Sons Of The Forest Patch 9 Adds A New Trap And An Enemy Type

New features, improvements and bug fixes.

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  • Patch 9 of Sons of the Forest is the latest patch, which brings exciting new changes to the game.
  • The patch brings new additions like the silent radio alarm trap, creepy enemies now exploding, and a new female cannibal type.
  • The patch also enhances the game and makes it easy to harvest plants, damage large enemies, and improve the water visuals, while making the multiplayer connections better.
  • The game’s difficulty with this patch has been balanced and lots of atmospheric changes like audio cues for structures have been added to the game.

Endnight Games has continued its tradition of releasing a new patch every month after releasing Patch 08 last month. It has now released the patch for the month of August, which is named Patch 09. The patch notes elaborate on the new additions, including a placeable radio, a new trap, a new cannibal type, and bug fixes.

Sons of the forest patch 09 features.

Sons of the Forest patch 09 features. – UpdateNew features have been added to the game. The major ones are the silent radio alarm trap which helps you build up your defenses. Creepy enemies which include the Fingers, Twins, Rattler Twins, Demon, and Demon Boss can now be exploded. A new large female cannibal type (Fat_Female_Cannibal in the game files) was added to the game as well, increasing the total number of cannibal types in the game.

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Sons of the forest patch 09 improvements
Sons of the Forest patch 09 improvements – Update

A lot of improvements were made to the game with this patch. The standout improvements include the ability of traps to cause damage to larger enemies and occasionally knock them down. Additionally, plants now can be harvested when they are at 70% of their full-grown size, saving a player’s time.

Moving on to competitive and cooperative multiplayer games, connection to specific servers is now easy. Herbs can be efficiently selected, which was a much-needed quality-of-life improvement, and finally, the ability to change how the water looks in the game elevates the visual fidelity of the game.

Sons of the forest patch balance.
Sons of the Forest patch 09 balance – Update

These two changes balance out the game. The first change will make it more challenging to find and kill creepy enemies in an attempt to make the game more exciting and rewarding. The second change aims to make the game easier and less frustrating in the later parts. 

A total of 101 fixes were added to the game. We picked the major ones for you. The first one is the issue that occurred after network disconnection, improving the stability of the game. The second one is the improvement of some of the UI elements, streamlining the experience.

The major third fix is for the bug where left-hand items would disappear while using the repair tool. The fourth fix ensures that the Hokey Pokey trap no longer gets into a broken physics state, and lastly, Endnight fixed the issue with the percent complete readouts when loading into a game.

Sons of the forest patch 09 sound.
Sons of the Forest patch 09 sound- Update

Furthermore, this patch has made changes to the audio as well. The prominent changes include the addition of an impact sound when hitting structures with weapons. Demons Burning from Cross will have audio making the game more atmospheric in addition to general ambient tweaks, which is a broad improvement.

Sons of The Forest is currently in Early Access on PC. Read on to find out why we believe it to be a worthy sequel.

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