Guide: How To Find The Forest Modern Axe [2024]

On top of being a fantastic tool for cutting trees, The Forest Modern Axe is without a doubt also one of the best weapons in the entire game.

Although there are a bunch of different variations of axes in this game, none are quite as effective and powerful as The Forest Modern Axe. It is undoubtedly among the highest tier of items in the game, but it’s not exactly easy to come across.

Key Takeaways
  • In The Forest, the Modern Axe is one of the better variations of axes, it is a bit slower than other axes but has incredibly high damage.
  • Before heading out to obtain the Modern Axe players should get the Lizard skin or the Stealth armor. In addition, you should also obtain the Plane Axe.
  • Once you are ready, head to Cave 2 located towards the northeast of Lakeside Village. Alternatively, experiencing your first death will also spawn you in Cave 2.
  • After reaching the cave, progress through this area while killing or sneaking past the enemies until you reach a rope that allows you to descend further.
  • When you finish descending, you will arrive at the Hidden Stash Room, the Modern Axe will be on top of a box in this room.
  • The best thing about the Modern Axe is that players can upgrade it even further, making it viable for pretty much the entire game.

NOTE: Players can get the Modern Axe almost as soon as they start a brand new game, but this is still intended to be used as a mid-game item. So if you decide to go ahead and acquire this tool without proper starting equipment, you will probably have a bad time.

So with this The Forest Modern Axe guide, we’ll show you how to get this item as quickly and safely as possible.

The Forest Modern Axe Guide

The Forest Modern Axe
Searching For The Modern Axe.

In order to get to the Modern Axe, players will have to make their way through some hostile areas. They may have to kill a lot of cannibals, which will be difficult to do without proper equipment.

As a precaution, we recommend that you take the time to craft at least some Lizard Skin or Stealth armor for defense or sneaking respectively. As for weapons, the Plane Axe will suffice.

Once you’re geared up, let’s move on to the actual location of the Modern Axe.

How To Find The Modern Axe?

The Forest Modern Axe
Entrance To Cave 2.

The item you’re looking for is in a secret location known as the Hidden Stash Room. It is found deep inside Cave 2, and it contains a bunch of different valuable items. Some of these are even relevant to the story.

To reach this hidden area, players first have to find Lakeside Village. As the name implies, this settlement is right next to a lake, and it’s most likely one of the first cannibal camps that players will encounter since it’s the closest to the spawn points. It’s probably also going to be full of enemies, so be careful when approaching it. Now, if you start moving northeast from this camp, you will quickly come across the entrance to Cave 2.

If some players find it challenging to locate this cave, keep in mind that this is the location where you wake up when you die in the game for the first time. If you haven’t died yet, then getting yourself killed on purpose is an excellent way to teleport to the cave quickly.

The Forest Modern Axe
Climbing Rope Leading To The Hidden Stash Room.

Regardless of how you decide to get here, inside, you will encounter a bunch of enemies. Kill or sneak past them and keep descending lower and lower into the cave. Eventually, you’ll come across a Ceiling Skull Lamp that leads to a climbing rope that goes deeper into the cave. This is the only way into and out of the Hidden Stash Room.

Once you reach it, the Forest Modern Axe should be on top of a box at the end of the room.

The Forest Modern Axe
Modern Axe Location.

The full list of items in the area can be seen in the list below:

  • Autopsy Report.
  • Circuit Board.
  • Circuit Board Crate.
  • Dynamite.
  • Electrical Tape.
  • Explosives Crate.
  • Lost Children of the Peninsula.
  • Meds (Pills).
  • Modern Arrow.
  • Modern Axe.
  • Outfit.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Red Paint.
  • Soda.

This is a massive haul, so collect as many of these items as you can since a lot of them cannot be acquired through Forest crafting. It will also help if you’ve emptied out your inventory beforehand for some extra space.

Weapon Details

The Forest Modern Axe
The Modern Axe In Hand.

The Forest Modern Axe is a useful tool by itself; it is also widely considered the best weapon in the entire game. It’s a bit slower than other axes in terms of swinging speed, but it inflicts significantly more damage and has a lot more knockback.

It is also perfect for blocking with, since it does not allow any damage to penetrate through. I really cannot emphasize how powerful this weapon is at the start of the game.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the Modern Axe can also be enhanced with the following upgrades:



Damage Upgrade 1x Teeth + 1x Sap.
Damage Upgrade+ 1x Booze + 1x Sap.
Speed Upgrade 1x Feather + 1x Sap.
Poison Upgrade 4x Twin Berries or 4x Snow Berries or 4x Amanita Mushrooms or 4x Jack Mushrooms.
Fire Upgrade 1x Cloth.

Players who manage to get this weapon early on will almost never be in a situation requiring another melee weapon. It honestly eliminates the entire sense of progression if you get this as soon as the game starts, so only do this if you really don’t care about breaking the game.

This has been eXputer’s The Forest Modern Axe guide. While you’re here, why not also check out some other articles like our Fallout 4 Gears farming guide.

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