Sons of the Forest: How To Make Stairs & Tips

Build stairs & create a proper double-story shelter in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest requires you to build a lot of structures as your survival chances enhance when you construct a shelter for your own self. At some point, you will be required to build stairs for a double-story building.

Key Takeaways
  • Building stairs can be useful as it will provide you a shelter, and you can go to the second story of the building to dodge cannibals.
  • All you require to make stairs are “Logs” from trees and an “Axe” to cut them.
  • Placing the logs in the right direction will result in the correct form of stairs. If the direction seems reversed, right-click on the mouse to change it.
  • You must aim to make beautiful stairs that require you to cut logs into halves so they can look more aesthetic.

Why Do You Need Stairs 

The main enemy in Sons of the forest are cannibals that are after your flesh and will hunt you down in the open. The best chance against winning them is to make a good shelter against them. This will reduce the chance of a herd attacking you.

For your own good, you must make a double-story building as it will aid you to be a lot safer than before. You are required to construct the stairs for the double-story building, and making them in this game is a lot easier. All you require are some of the items to construct them.

How to make stairs in Sons of the Forest
Using the logs to make the basic structure of the Stairs

How To Make Stairs 

Building stairs seems a lot easier when you have all the items that are required to build them. You need to have the following:

  • An Axe
  • Pieces of wood, ‘Log’ from the tree

Making The Basic Structure 

You require an axe to cut down the logs from the tree and then use the logs in a specific format for building stairs. The process is simple, and you require around 10 logs for the stairs to be completed. The number of logs may vary according to the number of stairs you want in Sons of the Forest.

  • Moving on with the process, you must keep 2 logs in a vertical position but parallel to each other and place the third one on top of these two. The logs’ shape should look like a doorway.
  • Take two more logs and connect them with the two already placed logs in a vertical position. These two new logs should be placed in a tilted direction, facing toward you. Do note that the older logs should be connected with the upper end of the already placed one.

Making Planks 

This will make your one pair of stairs in Sons of the Forest, and to add planks, you will be required to break the logs using the axe.

  • You should use the axe to make planks out of the wood. You can cut logs in various sizes with a difference of a quarter.
  • These sizes of logs include 0.25 times the width, 0.5 times the width, 0.75 times the width, and a complete whole log. The choice is all yours.
  • Take these planks near the basic structure of the stairs and place them between the two vertical logs. This can be done by pressing the right button of the mouse.
  • You can add as many planks as you want. This will increase the number of stairs, so the decision is all up to you whether to make shorter stairs or longer stairs.

Quicker Method 

You can also put the logs directly by not opting to cut the logs in half. All you have to do is take two logs and place them in the vertical direction. Then move near them and press the right mouse button, but before that, you will notice some strange jumbled-up signs.

This command will be followed up by the character that you have chosen. It will automatically cut the log into two different halves. Do note that this way, you will obtain two planks quite faster than the one used before.

How to make stairs in Sons of the Forest
Placing the logs in the horizontal direction by tilting to make steps of the stairs

Problems While Making Stairs 

You might tackle some difficulties while constructing the stairs. The major ones are:

  • The placement of the arrow.
  • Putting the logs in the correct direction

Placement of Arrows: When you have successfully placed logs in the vertical direction, all you need to do is place the next set of logs in the horizontal direction right on top of them. To do so, make sure the arrow is in a horizontal direction, meaning the arrowhead should point sideways. Otherwise, you will be led into creating a ramp.

To convert the arrow in a sideways direction, just make sure to click the right button on your mouse. This will change the direction, and you will successfully place the log in the right direction to make the actual steps. Continue in doing so, and if at some point the logs are in the opposite direction, right-click on your mouse to revert the direction.

Putting Logs in correct Direction: Do note that while placing the logs on top of the vertical ones, you must place your arrow on the edge of the logs to successfully register a step. Moreover, if you place the arrow someplace else, it won’t just make a step.  

Uses Of Stairs 

Stairs in Sons of the Forest are used in the same manner as the ramps in this game. You should know that both have almost similar methods to be built. You can even use stairs for the same purpose if the logs are not split into two halves. This gives you the liberty to even skip a few steps in building them.

The players must remember that in order to make the stairs beautiful in Sons of the Forest, you must place the logs by splitting them. You can use these stairs to camp on the upper side of a double-story building. This will give you protection against any kind of cannibal in the game.


  • You can choose the width of the logs of your own choice. If you want wider stairs, you can choose to do so.
  • Making stairs will aid you in reaching the second story of any building.
  • Stairs can be useful as they will be a shelter for you to be safe from cannibals by moving to higher stories of a building
  • You must ensure to keep all the required instruments that are to be used before building the stairs
  • Placing the logs in the correct direction will only allow you to build stairs. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete it


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