Sons of the Forest Kelvin: Uses, Limitations & How To Revive

Kelvin know how to chop chop & bring you fish in Sons of the Forest!

Kelvin is the early game companion you get in Sons of the Forest. While he is not super helpful when it comes to killing cannibals or getting their attention as you fight enemies, he is nevertheless a helpful ally. However, he is not immune to death and will die for good if you put him in dangerous situations. Whatever the case, you need to learn how to use Kelvin, what his limitations are, and if he is a viable companion in mid-to-late game.

Key Takeaways
  • Kelvin is a non-playable character in Sons of the Forest
  • He is a loyal companion to the player who survived the helicopter crash
  • Kelvin is deaf and unable to speak due to ear damage and head trauma, and you can communicate with him using a notepad.
  • Kelvin has four main commands: Take the item, Follow me, Get and follow me/drop here/give to me, and Build
  • He can gather resources, retrieve fish, clear areas, and hide during fights.
  • Kelvin cannot fight on his own and can die in the game.
  • He cannot swim and won’t follow the player into caves.
  • Once he is dead, he cannot be revived in the game.
  • There is no official method to revive him, but Reddit user u/arnoldochavez has found a way to bring him back into Sons of the Forest if he dies.

Characteristics Of Kelvin

Self-sufficiencyWill attempt to satisfy physical needs on his own
BondingBuilding a bond with Kelvin increases work efficiency
CommandsTake the item, follow me, get and follow me/drop here/give to me, build
LifeCompanions like Kelvin and Virginia can die in the game
WarningWill point to an enemy’s location to warn the player
UpsetBecomes less productive and effective if treated poorly

Kelvin is a faithful friend to the player in Sons of the Forest, despite not being a playable character in the game. The helicopter accident rendered Kelvin deaf and speechless due to severe ear damage and brain trauma. The developers portray him as a devoted, loyal friend who will make independent efforts to meet his basic needs on his own. But, if the player is treated badly, he will grow more frustrated and less effective.

  • Take the item, follow me, get and follow me/drop here/give to me, and build are the four primary instructions Kelvin understands.
  • The player may give Kelvin both broad instructions and particular requests using a notebook.
  • When Kelvin receives an order, he scans the paper, nods, then dashes out to carry it out.
  • He does not fight on his own, although he does aid out in battle if provided weapons.
  • Kelvin may alert the player by indicating the exact position of the opponent. The player is better able to maintain awareness and take measures thanks to this function.
  • Kelvin will alarm you if he spots an adversary in the vicinity.

Kelvin’s anger and effectiveness decrease if he is treated badly by the player. In contrast, if the player connects with Kelvin, he will be more effective and efficient in his tasks. With the right guidance from the player, he may also help amass materials and construct various constructions. For instance, he may be instructed to hide during battles, clean a certain area of resources, or retrieve fish for the player.

How To Use Kelvin Effectively 

communicating with Kelvin via notepad

The player may direct Kelvin’s actions by writing down directives in a notebook and giving them to him. So far in Sons of the Forest, players have discovered four primary commands for Kelvin to obey. These instructions may take the form of either broad commands or narrowly tailored requests.

  • The player’s first option is to tell Kelvin to “Take the item,” which will have him pick up anything the player specifies.
  • After selecting an item, the player may tell Kelvin where to dump it or have it brought to them.
  • In response to the second order, “Follow me,” Kelvin will begin to follow the player.
  • With this command, you may direct Kelvin’s attention to a particular area or activity.
  • “Get and follow me/drop here/give to me” is the third order.
  • Sticks, rocks, logs, and fish are just some of the materials that Kelvin may collect with the use of the three specialized commands that fall under this main one.
  • The player may then instruct Kelvin to either follow them or dump the supplies wherever they want.
  • Using the fourth option, “Build,” the player tells Kelvin to build whatever is on the blueprint.
  • Whether you need to build a brief shelter or an elaborate fortress, this command will let you do so with ease.

The fact that Kelvin would follow the player’s orders through the notebook is a fun twist. Since greater forethought and preparation is required to properly command Kelvin, this kind of communication might provide some difficulties for the player. On the other hand, this provides an additional, novel aspect of immersion, drawing the player further into the game.

How Useful Can Kelvin Be?

