Sons of the Forest: How To Get Magnum

Pop off the heads of cannibals using the amazing firepower of the Magnum!

Magnum, also known as the Revolver, is one of the best weapons in Sons Of The Forest that deals more damage than the Pistol while using the same type of ammo. However, you’ll need to get the Shovel in the game before you can get your hands on this powerful weapon additionally. 

Key Takeaways
  • Obtain a Shovel to acquire the Magnum, one of the game’s strongest weapons.
  • Head to the upper part of the map near a dig site surrounded by golf carts.
  • Digging at this location reveals a secret entrance to a bunker containing the Magnum.
  • Inside the bunker, enter the first room on the right to find the Magnum on the floor near a dead body.
  • Save ammunition for the Magnum instead of wasting it on the Pistol, as the Magnum deals more damage.
Important: Make sure that you have the Shovel in your inventory before you go looking out for the Magnum in the game.

Obtaining The Magnum

sons of forest magnum
Location Of The Dig Site On The Map (Map Image Credits: Map Genie)

The Magnum is actually hidden inside a bunker, the entrance to which is sealed under dirt, which is why you’ll need the Shovel before you can get your hands on the Revolver in the game additionally. Do not worry, though, as the shovel is one of the earliest items that you get when you start your playthrough.

It is actually located in one of the caves that are near the spawn point when you load in for the first time. So, most of the players will already have their hands on the shovel while they’re trying to look for the Magnum. Additionally, once you have the shovel, make your way to the location marked on the map in the image above.

sons of forest magnum
The Dig Site Present Between Golf Carts (Image Captured by eXputer)

When you arrive at the location, you will see golf carts placed in an area, and all of these golf carts will be pointing toward the direction where you’re supposed to dig using the shovel. Equip your shovel and start digging at the location shown in the image above.

sons of forest magnum
The Magnum Located Near A Dead Body (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Keep digging until the entrance to the bunker reveals itself. Open up the entrance and make your way inside the bunker. Inside, you will be greeted with a long hallway; however, turn right as soon as you see the first room inside the bunker. In that room, the Magnum will be waiting for you near a dead body which you can then pick up and use in the game.

Tips And Tricks For Using Magnum

The Magnum utilizes the same ammunition as the Pistol in the game and is one of the best long-range weapons additionally, like the Cross Bow. The ammo type in question is actually the 9mm rounds that both the Magnum and Pistol use in the game.

It is recommended that you don’t use the 9mm round with the pistol as you obtain the weapon before the Magnum. Save this ammo for the Revolver so that you can deal more damage with your bullets in Sons Of The Forest. 

We know that the Magnum has a smaller magazine size when compared with the pistol, but that is fine because, in the end, it is the damage that matters, and you can headshot enemies from afar using the Magnum dealing more damage.

Additionally, suppose you’re playing with your friends in multiplayer mode. In that case, one of you can use the Stun Baton to paralyze enemies or bosses, and the other can use the Revovler to deal massive damage to the stunned enemy in the game.


Sons Of The Forest is a recently released survival game that has gained a huge player base in a very short amount of time. The game is still in early access, and it gets regularly updated by the developers with new content and fixes for any bugs. You can either survive solo or work with friends in multiplayer to create a Base for yourself. Crafting items for your base is going to require you to chop down trees with your Axe additionally. You will also need a Flashlight to traverse the dark caves for resources in order to survive.


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