Sons of the Forest: How To Craft Mannequin

Take a break from slaying cannibals by decorating instead.

In case one wanted to decorate their home in Sons of the Forest with their trusty armor or use it as a scarecrow outside their house, then one must know how to build a Mannequin. It is not only designed to make your armor look good but also allows you to clear your inventory and make space for more armor sets in Sons Of The Forest; thus, knowing how to build one is paramount for both survival and decoration.

Important: There is currently no known fix for the bug that renders the mannequin useless by not letting you interact with it.
Key Takeaways
  • In order to craft a mannequin in Sons of the Forest, players only need 20 sticks and 5 ducktapes.
  • Players can find sticks in abundance throughout the map.
  • Ducktape is often found in the red/yellow boxes scattered throughout the crash site and the map.
  • There is currently no known fix for the bug that makes the mannequin useless, and players can only wait until the developers officially address it and patch it.

How To Build A Mannequin

mannequin in sons of the forest
How To Build A Mannequin [Image Captured by eXputer]
Building a Mannequin is incredibly simple and straightforward. Players only need to obtain the items listed below.

  • 20 Sticks
  • 5 Ducktape

While obtaining sticks is incredibly easy as they can be found lying on the ground in an abundance throughout the map, it is the ducktape that can be pretty tough to find in certain playthroughs. In case you have trouble obtaining any other item in the game, then do consider reading our Sons of The Forest: Items List guide.

Since the game spawns the ducktape randomly, in case you experience the same RNG as us and are unable to obtain the adequate amount of ducktape with ease, then here are a few farming tips for you.

  • The very first place where you should go for some ducktape is the helicopter crash site. In case you didn’t open all the red or yellow boxes scattered about in the crash site, then there is a good chance that you can find at least 3 Ducktapes from this location.
  • Aside from the crash site, players can also occasionally find ducktape at the entrance of some of the caves and cannibal camps.
  • Ducktape is also often found on beaches; the beaches available in the northern part of the map are the best places to start with.

Mannequin Not Working As Intended

mannequin in sons of the forest
Unable To Interact with the Mannequin [image Taken by eXputer]
Many players have reported that while they are able to build a Mannequin, they are unable to actually put any armor on it. Thus making the Mannequin basically useless. There is, unfortunately no known fix for this bug right now, so if you are facing this bug, then be patient and only hope for the best. 

At the time of writing this article, the next update for Sons of the Forest is scheduled after 8 days, so we can only hope that this bug is addressed and fixed then. Until then, consider familiarizing yourself with every type of enemy in the game by reading our Sons Of The Forest Cannibal guide.

Wrap Up

That neatly concludes our guide on what is the Mannequin in Sons Of The Forest, and all the resources required to build one. The game offers a brutal experience for fans of the survival genre, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty. Survival is simply not guaranteed, so if you wish to keep the odds of survival in your favor then do consider reading our All Special Weapons in Sons Of the Forest guide.

But that’s all from us, and the game is available now on PC. It is still in early access so more items are expected to be added as more updates roll out. In case you know of a better way to trick the RNG and get more ducktape then do let us know about it in the comment section below.


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