Sons Of The Forest: How To Find Food Bunker [Location]

Boost your food supplies by visiting the Food Bunker in Sons Of The Forest.

Out of the myriad sites to loot and discover, the food bunker in the Sons of the forest is an ideal location to refuel your resources. This is a survival game that requires you to have an ample supply of resources like food and water at your fingertips. 

Key Takeaways
  • The food bunker is located on the North West side of the map, near the helicopter crash site.
  • You will find a food storage room that includes various scattered food items like energy bars, raw meat, and steak bites.
  • Other rooms require you to have a maintenance keycard.
  • Inside the dining hall at the dining hall, you will be experiencing a mid-game boss fight against the dead mutants of Edward and Barbara Puffton.

Where To Find The Food Bunker?

Image shows Location Of Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests
Image shows the Location Of Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You can reach the location of the food bunker very easily as it is located near the crash site of the helicopter.

  1. Go towards the North-West portion of the map.
  2. There you will find dead bodies lying in numerous golf carts outside a cave.
  3. Before entering the cave, make sure to keep your lights ON.
  4. Moreover, sudden bats will appear out of nowhere to scare you off.
  5. As you enter the cave through the dark ramps, you will find a latch which is labeled “Food and Dining”.
  6. Climb down the ladder to enter the food bunker.
  7. When you climb the ladder, you will find only one accessible room.
  8. For other areas, you need a maintenance keycard to explore.

What To Expect Inside The Food Bunker?

Inside The Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests
Inside The Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Nevertheless, the following food items are scattered all over the place abundantly  in corridors, rooms, cupboards, and storage bins

  1. Energy Bars
  2. Raw Meat
  3. Ramen Noodles
  4. Crunchies
  5. Bacon Bites
  6. Steak Bites

Furthermore, the whole area is dark and spooky, covered with the bloodshed of dead bodies and slime. You will be finding other items like crossbow and crossbow bolts, lettuces, and blueberry blushes. As you go deep inside, you will find a computer on a desk in the security room that displays the events of the forest. Also, you will find a VIP key card over there. Moreover, the CCTV cameras on the wall show recordings of the conversion of guests into mutants.

Mid-Game Boss Fight

Mid-Game Boss Fight Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests
Mid-Game Boss Fight Food Bunker Sons Of The Forests (Picture Credits: eXputer)

You will be facing the first mini-boss fight inside the dining hall.

  • As you access the hall through the VIP card, a message “Found The Puffton Family” will appear.
  • Edward and Barbara Puffton will appear as blind mutants out of the broken window at the back of the dining hall after you pick up their place cards on the table.

How To Defeat Them?

These bosses are very lethal and have very swift movement due to their four limbs. In order to defeat them, keep changing your positions and avoid having a close range with them, as they can knock you off with a single swing.

  1. Make sure to equip a heavy-damage gun like a shotgun and an ample supply of ammo before entering into combat with them.
  2. Also, constantly fire at them so that they cannot reach near to you.
  3. The overall effort required to defeat them will depend on the difficulty level of the game you chose.

This marks the end of our guide for Food Bunker in Sons of the Forest. This is a perfect location for looting food supplies. In a game like Sons of the forest, you never know when you will run out of supplies when exploring its dangerous island. Hence, it is best to have the maximum amount of food resources. We hope our guide will help you to locate the bunker and make you ready for what it offers.


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