Sons of the Forest: How To Find Slingshot

Sling your ammo worries out of the park by using the Sons Of The Forest Slingshot.

Sons of the Forest Slingshot is one of the very first weapons in the game. It is a handy weapon for beginners. The ammo it utilizes are pebbles which can be found scattered across the Island. The Slingshot can be used for hunting animals. It helps you save ammo for other weapons. 

Key Takeaways
  • Slingshot is an early-game Sons of the Forest weapon that most beginners can pick up. 
  • It can be found outside a cave southwest of the Helicopter Crash Site. 
  • The cave can be spotted by looking for three dead bodies hanging on stakes outside it. The middle dead body has the Slingshot on it.
  • It is a handy weapon for beginners that have no idea how to conserve ammo. 
  • The ammo of the slingshot can be found anywhere on the island because it is just pebbles.
  • The Slingshot is a useful tool for hunting as it saves ammo, but it is advised not to use it against enemies. 

Slingshot Location

slingshot location
Map showing the location of the Slingshot with respect to Helicopter Crash Site.

As mentioned earlier, the slingshot is a weapon found very early in Sons of the Forest. In fact, the slingshot can be found very close to the helicopter crash site at the beginning of the story. All you have to do is make your way to the southeast of the map, right next to the river. Right before the foot of the mountain, you can find a cave with a little pool of water outside it.

In addition to this, you can find 3 dead bodies hanging to stakes. The middle dead body is what you are looking for. Search the body, and you will find yourself your long-awaited slingshot.

Advantages Of Using The Slingshot

  • As mentioned earlier, the slingshot is useful when your ammo is low. 
  • Slingshot has very easy-to-find ammo, so you never need to worry while using it too much. Ammo for the slingshot is pebbles which can be found all over the island.
  • It cannot be used against mutants; however, it is very effective in hunting animals. It helps you save precious ammo for any other weapon you have. 


Sons of the Forest slingshot is a weapon that can be found very early in the game. It is useful in many ways, but the most useful thing is its easy-to-find ammo. The Slingshot can be used during hunting. It is advised that players do not use it for fighting against enemies. It can be found outside a cave with 3 dead bodies hanging on stakes. The middle corpse has a slingshot on it.

The area is actually very important even later on in Sons of the Forest. So be sure to attach a GPS in the area. This area actually has one of the most important items in the game, the Shovel. But to be able to attain the shovel, the player must have a Rebreather and a Rope Gun before they can actually unlock it. 

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