Sons Of The Forest Patch 4 Brings Huge A.I. Improvements, GPS Changes & More

The update addresses a wide variety of bugs as well.

Story Highlights

  • Sons of the Forest has received its fourth patch. The update resolves a sizable amount of bugs and discrepancies while introducing A.I. improvements and other quality-of-life adjustments.
  • The game is currently in Early Access, meaning that we can expect more discrepancies to occur while the developers continue to polish their product. 

The latest update of Sons of the Forest brings tons of new features and adjustments, along with a respectable amount of bug fixes. The patch notes state the implementation of A.I. improvements, the ability to name your save games, and the addition of a new action camera that is used to view found footage videos, along with the first of these videos, with more coming in the future.

It’s also been stated that the log sled will be returning. According to the notes, it’s almost ready and will be included in the next patch. In addition, other new features include a new point of interest and popup messages when a player is kicked or banned from a game. The list of new features ends with these additions. However, the update also aims to improve several existing elements of Sons of the Forest. 

General Fixes In Sons Of The Forest Patch 04

A wide range of the game’s aspects has been improved in the latest update of Sons of the Forest. The brightness of night vision goggles has increased, and Kelvin is now being able to carry two logs at a time. In addition, new animations have been introduced for a variety of enemies. More spots were added in villages for cannibals to stand watch or sit around as well.

Sons of the Forest - New features and improvements in Patch 04
Sons of the Forest – New features and improvements in Patch 04

Moreover, new visuals were added for skinned animals. These are specifically mentioned to be the rabbit, squirrel, eagle, duck, seagull, and land turtle. Other additions include the presence of ducks on the golf course, a north arrow guide to the minimap, bloody clothing for dead cultists, improved LOD for the armor rack, and lighting in the residential bunker.

Furthermore, the GPS map has been updated to include all current ponds and lakes. Location pins have also been removed from the opening cutscene laptop screen. Aside from these changes that stood out, the latest update for Sons of the Forest also introduced several other quality-of-life and aesthetic improvements.

Bug Fixes In Patch 04

A sizable number of bugs have been addressed as well in order to improve the overall stability of the game and provide a more streamlined experience. Issues involving the game acting up when switching from an empty slingshot to another ranged weapon, the lone life jacket floating in the sky, and players being unable to drink from deep bodies of water have been rectified. Crafted spears will also no longer fall through cave floors.

In addition, initialization issues impacting DLSS activation have been resolved. The player crouching while riding Knight V, small rocks falling through the ground when bouncing off of a surface, a silenced pistol shot being audible, the player’s case getting stuck during the skinning action, and several other bugs pertaining to gameplay have been ironed out. Audio discrepancies have also been addressed as of patch 04.

Sons of the Forest is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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