Sons of the Forest: How To Get Tactical Axe [Guide]

Mastering the Art of Getting the Perfect Tactical Axe

In Sons of the Forest, players will quickly realize the importance of the Tactical Axe, which they will get early on in the game. This melee weapon serves as a multipurpose tool that may be used to cut down trees, split logs, sharpen stakes, and, most importantly, defend oneself against dangerous monsters on the strange Island. Tactical Axe may not be as strong as Modern Axe and Firefighter Axe, which players will earn later in the game, but it is still a crucial weapon for surviving the first day and night on the Island. 

  • The Tactical Axe is the first melee weapon that is present in the game and is easily accessible in the emergency pouch at the start.
  • It is a flexible tool that serves multiple purposes you can use it to fight off enemies and even dismember limbs, chop down trees, split logs, and create defensive walls and stakes.
  • Tactical Axe is by far an early-game best axe in Sons of The Forest.
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the Tactical Axe cannot be upgraded and so you need to find a better weapon to progress in the game.

How To Get Tactical Axe

How To Get Tactical Axe Sons of the Forest
How To Get Tactical Axe

In the Sons of the Forest video game, your helicopter will be ambushed by your enemies which causes leading you to lose control of it and bring it crashing down.

  • After that, it is necessary for you to get all of the goods that are located at the wreckage site.
  • This will contain things like the emergency pack, which is a collection of stuff that you may keep in the inventory of your bag.
  • You get the Tactical Axe in the emergency kit.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is access your inventory, and then after that, choose the “Emergency Pack.”

  • You should look for a clear bag on the right-hand side of your inventory to hold it.
  • Then in order to access the survival kit, you will need to click the gear in order to rotate it.
  • Following that the pack will open, exposing various goodies along with the Tactical Axe that you have been searching for You can choose it and put it into your inventory to be used.

Use Of The Tactical Axe

When it comes to survival in Sons of the Forest, the Tactical Axe is the ultimate multipurpose tool that can be used in various ways to help you stay alive.

  • For instance, you can use it to chop down trees and gather valuable resources like logs and sticks.
  • If you need planks to build shelters or other structures, the Tactical Axe can be used to split logs.
  • Moreover, you can use it to sharpen stakes and create dangerous traps for defense purposes.

In combat, the Tactical Axe can be your best friend against cannibals and mutants.

  • Whether you want to dismember your opponents or parry their attacking arm, the Tactical Axe will help you take them down with ease.
  • Besides, the Tactical Axe is a must-have for all crafters out there.
  • You can create entirely new weapons or tools by combining existing ones, thanks to the Tactical Axe.
  • So, don’t underestimate the power of the Tactical Axe, it’s the ultimate survival tool that can help you conquer the wilderness.


The tactical axe is an essential piece of equipment in Son of the Forest since it serves as a flexible and dependable weapon for players to use when adventuring around the forest. Because of its lightweight form and strong construction, it is great for cutting wood in addition to serving as a weapon against possible enemies. 


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