Dead Space Remake’s Latest Patch Adds Highly Requested Feature

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  • Dead Space’s latest patch was released on February 18th, 2023, and addresses some prominent issues of the game.
  • The update added a quality-of-life feature that enables players to equip various suits without affecting their upgrades. This feature was requested by the players and has been a cause for celebration.
  • Dead Space launched with some technical problems which have been promptly addressed by the developers.

EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake rolled out a new update on February 18th, 2023. The patch adds a feature that’s been in demand giving players a cause for celebration. Along with that, other changes were implemented to enhance the experience and increase the stability of the game.

The official patch notes were posted in the Dead Space remake subreddit highlighting some prominent changes and features. 

Dead Space (2023)
Dead Space (2023)

Equippable Suit Visuals

Players had voiced their request to be able to equip previous suit visuals since Dead Space’s launch. Such features make sense in any game that has multiple suits or armor. As of Patch 1.005, players will be able to equip suit visuals that were previously acquired via the Storage.

They further clarified that changing the cosmetic aspect of a suit will not impact the upgrades players have acquired. Several fans have expressed their thanks to the developers for adding the feature and engaging in discourse over their choices in the subreddit.

Now that we can finally have access to all our suits. Thank you Motive you guys are the goat imp. What suit are you ecstatic to be rocking once again? Level 5 for me. from DeadSpace

General Fixes & Adjustments

Besides the addition of a much-requested feature, the patch has also ironed out some of the game’s issues. The update serves to improve Dead Space’s performance on the Steam Deck. Considering the value of the handheld device, these improvements are sure to enhance the player’s overall experience.

Furthermore, the door leading to the security station will operate properly as of this patch. The patch notes read, “If upon loading a save the door is still on standby, take the tram to another station and back, wait for 30 seconds and the door will unlock.”

Another issue this update resolves is Dr. Kyne not spawning inside the office of Chief Steward. As stated in the patch notes, ” It will be fixed if the current objective is scrambled with unitologist symbols. Go back to the Cantina, then come back to the Hunter fight room. This should trigger the proper quest flow. Then follow the quest markers until you reach Kyne’s sequence.”

As of patch 1.005, the game will now recognize the Crew Quarters key card before reaching Chapter 10 in the story. They elaborate on this stating, “If you’re loading a save where you were already in this state and the game doesn’t update, travel away from the area (60 seconds approx.) and return, the game should then update.”

You can find the full patch notes here.

Dead Space Remake’s Post-Launch Technical Issues

The Dead Space remake launched on January 27th, 2023 to positive reception from critics and players alike. Several outlets praised the faithfulness of the remake and how it expanded upon it. This was impressive considering the development background of the game.

However, Dead Space suffered from technical setbacks nonetheless. Something exceedingly common in modern games.

Several issues were reported across all platforms ranging from stuttering problems to graphical inconsistencies and gameplay-specific elements. The developers have hustled to address the issues since launch in order to ensure a positive player experience. 

YouTube video

The latest patch has served to further enhance the experience by fixing gameplay bugs and adding a highly requested feature. Such communication between the players and developers spells a bright future for the game with its recent resurrection. 

Dead Space is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Watch our initial impressions of the game ahead. 

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