Halo Infinite’s May Update Will See The Return Of Super Fiesta Among Other Changes

The update is set to release on May 10.

Story Highlights

  • Halo Infinite May update will bring back the Super Fiesta mode from Halo 5, with fully upgraded equipment and some unique weapon variants.
  • After seeing player feedback, the ranked King of the Hill will be improved to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Some weapons, like the Disruptor, Spike Grenades, Dynamo Grenades, and Shroud Screen, will also receive changes to balance their overall performance.
  • Other quality-of-life changes should also be implemented to improve several aspects of Halo Infinite. 

Halo Infinite’s May update is scheduled to release on May 10, bringing back Halo 5’s Super Fiesta and some changes to improve the ranked King of the Hill. This update would also balance the current performance of some weapons to reduce power-creeping. Additionally, the new patch is set to sport a myriad of other quality-of-life changes to improve Forge, add desired changes to the menu, and resolve other notable issues.

Starting things off with a bang, Super Fiesta will return from Halo 5. This game mode is a fan-favorite and will ensure that gamers also see some unique weapon variants and fully upgraded equipment in the arena. After its release in Halo 5: Guardians, the 8-player game mode, Super Fiesta, swiftly became popular in the Halo community, eventually replacing the regular Fiesta Slayer in all regards.

Moreover, the ranked King of the Hill would also see some changes, as the hill is slated to spawn faster with no wind-up time. The initial hill spawn time has been reduced to 5 seconds. The wind-up period to score has also been removed, and players can now score right as they step into the hill. The community requested these changes, and developers believe this would encourage players to be more thoughtful with their strategies.

Looking at the weapons, the damage over time has been removed for the Disruptor. Its chain distance is now 2.5 wu (world units). Additionally, the Supercombine damage has been increased to 70, and the rate of fire has been increased to 5 rounds per second. These changes were made to reduce the weapon’s complexity while keeping it balanced for the future. The Shroud Screen got a minor change, as it now has 1 charge upon pickup.

Spike Grenades have also received an update; the number of flechette submunitions released on detonation has been increased from 8 to 16. The flechette travel distance has been reduced to 3.5 wu. Its AOE damage radius is now 2 wu, while the AOE damage amount is reduced to 160. The flechette bounce behavior has also been improved to reduce its deviation.

The game modes and weapons are not the only things getting an update; Halo Infinite will also receive many quality-of-life changes. Forge will be renovated in the form of PC screenshot uploading and a plethora of bug fixes. These bugs include the Forge monitor movement speed, Z-fighting movement controls, etc. Additionally, the individual script brains would now have a 128-node cap to improve their stability.

Halo Infinite UXUI Changes
Halo Infinite May Update: UXUI Changes.

Xbox players also receive an exclusive feature that adds the FPS counter option on Xbox consoles. This small feature might be a huge time-saver for forgers who must ensure a steady performance as they build their endless creative maps. Several other server and client stability improvements and notable bug fixes are also scheduled. Halo Infinite will no longer crash on a PC below the minimum specs; instead, it will show a warning message.

Last but not least, the issue causing Wasp “gun jamming” when playing the Bumper Jumper control scheme has been addressed. And before we forget the most important thing, cutscenes should no longer replay when relaunching the game, an unintended behavior that greatly annoyed many Halo Infinite players. These are all the changes coming in the May update that are slated to be released next week.

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