Sons of the Forest: How To Get Water Collector + Other Sources

Slide down mountains with turtle shells and maybe, also make some Water Collectors.

Managing thirst and hunger is just as crucial in Sons Of The Forest as it was in the Forest. Ignoring these basic needs will mean that your survival will be very short. Today we will show you how to make a Water Collector in Sons Of The Forest. It is among the very best ways to quench your thirst.

Key Takeaways
  • Water Collector is the best source of water a player can have at their base.
  • The Water Collector is made using the 3D printer and requires 100 Resin to form. 
  • Getting a Water Collector and Collecting Berries are the best way to quench your thirst.
  • To gain access to the 3D Printer, players will need to explore a cave. Thankfully, it is one of the easiest ones in the game, and other than Resin, you don’t need to collect anything beforehand.
  • The player can make a Water Collector super early on in the game. That is because it is located inside one of the most accessible caves in the Forest
  • Just like everything else, Co-Op mode makes the process go by faster and makes exploring caves easier. 

How To Make Water Collector

Making a Water Collector was super easy in the first game. We are glad to report that it is now even easier. The only part that has gotten harder is the process of getting the required materials. We will list the best possible ways to collect water in the game alongside showing you exactly how you can make a Water Collector. 

3D Printer Water Collector

guest keycard cave photo and guide
The 3D printer is located in this cave | Screenshot credit: eXputer

You can create a Water Collector to obtain clean water. Here’s how to make a Water Collector using a 3D Printer:

  1. Gather Printer Resin:

    • Before you can create a Water Collector, make sure you have Printer Resin. You can find Printer Resin in various locations in the game.
  2. Locate a 3D Printer:

    • You need to find a 3D Printer to create the Water Collector. Use your GPS to locate nearby caves.
  3. Enter the Cave:

    • Once you’ve located a cave, enter it by pressing the “E” key.
  4. Explore the Cave:

    • Navigate through the cave with your light source activated (press “L”).
  5. Find the 3D Printer:

    • Inside the cave, you’ll eventually come across the 3D Printer. Approach it.
  6. Craft the Water Collector:

    • Use the 3D Printer to craft the Water Collector. It requires 100 Resin to create.
  7. Use the Water Collector:

    • With the Water Collector in your inventory, you can equip it and approach any water source. Hold the “E” key to fill it up with clean water.

As for the Turtle Shell Water Collector, it’s not available in Sons of the Forest at the moment, but the developers may introduce it in a future update. In the game’s current state, you can obtain clean water from various water sources without the need for a collector.

beach locations forest 2
Beaches in Sons Of The Forest | Image from eXputer

We also recommend that you get all keycards in Sons of the Forest before you come here.

beach locations forest 2
Beaches in Sons Of The Forest | Image from eXputer
Important: If you want this to return, let the developers know. The game is in early access, and these can certainly be added back if enough fans demand it. For now, the Turtles remain an excellent source of meat. Hunting down and cooking them takes care of your hunger quickly.

Other Ways To Get Water In Sons Of The Forest

Water is absolutely essential for survival in the game, just like in real life. If, for some reason, you can’t seem to get yourself a Water Collector, there are other excellent ways to obtain water.

Here are some options:

  1. Energy Drinks:

    • Energy drinks can quickly restore your stamina and also satisfy your thirst. You can find them in various locations in the game, including crates near the crash site where you start the game.
      energy drinks farming guide sons of the forest
      Drinking an Energy Drink | Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  2. Drink from Any Water Source:

    • Unlike the original game, you can drink from any water source without worrying about taking damage. This includes lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Simply approach the water source and hold the “E” key to drink from it.
      the forest 2 best lakes location seas and rivers
      Hold “E” to drink water from anywhere | Image by eXputer
  3. Berries:

    • Eating berries, especially blueberries, can help quench your thirst while also providing some sustenance. You can collect berries by pressing the “E” key without needing a special bag. Berries are a convenient option if you have an abundance of them.
      the forest 2 all berries location and uses
      Press “E” to collect berries or hold them to eat them | Provided by eXputer

These alternatives make it easier to stay hydrated in the game, and you don’t necessarily need a Water Collector to survive. Keep in mind that Sons of the Forest is still in early access, so gameplay mechanics may evolve over time based on player feedback and updates from the developers.

Wrapping Up

This Subreddit post proves that fans are not happy with the exclusion of the original Water Collecting Rain Catchers. Maybe, with fan demand, the developers will add it in to serve as a water storage tool. There isn’t much need for it since you can now get clean water from everywhere. 

The game has had a massive launch. Most fans are very pleased to play it and are super excited to see what comes next. The game already has a lot of quality content, and the developers are now more motivated than ever to deliver even more. 

We have had a blast with the game so far, but we want to hear your thoughts. What did you think about Calvin? Was he helpful? Have you recruited Virginia yet? Who is your favorite companion? Did you start building your base early on? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

While you are here, consider checking out the following guides if you are having more trouble. 

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