Sons of the Forest: How To Recruit Virginia [Easy Guide]

With her three arms Virginia can wield a shotgun and a pistol, making her a massive threat to your foes.

Sons Of The Forest introduces companions into the franchise. They are excellent and can make the entire adventure far more exciting. Kelvin can help you build faster, and Virginia can help you demolish the cannibals. You can get Kelvin at the beginning of the game, but getting Virginia can be very tricky. So, our guide will teach you exactly how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest.

Key Takeaways

Virginia is the second companion you can potentially recruit. To recruit her and understand her behavior, here are some key points:

  1. Virginia acts like a cat, independent until feeling safe.
  2. Fill her bond meter by ensuring her safety.
  3. She’s effective in combat, unlike Kelvin.
  4. Equip her with a pistol or shotgun for unlimited ammo.
  5. Change her appearance with three outfit options.

Recruiting and caring for Virginia enhances combat effectiveness and companionship.

Important: Virginia is a mutant girl. She has three legs and three arms. Be extra careful when engaging enemies, as you might mix her up with them. If you accidentally kill Virginia, she can’t be recruited. Her death is permanent, just like Kelvin’s.

How To Recruit Virginia – Step By Step

virginia forest 2 guide
Virginia approaching the player | Screenshot credit: eXputer

Recruiting Virginia in Sons of the Forest can be a bit tricky, as she is initially wary of the player. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recruit her:

  1. Encounter Virginia: You will likely encounter Virginia near your base on the first day or within the first few days of playing. She wears a white leotard and has blonde hair.
  2. Holster Your Weapons: Press “G” to holster your weapons. This will show Virginia that you are not a threat and help build trust.
  3. Approach Cautiously: Approach Virginia slowly but not too closely. You want to maintain a moderate distance to avoid scaring her away. It may take several attempts for her to start trusting you.
  4. Repeat Approach: Continue approaching Virginia in a non-threatening manner. Each time you do this, she will become more comfortable with your presence.
  5. Gifts and Interaction: After a few successful approaches, Virginia will start dropping items as gifts to show her appreciation. Once she approaches you on her own, you can interact with her similar to Kelvin. You can give her outfits and weapons to further build your bond with her.

Things To Give To Virginia

you can equip Virginia with various items to make her an even more effective companion. Here are some things you can give to Virginia:

  1. Handgun: Virginia is skilled with firearms and can effectively use a handgun. You can equip her with one for added defense against cannibals.
  2. Shotgun: Once you have obtained a shotgun in the game, you can give it to Virginia. She can use both a handgun and a shotgun simultaneously, making her a formidable defender.
  3. Outfits: You can give Virginia different outfits to change her appearance. While these outfits don’t affect her combat abilities, they allow you to customize her look.
  4. GPS Locator: To always know Virginia’s location, you can place a GPS locator on her. This can be particularly useful if you want to ensure she doesn’t get lost while exploring.
  5. Keycards: If you’ve collected keycards and shovel during your playthrough, you can also give them to Virginia. Keycards are used to access certain areas and facilities in the game.

Equipping Virginia with weapons and outfits can enhance her combat abilities and make her a valuable ally in defending your camp against cannibal attacks. Additionally, using a GPS locator on her ensures you always know her whereabouts.

Guns & GPS Locator 

forest 2 handgun location and guide
This location has the Handgun & GPS Locator | Image credit: eXputer

To equip Virginia with a handgun and a GPS locator, follow these steps:

Handgun Location:

  1. Go to the location shown in the screenshot in the ocean, as mentioned in the game.
  2. Be cautious of the shark in the area; it roams around, so watch its movements.
  3. Wait for the shark to jump out of the water; its landing spot will be its location.
  4. Sneak by the shark to reach the desired spot without getting attacked.
  5. You will find a handgun at this location.

GPS Locator Location:

  1. Look for the GPS locator at the same location where you found the handgun.
  2. Pick up the GPS locator, which will serve as a waypoint marker.
  3. You can later give this GPS locator to Virginia to track her location on your GPS at all times.

Virginia with a handgun and a GPS locator can enhance her combat abilities and help you keep track of her while exploring the game world. Just be cautious of the shark in the area when retrieving these items.

Outfits For Virginia

virginia all outfits location on map the forest 2
Getting an outfit for Virginia

Having companions is a big improvement from The Forest. It makes the world feel less lonely. In the original game, you literally wouldn’t meet a single non-hostile person. So having companions now who defend you and help you build stuff is amazing.

The best gift you can give Kelvin is that you allow him to rest regularly. As far as Virginia goes, you can give her new clothes. We will show you how you can get two of her clothes in the game. The third one is very late into the game. It is naturally very spoiler filled and requires you to collect the keycards. 

To acquire outfits for Virginia, follow these steps:

Camouflage Dress:

  1. Go to the location shown in the screenshot mentioned in the game.
  2. You will find the camouflage dress at this spot.
  3. Give the dress to Virginia to change her appearance.

Second Dress:

  1. Proceed directly upwards from the previous location until you see a green marker on your map.
  2. Head towards the green marker and enter the cave it leads to.
  3. Inside the cave, locate Virginia’s VIP keycard.
  4. Use the VIP keycard to access a room containing a second dress.
  5. Gift this dress to Virginia to change her outfit.

These outfits are primarily for visual appeal and do not provide significant gameplay advantages. Giving Virginia outfits, along with a gun and a GPS locator, can enhance her combat abilities and help you keep track of her during your adventures in the game.

Wrapping Up

This Subreddit post proves that people love these companions. Even their bugginess is endearing to the players. Now that you know how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest, no cannibal will be able to lay their hands on you. She will literally obliterate most of them. 

It is really refreshing to see Indie games become such massive hits. EndNight Games have poured its love into the game, and it shows. We are just glad that they are being rightfully rewarded for it. All the minor issues that are present as of now will soon be fixed as the early access goes on. 

Most people love the new game, but some think that it needs to do a lot more to feel less same-y. We want to hear your thought on the matter. Do you think that Sons Of The Forest is a worthy sequel? Who is your favorite companion? How far have you gotten into the game? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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