Sons of the Forest: Puffton Family Mini Boss Guide

We've finally found the Pufftons!

An all-new mini-boss has been introduced in Sons of the Forest, thanks to its Patch 1 update. Players can now go up against the first mini-boss in the game, which is none other than Edward and Barbara Puffton. You can find the wealthy couple in a dining hall inside the Food & Dining Bunker. However, since they are not your usual Cannibals or Mutants, you will need a proper strategy to defeat the Puffton Family boss in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways
  • Edward Puffton and Barbara Puffton are the two new mini-bosses added in Sons of the Forest.
  • Players can face both of them simultaneously inside the Dining Hall which is located inside the Food & Dining  Bunker.
  • In order to reach the Dining Hall, you will first need to get the Maintenance and VIP Keycards.
  • Out of the two mini-bosses, Barbara Puffton is a little tougher to face since she is quite rapid.
  • Players are advised to have good armor along with the Shotgun at hand before facing the Pufftons in Sons of the Forest.
  • Edward and Barbara Puffton drop a piece of Creepy Armor after getting defeated.

How To Defeat The Puffton Family

sons of the forest miniboss fight
Puffton Family miniboss fight [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Puffton family is the main focal point of Sons of the Forest. Despite being a survival game, it of course comes with a bit of lore. The player is entrusted with finding the missing Puffton family, which comprises Edward, Barbara, and Virginia, right at the beginning. But, as the game goes on and the player is forced to endure the hostile environment of the Island. They ultimately come upon the mutant versions of Edward and Barbara Puffton.

  • The Puffton family mini-boss fight has recently been introduced through the newest patch update in the Sons of the Forest.
  • The bosses appear in the mid-game.
  • They are capable of taking down players with only a few attacks.
  • Hence, you will need a proper battle plan before heading toward their location.

It goes without saying that the Puffton miniboss fight only includes Edward and Barabara Puffton. Virginia Puffton is alive on the island and can even help out the player as a companion, just like Kelvin.


food and dining bunker sons of the forest
Food Bunker Location on the map [Image Credit: eXputer]
  1. The Puffton family mini-boss fight can be initiated deep within the Food Bunker found on Site 2 Island.
  2. The exact location of the Bunker can be seen in the image we have provided above.
  3. The Bunker has a rather narrow and hidden cave entrance which a lot of players might miss.
  4. However, the spot will already be marked on the GPS which will make it a lot easier to find it.
  • Even though the site may be easy to find but getting inside the Dining Hall, where Edward Puffton is, can be a little tricky.
  • If you’re yet to explore the Food Bunker, then there are a few things you will need before making the trip to face the mini-boss in Sons of the Forest.
    1. Obtain the Maintainance Keycard.
    2. Obtain the VIP Keycard.

Without these two keycards, players will be unable to explore the Food and Dining Bunker in Sons of the Forest.

Maintanence Keycard digsite location sons of the forest
Digsite Maintenance – A [Image Credit: eXputer]
First, you will need to acquire the Maintainance Keycard, which can be obtained by going through the following steps.

  • To get the Maintainance keycard, you will need to get to the Maintenance Hatch found in the northwestern region of the map.
  • To find the Maintenance Hatch you will also need a Shovel which can only be acquired by getting the Rebreather and Rope Gun. Once you get the Shovel make your way to the Digsite Maintenance A, which is right next to the spot where you get the Shovel.
  • The Digsite is quite easy to spot since it has two golf carts and two lamp posts around it. Stand on the site and equip your shovel to start digging up. You will eventually find the Maintainance A Hatch under the dirt. Open it up and hop in.
  • After descending the ladder, walk through the hallway and enter the first room on your right.
  • You can find the Maintenance Keycard in this room next to the 3D Printer.

After getting the Maintenance Keycard, you will be able to enter the Food Bunker, which is also found on the Northwestern side of the map. After squeezing in through the cave entrance (refer to the image at the top for the exact location). You’ll need to make your way down the tunnels until you reach a hatch that has “Food & Dining” written on it.

  1. In the bunker, you will need to use the Maintenance Keycard to open up a door.
  2. Now follow the route through the rooms and corridors until you reach a narrow hallway filled with water with a closed door at the end.
  3. The door at the end of the hallway will give you access to the Dining Hall, which is where you’ll face the mini-boss fight against the Pufftons. 
VIP Keycard in sons of the forest
The VIP Keycard [Screenshot by eXputer]
However, to open the Dining Hall door you will need the VIP Keycard, which can be conveniently acquired inside the Security Room, which is found within the same narrow hallway that leads to the Dining Hall. Swim into the Security room and obtain the VIP Keycard from the desk next to a bunch of LCDs.

With the VIP Keycard in hand, you’re all set to unlock the door to the Dining Hall and face the Puffton mini-boss fight.


Before heading straight to the Dining Hall, there are a couple of things you need to make sure of. As we mentioned earlier, the Pufftons may be considered mini-bosses but they are capable of putting you down with only 2-3 blows. Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare before facing the Pufftons in Sons of the Forest.

