Sons of the Forest: How To Get The Binoculars

Whatever danger may be lurking about, players can know about it ahead of time if they know the location of the binoculars!

While binoculars aren’t the hardest thing to locate, players might still need assistance with figuring out how to get the Sons Of The Forest Binoculars

Key Takeaways
  • The binoculars are an essential item that players need to survive in-game. 
  • Binoculars are located towards the northeastern end of the map, way ahead of the snowy mountains. 
    1. Players need to start off by being at a beach that is at the northeastern end. 
    2. From there, players need to head left and start running through the mud.
    3. Towards the right of a boulder, a kayak is present on which the binoculars are located. 
    4. Players can pick up the binoculars by interacting with it by holding down E, and it gets added to your inventory. 
  • The main reason that players might want to use the binoculars is simply to stay away from any danger that might be coming for them, such as enemies. 

How To Locate Binoculars 

Now, one of the main things that are crucial in Sons of the Forest for nearly all players is the aspect of survival. Players need to be able to survive and look out for any potential dangers that might be lurking in the shadows, ready to take them down. 

Whenever players open up their map right ahead of the snowy mountains, players can take note of the northeastern end of the map. 

Northeastern End
Northeastern End (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The location of the Sons Of The Forest Binoculars is towards the very end of the northeastern end of the map, though the actual location suggests running more north than east. 
Being Infront Of A Beach
Being in Infront Of A Beach (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Whenever you go to that location and open up your GPS, you should be infront of a beach, which is covered by the cave that is nearby. 
Beach Near Cave
Beach Near Cave (Image Credits Exputer)
  • If you take a closer look at your GPS, then it suggests that the location of the binoculars should be towards the waters rather than mostly being on land. 
  • From here, players want to pan their camera to the left and then take note of the mud that is present infront of them. The mud has been collected over time due to the mixture of water and sand. 
Going Through The Mud
Going Through The Mud (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Start making your way through the pile of mud, and you want to start making your way a bit toward the water
Leaves In The Distance
Leaves In The Distance (Image Credits Exputer)

From here, players should be able to locate a few leaves that are present on the ground that has been covered by a bit of mud, and you want to start heading towards there. 

Boulder (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Keep running through the sand and keep making your way to the shore until you are able to encounter a boulder infront of you. 
Kayak In The Distance
Kayak In The Distance (Image Credits Exputer)
  • A few feet to the right of the boulder, there should be a kayak that has been parked. 

Investigating The Kayak 

Red And Yellow Kayak
Red And Yellow Kayak (Image Credits Exputer)

From the place that you are standing, start running towards the kayak, and as you come closer to it, you can take note of its appearance, and the kayak can be identified with its red and yellow paint. 

Interacting With The Binoculars
Interacting With The Binoculars (Image Credits Exputer)
    • As for the binoculars themselves, they are present right on the hood of the kayak, and they can be located if you move closer to the front of the kayak; the binoculars are placed right on top of the hood in front of the first seat.  
      • Players can interact with the binoculars by clicking on E, and with that, they have the binoculars in their hands. 
Camouflage Suit
Camouflage Suit (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Inside the kayak, there are a few items that the players can easily pick up, one of which is an energy bar that has been placed a few inches infront of the seat that is in the front. Players can pick up the energy bar by interacting with it by holding down E, as the marker shows. 
  • There is also a small backpack that is propped up against the kayak, and right behind the backpack in the second seat, there is another item that the players can interact with and pick up. This is essentially a camouflage suit, and when you collect it, you get the prompt that the camouflage suit has been added to your inventory. 

How To Use Binoculars

Now, whenever players manage to locate the binoculars and have them added to their arsenal, it’s time to actually use them. 

Examining The Binoculars
Examining The Binoculars (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Whenever you first get your hands on them, the character on screen picks them up and takes them into both of their hands, examining the binoculars. 
Bringing It Closer
Bringing It Closer (Image Credits Exputer)
  • After that, the binoculars are brought closer to your face, and the blue lens can be seen clearly as the binoculars are pressed against your eyes. 
See Off In The Distance
See Off In The Distance (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As the binoculars lens is being used, players are able to see through them and can clearly see far off in the distance
  • Anything that is way too far away can be brought closer, at least in visual aspects, towards the player. 
Close Things Being Closer
Close Things Being Closer (Image Credits Exputer)

The main reason why the players might want to make use of the binoculars is simply in order to keep note of any hidden dangers that might be making their way to them a player. 

Protecting Yourself From Danger
Protecting Yourself From Danger (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Hidden dangers include anything from enemies that are close by, traps that might have been set up, and dangers that are lurking around every corner, and it can all be sought beforehand if the player uses the binoculars. 
  • The binoculars are made for the player’s safety. 


And there we have it! A guide on how to get the Sons Of The Forest Binoculars and how to use them, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! Make sure to read up on our Sons Of The Forest Chainsaw guide, which goes into great detail about how players can get it! Our Sons Of The Forest Get Shotgun guide will be a worthwhile read for players who want to get and use the shotgun!

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