate Godmode.

Although the stats part sounds immensely convincing, it does have its consequences. Unlike the Crafted Bow, Modern Bow cannot be made through resources; instead, it’s hidden, and you will have to locate it. This isn’t all that hard because we have a perfect guide for finding “Modern Bow” in the segment below.

Modern Bow Location

the forest modern bow
Cave Location.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to locating it:

  1. Preparation: Before venturing into the cave, make sure you have a rebreather and a climbing axe. These are essential items for navigating through the cave safely.
  2. Entering the Cave: Head to the Chasm Cave entrance. It’s recommended to bring weapons for dealing with mutants and savages inside the cave.
  3. Navigating the Cave: Once inside the cave, proceed downwards while eliminating any hostile mutants or savages using your axe.
  4. Finding the Wooden Square: Look for a wooden square with a Christianity sign painted on it. Break through this blockade to continue moving forward.
  5. Descending Further: Proceed deeper into the cave until you come across a large pit hole with water streams and edges leading down. Use these edges to descend to the bottom of the pit. If you don’t have a climbing axe, you can enable Godmode to fly without taking damage.
  6. Heading North: Once at the bottom, head towards the North direction. Along the way, you may encounter more mutants and barricades. Deal with them as needed and continue forward.
  7. Reaching the Blue Hole: Keep an eye out for a small blue hole on the right side of the cave. Swim inside this hole and descend further.
  8. Discovering the Island: Eventually, you’ll emerge on a small island within the cave. Explore the area and search for cargo boxes resembling those from the movie Cast Away.
  9. Finding the Modern Bow: Near one of these cargo boxes, you’ll find the Modern Bow. Interact with it to pick it up by pressing the designated button (usually ‘E’).
the forest modern bow
Equipping The Modern Bow.

How To Use The Modern Bow

the forest modern bow
The Forest – Modern Bow.

The Modern Bow might have more enriching features and slight brutality. This doesn’t ultimately make it different from other Bows in the game. It does have a few specific characteristics which are very easy to identify.

One of the Modern Bow’s key elements is that the more you hold the arrow while shooting, the further it shall go. It also has an easy headshot feature allowing you to land arrows on the head more easily. The range also differs slightly; hence, it’s not recommended to switch between Crafted and Modern Bow because both weapons have a completely different meta.

Besides, make notes that the Crosshair of Modern Bow is inaccurate due to the arrow’s midpoint curve. This further results in inaccuracy, but as I said, you need to practice a lot before getting used to the Modern Bow.

Last but not least, the basics are still there. Hit the Combat/Attack-Button, and the Modern Bow will be drawn into your hands. Likewise, you can hold to aim with the right mouse button and subsequently release it to fire the bow. Depending on your key-maps, You can also switch between different arrow types through the R button. The weapon isn’t classified into Throwable or Upgradable and features Max Stack of 1. You can use the normal Arrow, Modern Arrows, Poison Arrows, Bone Arrows, and to unleash Hell, also the Fire Arrows.

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