Sons of the Forest: How To Craft + Items List

Quite possibly the most immersive and engaging crafting mechanics in a videogame to date.

Sons Of The Forest is the long-awaited sequel to The Forest. The original game garnered a lot of praise for its AI and atmosphere. We are pleased to inform you that the sequel doubles down on everything the original did. Today we will provide you with the definitive Sons Of The Forest crafting guide. The game features a completely revamped crafting system with way more stuff to craft. 

Key Takeaways
  • Crafting is essential for survival and obtaining tools and weapons.
  • The crafting system involves interactive animations.
  • Right-click on items and combine them to craft.
  • The game displays available crafting recipes.
  • The Modern Axe is obtained instantly.
  • Crafting gardening areas for food is beneficial.
  • Various armors provide protection.
  • You can build bases with furniture.
  • Crafting storage spaces helps manage inventory.

Step By Step Guide To Craft In Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest batteries recipe and where to get
All the things you can craft using Batteries | Screenshot grab: eXputer

The Sons Of The Forest crafting system will feel very similar to veteran players. It will most likely confuse casual players and newcomers because of how different it feels when compared to other survival games. 

Here’s how to craft things in Sons of the Forest:

  1. Materials and Crafting Mat: Your crafting process begins by collecting materials like sticks, rocks, and other resources found in the game world. These materials will be used to craft various items. To see what materials can be crafted into, add a material to the crafting mat in the middle of the screen by right-clicking on it.
  2. Inventory Screen: The inventory screen in Sons of the Forest is expansive, with many new items and crafting possibilities. It may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to familiarize yourself with it.
  3. Crafting Process:
    • Place a material on the crafting mat.
    • Hover over the “Gear” icon to see what items can be crafted using that material.
    • Collect the necessary materials based on the crafting recipe.
    • Craft the desired item.
  4. Exploration and Material Gathering: To craft items, you’ll need to explore the game world and gather materials. This is a fundamental part of the survival experience in Sons of the Forest. Explore caves, forests, and other locations to find the resources you need.
  5. Old Crafting Method: If you prefer the traditional crafting method, you can switch to it by opening your crafting book with “B” and then pressing “X” to switch back to the original mode. This method will show you everything you need to construct structures.
  6. Must-Craft Items: Two essential items for survival in the game are a shelter (camp or house) and a fire for cooking meals.
    • To create a shelter, find a silver tarp in one of the containers near your crash site. Equip the tarp and place it on the ground. Use sticks to create the frame by “left-clicking” on two corners of the tarp.
    • Creating a fire is simpler. Use sticks to build a fire pit, then light it by holding “E.” This allows you to cook meals and satisfy your hunger.

Remember to always carry sticks and rocks, as they have multiple uses in crafting various items and structures. 

crafting Camp in sons of the forest guide
A Camp is essential for saving and sleeping | Image from eXputer

Things You Can Craft In Sons Of The Forest

sticks guide
All the stuff you can make with Sticks in Sons Of The Forest | Image provided by eXputer

Sons Of The Forest is a survival game, which naturally means that discovering every single thing you can craft will take time. That being said, we have figured out how to craft most of the stuff. Our Sons Of The Forest crafting guide will be updated as we find out more or if anything is removed or added with the early access. 

That being said, below are all the different things you can craft in Sons Of The Forest and exactly what is required to make them. We are sure you will find the recipe for the thing you want to make. 

Weapons And Ammunition

  1. Crafted Bow: 2 Sticks + 1 Rope + 1 Duct Tape.
  2. Stone Arrows: 2 Sticks + 4 Stones + 2 Bird Feathers.
  3. Crafted Club: 1 Stick + 1 Skull + 1 Rope.
  4. Crafted Spear: 2 Sticks + 1 Knife + 1 Duct Tape.
  5. Chainsaw: 1 Battery + Chainsaw.
  6. Molotov Cocktail: 1 Bottle + 1 Cloth.
  7. Time Bomb: 1 Wire + 1 Watch + 1 Duct Tape + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Explosive + 5 Coins


Armor is something that the player must start making for them as soon as they can. Thankfully, you can equip different types of armor at the same time to mix and mash stuff if you don’t have enough resources for a single set. 

