Sons Of The Forest Patch 12 Brings New Buildables, A Cave, And More Fixes

Certain balance changes have also been implemented.

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  • Patch 12 for Sons of the Forest is live, bringing new buildables, a new cave, balance changes, and more.
  • The update also fixes several bugs to provide a more streamlined gaming experience.

Endnight Games has released the twelfth patch for Sons of the Forest, adding a new cave, a pick axe, the ability to mine Solafite, new buildables, and much more. The patch notes dive deep into the various new additions and bug fixes being implemented with this update, providing a more optimized experience.

Sons of the Forest Update 12 Patch Notes
Sons of the Forest Update 12 Patch Notes

Aside from the aforementioned additions, new inclusions in Sons of the Forest comprise 2 new findable book items that allow you to build new structures, a new upgrade system for weapons, aiming sensitivity options for ranged weapons, and hanging skeletons to some trees in the world. Additionally, new Virginia and Kelvin emotes have been implemented.

Patch 12 also brings some balance changes to Sons of the Forest. Creepies are now more resistant to bullets and have slightly higher overall health. Moreover, Puffies with high health will no longer get dismembered along with the implementation of a two-second hit react cooldown to lower the stun lock on them.

Beyond these tweaks, Fingers and Twins will now be more aggressive, the maximum late-game creepy count has been reduced by 20%, and the Spear’s melee stab damage has been brought down from 15 to 10. A wide variety of improvements have also been introduced in Sons of the Forest in the latest update. Players will now be able to hit animal heads with a golf putter.

In a similar fashion, Kelvin will now react to the presence of these heads. In addition, volumetric light from the sun and work lamps have received an enhancement along with improved lighting transitions, driftwood physics, and optimizations to characters and AI.

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Additionally, electric wires can now be placed on three-quarter-high pillars. As of this update, sprinklers will be able to clean blood off the player and their held weapons. Similarly, a burning player character, torches, molotovs, and spreading fire will now react to them. Player characters can also carry up to three turtle shells and will no longer slide when standing on ramps.

Bug Fixes In Sons Of The Forest Update 12

Accompanying the several new inclusions and improvements are a hefty amount of bug fixes and audio adjustments. As of this patch, sound effects for skinning animals have been retimed, audio for burning sticks and molotov events has been tuned, and the Vista sting has been turned down a little.

Stability fixes have also been implemented with this update. Several issues such as missing spittle in the entertainment bunker, small rock spawning discrepancies, Frank trying to attack himself in rare cases after lighting himself on fire, the player being in a broken state due to pressing “shift” while placing objects, and renderer rotation errors due to lifting beams have been ironed out.

Sons of The Forest
Sons of The Forest

The monthly update trend continues to improve the state of this survival game. Considering its current state, players can expect the flow of patches to continue as the devs strive to improve the title.

Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam.

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