Kelving Notepad Prompt

Despite not being a playable character, Kelvin proves to be a crucial ally in Sons of the Forest. Some of Kelvin’s benefits to the player are as follows:

Can Gather Resources & Build Structures

Kelvin chopping Wood

First, Kelvin may do the legwork of gathering materials and constructing buildings for the player, freeing them up to focus on other aspects of the game. You can tell Kelvin to gather materials like sticks, stones, and logs to construct things like shelters and fires. Kelvin will transport the goods to the player or leave them wherever the player specifies. As Kelvin constructs buildings, the player is free to pursue other goals or go on exploratory missions. This is a great addition to the game, particularly at the beginning when the player is setting up their camp.

Can Retrieve Fish For The player

Kelvin also has the ability to bring back fish for the player, which is helpful if you are starving. Kelvin may catch fish from rivers and lakes for a healthy and tasty meal. This eliminates the need for the player to go fishing, which might be a tedious activity.

Clearing A Certain Area Of Resources

To prepare to construct buildings or to provide a clear line of sight, it may be helpful to clear a given region of resources, and Kelvin may be commanded to do so. This command is useful when the player has to swiftly clear an area of enemies and loot since the resources there are plentiful.

Stay Hidden During Fights

During the battle, the player may tell Kelvin to hide out of sight to protect him from danger. In fierce battles against cannibals, mutants, or any other hostile foes, this order may be invaluable. So that you may concentrate on battling, Kelvin will remain out of the way.

Kelvin’s Limitations

Kelvin pointing at danger

Even though Kelvin has a lot of good things about him, he is still designed to have certain limitations.  

Does Not Fight

Kelvin is not capable of fighting on his own. Hence players should not depend on him during confrontations with hostile adversaries. He may, however, be given weapons and will support the player in the fight.

Can Die

Companions like Kelvin might die in the game; thus, players should be cautious while utilizing them. Players should not use them as respawnable NPCs, and they should be safeguarded during combat. If they die, they cannot be resurrected, and their loss may have a substantial influence on the player’s progress.

He Cannot Swim

Kelvin cannot swim; therefore, players should be cautious while crossing water. Companions like Kelvin will not accompany the player inside caverns. Therefore, players should not depend on them during cave exploration.

Can Die

Once a buddy like Kelvin is deceased, they cannot be resurrected. Gamers should be conscious of their companion’s health during combat and take action to safeguard them. If they die, they will be gone for good, and the player will have to continue without their support.

Can you Revive Kelvin In Sons of The Forest?

Kelvin is down and can be revived.

If Kelvin dies, he stays dead for better or for worse, and there is no reviving him beyond this point. However, Reddit user u/arnoldochavez has found a way to bring Kelvin back to life. 

I found how to revive Kelvin! from SonsOfTheForest

If Kelvin is dead in your game and you are fond of having this deaf and mute companion around you, then you go to follow the process listed in the Reddit post. This is by far the best shot at bringing Kelvin back to life, unless developers provide any other official method. 

Kelvin Or Virginia – Who Is the Best Companion In Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Try to get Virginia as a companion instead of killing her
AvailabilityAvailable from the startMust be found and befriended
SkillsGood at gathering logs and fishingBrings random valuable items as gifts
CombatCannot fight in combatCan fight with a shotgun or pistol
AmmunitionDoesn’t involve in combat muchDoes not require ammunition
Usefulness in Early GameVery useful for building and gathering resourcesHelpful for gathering resources and combat
Usefulness in Late GameLess useful as gathering becomes easierMore useful as combat becomes more difficult
OverallGreat for resource gathering and buildingGreat for combat and resource gathering

Kelvin is undoubtedly a great starter companion for players.

  • He can be commanded to do specific actions such as gathering logs, fishing, and building structures.
  • Kelvin is a great help during the early game when players need to build a shelter or a campfire.
  • His fishing skills are also valuable, as players won’t have to worry about food when near a lake or river.
  • Additionally, since Kelvin is available from the start, players won’t have to spend time looking for him.

On the other hand, Virginia can bring random valuable items as gifts, ranging from food to materials such as duct tape and cloth.

  • This is a great help for players who are struggling to gather resources.
  • Moreover, Virginia’s ability to fight alongside players in combat is a significant advantage.
  • Players can give her a gun, and she will fight off cannibals with them.
  • This is a great advantage, especially during the later stages of the game when combat becomes more challenging.


That is pretty much everything we had to discuss regarding Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. The game is still in early access, and as the development cycle evolves, we may see more companions like Kelvin and even see his AI being tweaked to perfection. In any case, before you leave the page, consider reading our How To Get Crossbow, All Special Weapons Location, and How To Get Firefighter Axe guides.


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