First off, it is a must to have a ranged weapon at hand. Yes, we know that it’s extremely fun to slash through the enemies using the Katana. However, when it comes to the Pufftons, it is advised to keep your distance. That is only achievable if you have a gun at hand. The Shotgun is the perfect weapon for the fight against the Pufftons. Other than that you could also roll with a pistol.

Since Edward Puffton and Barbara Puffton are capable of beating you within seconds, it is essential to have one of the best armor on. If you’re not armored up then you’ll be in for a tough time. Nevertheless, the best choice is to go for sets such as the Tech Armor or the Bone Armor.

Last but not least, make sure you have a bunch of Medicines at hand. These will come in handy especially if you get hit during battle. Make sure to consume meds to restore some of your health.

On a side note, even though it isn’t necessary, you can also keep a few Grenades for the boss fight as well. Once you’ve lined up all of these items in your backpack, you’ll be all set to face the mutated versions of Edward and Barbara Puffton in Sons of the Forest.


how to beat the pufftons in sons of the forest
Mutated Edward Puffton [Screenshot by eXputer]
With the right items in hand (Shotgun, armor, and health supplies) you should be able to get through the battle easily.

  1. Once you unlock the door using the VIP Keycard, you will find a huge dining hall that has a nice large table in the middle.
  2. Around this table, there will be several mutated bodies. If you get close enough you will find a few vacant chairs which are reserved for Edward, Barbara, and Virginia Puffton.
  3. If you get close enough to the other side of the hall, which is covered with windows, the battle will get initiated and mutated Barbara and Edward Puffton will jump into the dining hall.


The movement and attack patterns of Barbara and Edward Puffton are quite easy to grasp. It should be known that Barbara Puffton is a much bigger threat than Edward, mainly due to her speed.

Some of the basic moves the Pufftons will use include:

  • Slash attack: A normal swipe attack that is capable of knocking off the player. The Slash attack does a decent amount of damage and can even knock off armor pieces.
  • Spin attack: Mostly performed by Barbara Puffton, she will launch herself in the air and come spiraling toward the player. Does devastating amounts of damage.


Barbara puffton fight sons of the forest
Barbara Puffton during battle [Screenshot by eXputer]
Barbara Puffton is the one you need to keep an eye on since she will chase you on all fours. Whereas, Edward Puffton will mostly chase you on foot and will be much slower as compared to his wife. Therefore, the best strategy is to focus on Barbara Puffton first and then get rid of Edward later.

When it comes to dealing damage, the Shotgun is the best option to go for. Not only will it inflict massive amounts of damage to the Puffton mini-bosses but it will also knock them down. Hence, allowing you to keep a safe distance at all times. However, it is to be noted that the mini-bosses in Sons of the Forest won’t go down that easily.

So keep that in mind, and patiently pick your shots while running around the dining hall. It is always best to go for headshots. To make things even easier, try going for the Slug rounds while using your Shotgun. Do not stand still and you will eventually be able to take down the Island owners. If things get sticky and you’re out of ideas then using the Grenades on the Pufftons is a good strategy to buy some time.


After successfully taking down the Pufftons in the Sons of the Forest mini-boss fight, you can then proceed to loot them. Looting both, Edward and Barbara Puffton will get you the same item. Players will get a Creepy Armor from the Pufftons after defeating them in Sons of the Forest.

About Puffton Family

Edward puffton in Sons of the Forest
Edward Puffton [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you’re interested in the lore that revolves around Sons of the Forest then this bit is for you. Initially, at the start of the game, the protagonist along with his team are tasked to find the Puffton family, who have gone missing on the island for a few months.

Edward Puffton is a wealthy businessman who owns and runs Puffton Industries (PUFF CORP). He successfully bought Site 2 Island after outbidding his competitors. After purchasing the Island, Edward Puffton began to build a resort under the ground of the Island. These can be explored by the player by opening up hatches and bunkers.

Unfortunately because of the exploitations Edward’s company was doing on the Island, the residents began to mutate due to an artifact, found on the island. Eventually, the Pufftons, except Virginia, and the other socialites on Site 2 island either died or turned into mutated creatures.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, a complete guide that covers everything there is to know about the newly added Puffton mini-boss in Sons of the Forest. Players get to face the mini-boss during the mid-game. It is advised that players prepare and acquire weapons like the Shotgun before facing the Pufftons. 

If you’ve just started your journey in Sons of the Forest, then we advise you to go through some of the Best Tips and Tricks. Along with that also make sure to check out the Best Base spots in the game. Since you’ll be going to a lot of dark places the Flashlight is essential to have during your playthrough. For the players who are rounding up their walkthrough, make sure to know all the Achievements which are up for grabs.

Thank you for reading through our detailed Puffton mini-boss guide. Stick around at eXputer for more takes on Sons of the Forest!

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