  • Leaf Armor: To craft one piece, you need 10 Leaves + 1 Cloth.
  • Hide Armor: 1 Cloth + 2 Hide.
  • Tech Armor: Gained through exploration.
  • Creepy Armor: This is the strongest armor, and it drops by killing special mutants. 
  • Bone Armor: 4 Bones + 1 Duct Tape + 1 Rope.

Shelter & Furniture 

Next, we have Shelters and Furniture. It offers plenty of ways the player can customize and personalize their base. You can craft a lot of furniture, and there are also a lot of options present for the type of home one can make.  

  • Camp: Tarp + Sticks.
  • Wall Torch: Cloth + 1 Stick (Place it on a wall).
  • Hunting Shelter: 6 Sticks + 5 Wood + 7 Stones.
  • Small Log Cabin: 75 Wood.
  • Leanto: 53 Wood.
  • Lookout Tower: 60 Wood + 1 Rope.
  • Tree Platform: 7 Wood + 1 Rope.
  • Tree Platform 2: 35 Wood + 1 Rope.
  • Treehouse Shelter: 70 Wood + 1 Rope.
  • Treehouse Shelter 2: 96 Wood.
  • Stick Bed: 16 Sticks + 1 Duct Tape.
  • Stick Chair: 14 Sticks.
  • Bone Chair: 15 Bones + 1 Skull.
  • Bone Chandelier: 19 Bones + 9 Skulls.
  • Ceiling Skull Lamp: 1 Rope + 1 Skull.
  • Bench: 2 Wood.
  • Table: 3 Wood.

Utility & Storage

You will collect a lot of items in the game when you are out exploring. The player’s inventory has a limit for how much stuff you can carry, so you will need to store it eventually.

  • Repair Tool: 1 Stick + 1 Stone + 1 Duct Tape.
  • Regular Fire: 2 Sticks.
  • Torch: Cloth + 1 Stick. 
  • Stick Storage: 6 Sticks.
  • Rock Storage: 7 Sticks.
  • Log Storage: 8 Sticks.
  • Shelf: 2 Wood.
  • Wall Shelf: 2 Sticks + 1 Wood.
  • Rock Path: Stones.
  • Wood Path: Sticks. 
  • Bird House To Collect Feathers: 18 Sticks.
  • Scarecrow: 14 Sticks + 4 Tape.
  • Bone Storage: 7 Sticks.
  • Mannequin: 20 Sticks + 5 Duct Tape.
  • Flashlight1 Battery + Flashlight.
  • Drying Rack: 13 Sticks. 
  • Water Collector: 1 Turtle Shell + Sticks. 

Gardening & Traps

Traps are an excellent way to defend your base. Tactically place plenty of them around your base to ensure maximum security. Gardening is necessary for gathering food, which alongside the water, is necessary for survival. 

  • Standing Planter: 18 Sticks.
  • Wall Planter: 16 Sticks.
  • Fish Trap: 25 Sticks.
  • Small Animal Trap: 14 Sticks.
  • Bone Maker Trap: 2 Sticks + 3 Leaves + 3 Rocks + 1 Water Bottle + 1 Rope.
  • Fly Swatter Trap: 10 Sticks + 3 Rocks + 1 Rope.
Important: Due to the game being in early access, any of these crafting recipes can change with player feedback. Our guide will update them accurately and add new stuff whenever it changes with each new update.

Wrapping Up

Sons Of The Forest has had the biggest indie game launch in recent memory. The AI can be a bit wonky, as is evident by this Subreddit post, but that is something that will certainly be fixed soon. Most of the responses from fans have been very positive. We ourselves are also having a blast figuring everything out. 

Moreover, the game launching in early access also significantly helps its overall quality, as now the developers can take creative feedback from dedicated fans to make the best survival game they possibly can. The original game was a turning point for survival horror-focused survival games, and the new one is a very worthy successor. 

Some people are still skeptical about the game. So, what is your opinion? Do you think it is an awesome sequel? What are your thoughts on the new crafting system? Do you like companions? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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