Sons of the Forest: How To Get Firefighter Axe

Surviving Sons of the Forest: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Using the Firefighter Axe

The video game Sons of the Forest is a survival game in which players immerse themselves in a dangerous and enigmatic forest that cannibals and mutants inhabit. You must amass resources and search for potent weapons such as the Firefighter Axe to improve your chances of surviving the disaster. In this walkthrough for Sons of the Forest, we will guide you with all the knowledge you need to find the Firefighter Axe.

Key Takeaways
  • When compared to the other two axes, the Firefighter Axe is the one that may be swung the most slowly, but it is the melee weapon that does the most damage.
  • Staggering is a common effect of successful strikes on targets of various sizes and types of armor, including mutants.
  • The blade of the Firefighter Axe is very sharp, which makes it an efficient weapon for cutting down trees.
  • The Fireman Axe is difficult to find since it is buried in an old bunker, and to enter the bunker; you will need a Shovel.
  • The bunker can be found in the island’s northern region, and for players to unearth it, they need to dig in a certain spot represented by an icon of a shovel.

Finding The Shovel

Sons Of The Forest how to get Firefighter Axe
Where To Dig With Shovel

The Shovel is the item that must be acquired before you can obtain the Firefighter Axe. You must explore two different caves to discover the Rebreather and the Rope Gun to accomplish this goal. After you have those things in your possession, proceed to the place highlighted on the map, and you will discover some golf caddies and torches there. Find the icon that looks like a shovel on the ground, and then begin digging with your Shovel. The Maintenance A Bunker will become visible when some digging has been done.

Entering Maintenance A Bunker

Sons Of The Forest how to get Firefighter Axe
Maintainance Hatch A

When you enter the Maintenance A Bunker, you must navigate the hallways to locate the Firefighter Axe. Have your lighter or flashlight ready since you’ll need some illumination as you enter each room. You’ll discover the Firefighter Axe in one of the rooms, inside an emergency box attached to the wall between the shelves and right near the Generator.

Benefits Of Firefighter Axe

In Sons of the Forest, the Firefighter Axe is considered the most effective weapon, outperforming both the Tactical Axe, given to players at the beginning of the game, and the Modern Axe. While it may be slower to swing, the melee weapon damages its target the most. It is perfect for chopping down trees, collecting materials, and protecting oneself against cannibals and mutants.

Other Items In Maintenance A Bunker

During your exploration of the Maintenance A Bunker, you should take the time to look in the next chamber for a keycard associated with the Sons of the Forest faction. You’ll also discover several food items strewn throughout the inside and the laser attachment for the Pistol, located on a desk inside.


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