Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, more commonly known as EA Games, is an American video game developer and publisher company. The corporation is behind the making of some of the fantastic video games. Electronic Arts is also known for acquiring emerging and competent video game studios under its umbrella. It is why EA Games, so far, have managed to create some of the most excellent IPs in video game history. The company has been making FIFA games for more than a decade, and its FIFA 21 became the best-selling game in the US. Other than football, EA also publishes NBA, NHL, NFL, and UFC games. Outside sports, the company also created Titanfall universe, branching Apex Legends and two Titanfall games from it. There is a vast library to immerse yourselves in and enjoy the content EA has produced so far. It is why we at eXputer dedicate ourselves to curate news, guides, and more about EA video games.

  • Year Founded: May 27, 1982
  • Founder: Trip Hawkins
  • Subsidiaries: EA Sports, Respawn Entertainment, EA Vancouver, etc.
  • CEO: Andrew Wilson