Sons of the Forest: How To Recruit Virginia

With her three arms Virginia can wield a shotgun and a pistol, making her a massive threat to your foes.

Sons Of The Forest introduces companions into the franchise. They are excellent and can make the entire adventure far more exciting. Kelvin can help you build faster, and Virginia can help you demolish the cannibals. You can get Kelvin at the beginning of the game, but getting Virginia can be very tricky. So, our guide will teach you exactly how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest.

Key Takeaways
  • Virginia is the second companion that you can potentially recruit. The first one is Kelvin, who you get at the start of the game
  • The game’s developers have compared Virginia’s behaviors to a cat‘s. She will do whatever she wants until she finally feels safe alongside the player.
  • To recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest, the player needs to fill up her secret bond meter with caution.
  • Kelvin can’t fight, so recruiting Virginia is in your best interest, as she makes short work of most enemies.
  • Giving Virginia a pistol or a shotgun is an excellent idea, as she never runs out of ammo.
  • The player can acquire three outfits for Virginia, which they can give to her as a gift to change her appearance
Important: Virginia is a mutant girl. She has three legs and three arms. Be extra careful when engaging enemies, as you might mix her up with them. If you accidentally kill Virginia, she can’t be recruited. Her death is permanent, just like Kelvin’s.

How To Recruit Virginia In Sons Of The Forest?

virginia forest 2 guide
Virginia approaching the player | Screenshot credit: eXputer

Most players will encounter Virginia on their very first day. She will start hanging out near your base and watch from a distance. For some people, it takes two or three days for her to appear, but most of the time, you should encounter her on the first day. 

Moreover, she wears a white leotard and has blonde hair. You should be able to spot her instantly. Now, unlike your fellow mercenary Kelvin, she isn’t very trusting. If you just run up to her, she will get scared and take off. Getting her to trust you is the tricky part.

The correct method as to how you can recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest is relatively simple. Start by holstering your weapons by pressing “G.” You need to show her that you aren’t a threat. She runs away from the player because she fears for her life.

Now, here is the trickiest part. Approach her but don’t get too close, and don’t be too far away. Her AI is a bit weird. You want her to know that you mean no harm and it takes time to register. 

Regardless of how fast it can happen, you will need to do this same thing many times. After a couple of times, Virginia will start to open up to you and will even drop items for you as gifts to show her appreciation. You are almost done with befriending her.

Soon she will approach you herself, and now you will be able to interact with her as you do with Kelvin. You can give her a bunch of things. These include outfits and weapons. Let’s see how you can get these to max out your bond with Virginia.

Things To Give To Virginia

Both companions in the game are amazing. There is a reason why many people want to know how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest. It is because she is a beast once you hand her a gun. After you have gotten to all keycard locations and the Shovel in Sons Of The Forest, you can even give her a shotgun.

Moreover, she is an absolute beast with both the Pistol and the Shotgun. Her having three hands comes in very handy here. She can wield both the shotgun and the handgun at the same time. Once she has these, no cannibals will dare to attack your camp. 

Most people love Kelvin as he takes care of your tedious hard work. Virginia also takes care of the other kind of work, dispatching cannibals who want to eat you and Kelvin alive. Both of these companions complete your group as they both fill completely different roles to help you out. 

Furthermore, the game is still in early access, so any bugs you might be frustrated with are certainly going to be addressed. We would also love to see these two companions interact with each other in a future update. It will make the world feel more real and the characters more connected. 

Also, you can put a GPS locator on Virginia once she trusts you to always know her location. We will show you how you can get it. Fortunately, one GPS locator can be found right beside the handgun. You can get her to wear any of the three dresses too. We will show you exactly where you can get all of these things. 

Guns & GPS Locator 

forest 2 handgun location and guide
This location has the Handgun & GPS Locator | Image credit: eXputer

You get to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest fairly early on. So, the best weapon to give her is a handgun. She has an amazing aim and nails consistent headshots on most cannibals, which take them down instantly. Once you acquire the shotgun later on in the game, you can hand her that, too, if you want.

In our opinion, the shotgun is better suited to the hands of the player. That is because it melts through special infected cannibals that you will run into when you are finding out all cave locations in the Forest. She will defend your base fine with just a pistol.

To get it, make your way to the spot we are at in the screenshot above. It is located far away in the ocean. Beware, there is a shark here, and it will kill you if you don’t dodge it tactically. It is literally roaming around the exact spot you want to reach. 

Furthermore, to dodge the shark, you need to pinpoint exactly where it is, which is surprisingly easy to do. Be on the lookout for the shark when it jumps out of the water. Where it lands is exactly where it will be. You can sneak by it and climb in scratchless if you do things right. 

Here you can also find the GPS locator. Be sure to grab it, as it serves as a waypoint marker. Kelvin has one on him by default, and you can give Virginia this one when you have befriended her. It will show you her location on your GPS at all times. 

Outfits For Virginia In Sons Of The Forest

virginia all outfits location on map the forest 2
Getting an outfit for Virginia

Having companions is a big improvement from The Forest. It makes the world feel less lonely. In the original game, you literally wouldn’t meet a single non-hostile person. So having companions now who defend you and help you build stuff is amazing.

The best gift you can give Kelvin is that you allow him to rest regularly. As far as Virginia goes, you can give her new clothes. We will show you how you can get two of her clothes in the game. The third one is very late into the game. It is naturally very spoiler filled and requires you to collect the keycards. 

The easiest outfit to find is located at the exact same spot we are at, in the screenshot on top. It is the camouflage dress, and it can help keep Virginia warm. It looks fairly basic, but it gets the job done and is a good replacement for the test subject’s clothes that she is wearing by default.  

You can get her second dress if you go straight up from this spot. Soon you will see a green marker on your map. Proceed towards it and enter the cave that it leads to. Here you can find Virginia’s VIP keycard and use it to access a room that contains a dress. 

The outfits are mainly for visual appeal. You can choose to hunt them all down, but getting even one would be enough to please Virginia. Give her the outfit, a gun, and, of course, the GPS locator to turn her into a badass who will greatly help you out during combat. 

Wrapping Up

This Subreddit post proves that people love these companions. Even their bugginess is endearing to the players. Now that you know how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest, no cannibal will be able to lay their hands on you. She will literally obliterate most of them. 

It is really refreshing to see Indie games become such massive hits. EndNight Games have poured its love into the game, and it shows. We are just glad that they are being rightfully rewarded for it. All the minor issues that are present as of now will soon be fixed as the early access goes on. 

Most people love the new game, but some think that it needs to do a lot more to feel less same-y. We want to hear your thought on the matter. Do you think that Sons Of The Forest is a worthy sequel? Who is your favorite companion? How far have you gotten into the game? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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