Tears Of The Kingdom Update 1.1.1 Addresses A Major Main Quest Bug

Gameplay stability and performance has also been improved.

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  • Tears of the Kingdom update 1.1.1 aims to address a quest-specific bug and improve overall stability and performance.
  • The latest entry in the franchise has been a resounding success having topped the charts in various markets. It’s also one of the few games to have received a full Famitsu and Edge score.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom update 1.1.1 is finally here, resolving a bug that prevented players from completing the main quest “The Closed Door,” even if they fulfilled the conditions to advance forward. According to the patch notes, the update addresses several issues with Nintendo’s latest big hit in order to improve its stability and overall experience.

Patch notes for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom update 1.1.1
Patch notes for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom update 1.1.1

Nintendo previously released a day-one update for Tears of the Kingdom that addressed the myriad performance hiccups due to the Nintendo Switch’s severe hardware limitations. Furthermore, the first patch also allowed Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) characters for horse names. Although, if the system language isn’t set to one of these, some characters will not display.

Now, however, the Tears of the Kingdom update 1.1.1 further amplifies the core gameplay experience of what is otherwise a title crafted splendidly from top to bottom. The long-awaited sequel to Breath of the Wild from 2017 has raised the bar for open-world exploration and physics simulation yet again, offering a rich gameplay experience that seemingly pushes the open-world genre forward.

One of its greatest challenges was to present a Hyrule that was similar yet different from the one in its predecessor. Incorporating Zonai technology and new gameplay mechanics along with expansive new areas such as the Sky Islands and the Depths, it’s safe to say that Nintendo has delivered a package well worth the price tag. It goes to show how hardware limitations and strength are no excuse for delivering shoddy video games.

Introducing creative gameplay systems in Tears of the Kingdom along with the phenomenal physics introduced in Breath of the Wild is what makes this new entry stand out despite its similarities. Players have already taken to the Ultrahand like it’s a part of their own being. Creativity is at an all-time high as we continue to see functional meme-gundams, orbital satellites, war machines, and much more. Only time will tell how far this system can go.

All this is further solidified by the continued success of Tears of the Kingdom and the positive reception it has received. Only a week after its release, it has climbed the ladder to be one of the few games to have gotten a full Famitsu and Edge score along with massive sales numbers despite being on only one platform.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out why we believe it to be an almost perfect game.

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