Sons of the Forest: Final Bunker [Complete Guide]

Final Bunker is a VIP experience right before the Grand Finale in Sons of the Forest.

Each bunker in Sons of the Forest is different and has special items, and some lead to other places. One of these bunkers is called the Final Bunker or the VIP Bunker. Here is everything you need to know about the Final Bunker in Sons Of The Forest. 

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of the Forest has a few bunkers, including the Final Bunker, also known as the VIP Bunker.
  • The player needs the following 7 items to be able to get to the Final bunker:
    1. VIP Keycard
    2. Golden Armor
    3. Shovel
    4. Rebreather
    5. Maintenance Keycard
    6. Cross
    7. Rope Gun
  • The bunker is located on the Northeast side of the map on the beach, with a dead body outside.
  • The player can find some ammo inside the bunker with a shotgun in there as well.
  • A golden door can be found if the player enters the hole in the wall of the bathroom. 
  • The Golden Door can be opened using the Golden Armor which leads to the game’s ending. 

Requirements For The Final Bunker

The Final Bunker in Sons Of The Forest leads to the game’s ending. The players need to explore most of the Island to unlock this bunker. There are a few items that the players must have to open the bunker. However, it is recommended that the players should equip themselves with the best items and explore the rest of the Island before going to this bunker and ending the game. 

Before You Start: If you have these 7 items with your, only then proceed to entering the Final Bunker in Sons of the Forest.

 Important: Without any of these items, the players can never reach the game’s ending. In fact, some of these items are required to unlock other items that are needed in the Final Bunker. 


Location of Final Bunker on Map | Screenshot from Map Genie

The location of bunker is located on the right side of the Island. If you look on your map, you can find it on the Northeast beach of the map.

  1. Make your way down the big river on the right side to the beach.
  2. If you keep moving North, you will eventually find the bunker.
  3. You can spot the final bunker very easily by looking for the dead body of a maintenance man.
  4. It will be just outside the door of the Bunker.
  5. However, you will need the VIP keycard to open the door. 

Here’s a video on how to unlock the final bunker: 

Inside The Final Bunker

cave entrance
The hole in the wall leads to the Golden Door.

Once you have the VIP keycard, you can open the final bunker.

  1. Once you enter the bunker, you can see a highly luxurious area in ruins.
  2. You won’t find any special items in the bunker.
  3. Some bunkers in Sons of the Forest have specific items; however, in the final bunker, you will not see anything like that.
  4. Instead, you can only find ammo and medical supplies. There would be a shotgun in the bunker if you were unable to find one before. 

This is the last place you can save the game. You can find a bed inside one of the rooms in the final bunker. Use it so you won’t have problems even if you die later on. In addition to the ammo and meds, there is a special entrance to a cave. This cave is actually the end point of the game. You can find it in the bathroom. One of the walls has a hole in it with smoke outside. Enter the hole, and you will see a golden door in front of you.

In this case, you need to have the Golden Armor and place your arm on the hole in the door. Once you do that, the door will open up, leading to a cave. This cave will be filled with demons. Hence, you must have a cross with you to be able to defeat them. Once you completely explore the cave, you will find a few golden walls like the first door. This is where the ending cutscene starts, and the game ends. 


That about wraps up everything you needed to know about the Final Bunker in Sons of the Forest. You must have the 7 items mentioned above to be able to end the game, and the VIP Keycard is a must. You will also need to have some good weapons before you head into the final cave, so you should check out our Shotgun location and Tactical Axe location guide. Golden Armor is necessary if you want to get to the game’s ending. 

In fact, the golden armor is not the only armor in the game, so you should also check out our Tech armor, and best armor sets guides. Once you have got to the ending, you can get multiple endings so be sure to choose correctly. 

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