Sons Of The Forest Patch 08 Lets You Electrocute Turtles

Along with various other additions and improvements.

Story Highlights

  • The latest patch for Sons of the Forest allows players to electrocute turtles along with the inclusion of new traps among various other additions.
  • The update makes a few balance changes while addressing a wide array of bugs and issues to provide a better gameplay experience overall.

Sons of the Forest adds a slew of new features along with various improvements in its eighth patch, including the option to electrocute turtles. According to the patch notes, that’s not all this update has to offer as it aims to not only improve the game but also enhance its optimization to provide a smoother experience overall. Along with the new additions, the update also made some changes to the enemy balance.

Electric fences are the first of the various features added in this patch of Sons of the Forest. In addition, a new Found Footage video, Hokey Pokey trap, freeform electric wire placement, and golf cart lights were also added to the game. Other new options include reduced ammo difficulty level, additional vocal announcements to some bunkers, and having up to four players in a golf cart. 

Sons of the Forest Update 08 patch notes
Sons of the Forest Update 08 patch notes

GPS Locators can now be 3D-printed and crafted in the inventory along with the inclusion of a returning creepy enemy that will appear after the endgame. Moreover, as of this patch, Virginia and Kelvin can now swim if they end up in deep waters. Aside from these features, some balance changes have also been implemented in this update of Sons of the Forest.

There will now be less frequent enemy raids depending on how many regulars or creepies you have killed. This amount will increase over the days unless you kill more enemies. Furthermore, defensive walls will now be able to take four times as much damage, making them more robust than they were before. The health pool on special glowing puffies has also been reduced.

Improvements & Fixes In Sons Of The Forest Patch 08

Aside from being able to electrocute reptiles, players can now shake animal heads when they’re being held. Other quality-of-life changes include moose being able to kick nearby players when angry, rabbit footsteps sounding different in snow, improved animations for getting in and out of golf carts, optimization of LOD ranges on various elements of the game, and improved world collisions.

Various issues such as the bug with the Crossbow’s reload and idle animation, sled hit react animation, players drinking from a pot when they are holding a valid container to fill up, being able to add items to the cooking pot while it is cooking clean water, cooking pot lid popping off for clients every time someone drinks or refills from the pot, and screen space reflection errors have been addressed in patch eight of Sons of the Forest.

The Crossbow's reload and idle animation bugs have been fixed.
The Crossbow’s reload and idle animation bugs have been fixed.

Additional problems and bugs have also been resolved. These include hanging skeletons on large, destroyed huts reappearing in the air, multiple players being able to pick up the same dead body at the same time, leading to various complications, and the pause menu being accessible during a boss cutscene, and missing snap point to place full log or stone pillars underneath second story beams.

The eighth patch for Sons of the Forest has also fine-tuned various auditory elements of the game including rifle and flare sound distance. The clifftop surf sounds abruptly turning on and off have also been fixed in addition to including new sound effects for when players place electric wires and solar panels.

Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access for PC.

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