Sons of the Forest Quiver: How To Get & Use

Unleash the rain of arrows on your enemies while you’re equipped with Quiver in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest is a survival-based game in which classic ranged weapons such as shotguns and crossbows are important to fight off menacing Cannibals. To use the bows effectively in combats, you need to have sufficient storage that can hold enough arrows and ammo. While considering the demand of the players in mind, Endnight Games has decided to add a Quiver in Sons of the Forest with the v0.32 update to solve the issue of the ammo capacity of bows.

 DISCLAIMER: Kindly note that Quiver is not available in “Sons of the Forest”; rather, it can be acquired in “The Forest”. Quiver is a unique feature or element that is exclusive to The Forest and does not exist in Sons of the Forest anymore.
Key Takeaways
  • Quiver is a craftable item in Sons of the Forest that has been added in the v0.32 update.
  • The Quiver increases the ammo holding capacity by 20, allowing you to carry more arrows for any kind of bow. 
  • To make Quiver, you need x3 Rabbit skins and x1 rope
  • Quiver is a great assist in serious combat and stealth missions, especially when you’re against advanced enemies. 

Sons Of The Forest Quiver

Sons of the forest quiver
Quiver [Image courtesy: Theforestmap]
Quiver is a craftable item in the game that you can equip to increase your bow-holding capacity, just like the rock bag and arrow basket.

  • If you do not have a Quiver, you’ll be able to hold only a limited number of arrows, which could lead to unwanted scenarios during intense battles.
  • Using the Quiver will increase your arrow-carrying capacity by 20, giving you a considerable advantage, especially when you’re fighting against sturdy monsters. 

Inside the Quiver, you can store arrows of almost any type of bow, including: 

How To Get Quiver

Using Quiver for Bows
Bow and Quiver [Image by eXputer]
Quiver is a craftable item that you can make by collecting the required item and using your crafting skills to make it. To build a Quiver, you need the following items:

  • x3 Rabbit Skins
  • x1 rope

These items are considerably easier to find on the Island, so crafting a Quiver will not be a hectic task for you. You can get the Rabbit skins by hunting some rabbits and skinning them down. The ropes are also an easy item to find as it is scattered all around the Island. Specifically, you can look for the rope in Cannibal and Abandoned Camps, Graves, Cave Entrances, and Crash sites. 

Wrapping Up

The Quiver is an important object in the game as it helps you to use your bows effectively against the enemies without worrying about its ammo. So, make sure to have one in your inventory before going out on your hunting ventures. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the Best melee weapon in Sons of the Forest to become a lethal hunter by using weapons such as MagnumAxe, and Firefighter Axe.

Also, you can do a 10 Minutes Speedrun of the game if you follow what we’ve done. Lastly, if you wish to complete the entire game, make sure to check out if you’ve completed all the Achievements.

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