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Speedrunning has always remained an important part of gaming, especially in survival games where players challenge each other to survive the misfortune predicament in the game as quickly as possible. Despite the fact that Sons Of The Forest is less than a month old, players have already found workarounds and glitches in the game that allows them to skip all the exploration and speedrun through the end of the game in less than 10 minutes.

Thus, players who are interested in speedrunning the game as well must first memorize all the proper glitches and routes before they take on the challenge, which we will be listed here.

Important: The game is still in early access mode, so all the bugs and glitches that are used to complete this speedrun may be fixed/ patched with future updates.

Key Takeaways

  • The first thing players will need to do is keep starting a new game until their game starts at the correct starting point, which is in the mountains.
  • Once players have been spawned in the correct location, they will need to move up the mountain, move left and climb the mountain peak located in front of them.
  • Then they will need to jump off to their death so players will respawn to the enemy camp closest to the last bunker.
  • Players will need to free themselves from the camp and start heading toward the location of the last bunker. They will need at least four sticks to successfully pull off this speedrun in Sons Of The Forest.
  • Once there, they will need to perform the door skip glitch by using the sticks to enter the bunker without a key card.
  • From there, enter the room to the left and perform the glitch to exit the playable map and reach the “backrooms.”
  • From there, locate the luxurious room and use the same glitch to reenter the map. 
  • Head to the bathroom and enter the cave. Players will spot a mysterious door. Use the same door skip glitch to pass through it.
  • From there, keep traversing the cave and see the path to its end.
  • Once players have reached the location where a single lava stream resides, keep following the stream until players see an opening to their left.
  • Follow along the path to its end, and the final cutscene will trigger.

Correct Spawn Point

where to start the game
The Starting Point [Image Taken by eXputer]
In any survival game speed run, the very first thing you need is the correct starting point. The spawn point you need for this speed run is in the snowy area (mountains). After the initial cutscene, where your helicopter crashes, you will need to wake up in the mountains; players can double-check that they are in the correct location by spotting a small flowing river on their back (or in front of you, depending on which direction are you facing).

Of course, if you do not want to do this speedrun as quickly as possible, then every other starting point is also perfectly fine, and you can simply skip this guide till the “Back From The Dead” heading. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on best armor sets as well because they may give you a bit more defense if you find yourself surrounded by enemies while performing this speed run in higher difficulties.

Once you have gained control of your character, start running uphill at the location shown in the image below.

speedrun sons of the forest
Where to go first? [Image Credit: eXputer]
Keep spriting until you reach the top of the mountain. You’ll even have to sprint through the steep area of the mountain. You can traverse through that part as well, but you’ll have to sprint at a specific angle. Most players will get it on their first try, but some practice may be required for some people before they can successfully pull off this speed run.

Pro-tip, keep sprinting until you are almost about to run out of stamina, but instead of waiting for it to replenish, open your inventory and unzip your emergency kit. It will save you time, and your stamina will also recover in the meantime. 

Once you have reached the top, start moving to the left side of the mountain, another tip you can use is, when your speed increases while moving downhill, you can open your crafting journal to trick the game into maintaining that superfast speed while negating all of the environmental or fall damage you will face in the process.

Once you have reached the specific peak of the mountain shown in the image below, simply jump off to your death, unironically.

speedrun sons of the forest
The correct place to jump to your death [Image Captured by eXputer]

Back From The Dead

speedrun sons of the forest
Back from the dead [Image Taken by Us]
When you wake up, you will find yourself tied up in a cannibal base. Free yourself first and start collecting all the sticks you can find. They are paramount for executing the glitches that are required to finish this speedrun without any of the extra keycards that are required. Once you have obtained at least four sticks, simply start running toward the location of the Final Bunker, which is also shown in the image below.

final bunker in the game
Location of the final bunker [Image Captured by Us]
While you are not speedrunning, you will come across a ton of points of interest in the game. Some of them even contain special weapons. Consider reading our guide on the locations of all special weapons in Sons Of The Forest.

We will recommend using the Crafting Journal glitch to get there as soon as possible because it greatly increases your running speed and negates all fall damage. You can use it to gain a bunch of momentum and simply jump off the hill you are currently on to reach your location.

The Final Bunker And The Door Glitch

speedrun sons of the forest
The Mysterious Door in the Final Bunker [Image Taken by eXputer]
After reaching the final bunker, naturally, you will need a keycard so you can unlock it, but since this is a speedrun,  we will use the second best thing, which is glitches. You will need to equip the sticks that you picked up earlier if you wish to execute this glitch.

Move in front of the locked door and equip the sticks. Use the mouse button to place sticks on the ground, and its animation will take you straight through the locked gate. It is a bit tough to pull off sometimes but try hard enough, and you’ll do fine.

Once inside, move through the door on the left and start facing the edge of the room, right beside the door (don’t go down the stairs). Use the same door glitch technique to exit the game map and reach the “backrooms,” which you can traverse. However, just be careful not to fall off into the eternal abyss. Just keep following the linear path and when you reach a crossroad, move to the left and reach the location shown in the image below.

speedrun sons of the forest
Where to go while outside the playable region [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once there, use the same door glitch to reenter the map of Sons Of Forest. Once inside, enter the broken bathroom. There, you will spot an entrance to a cave. Enter it, and you will see a mysterious locked door. Use the same door glitch to pass through the door.

The Final Cave

You have finally reached the end game; now, the only thing left to do is to sprint in the right direction. Now simply use the crafting journal glitch to traverse the cave as quickly as possible. Keep following along the path. A word of advice, though, this cave is infested with pretty tough mobs, so avoid them whenever you can. And under no circumstances should you try to fight them. This is a speedrun, and you do not have the necessary armor or the weapons to take them on.

Keep moving ahead until you reach this specific location shown in the image below.

speedrun sons of the forest
Underground cave in the final bunker [Image Taken by Us]
From here, keep moving ahead, don’t stop for anything. You never know when a mob is trailing you. Use the journal technique whenever you can in order to gain extra speed. Avoid the lava as well because you don’t wish to risk dying after coming this far. We will recommend first playing in easy mode and properly exploring the cave, and memorizing the optimal route before you try to pull off a speed run.

Nonetheless, keep following the path until you reach another narrow pathway, and use to journal glitch again to gain extra speed. Soon you will reach a lava stream. Start following the stream, as it will lead you to the right path. Once you have reached the end of the lava stream, as shown in the image below.

end of the game
The end of the lava stream [Image Credit: Us]
Look left, and you will spot an opening. See the path through its end, and with that, the final cutscene will trigger. Congratulations, your speed run has been completed.

Wrap Up

That neatly wraps up our definitive guide on how to speedrun Sons of the Forest. Here we have listed all the items, glitches, and workarounds required to achieve this speedrun. As we stated below, the game is still in early access, so these glitches and workarounds may cease to exist with future updates or in the final product.

In any case, we hope our guide helped you out. Since you’ve already taken the dare of speedrunning Sons Of The Forest, why not achieve the next best thing as well, which is unlocking every achievement? Consider reading our guide on how to unlock all achievements in Sons Of the Forest if you are interested.

Credit goes to the user Alex HA for coming up with this speedrun. Once again, we hope our guide helped you out. Sons Of The Forest is available now on PC through Steam. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment sections below.


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