Sons of the Forest: All Special Weapons Location

Increase your odds of survival with these special weapons.

Before embarking on gruesome expeditions in Sons of the Forest, one should know the location of all the special weapons so they can make it their top priority to obtain them once they are able to. We have listed all eight special guns that you should have in your arsenal.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about eight special weapons in Sons Of The Forest.

  1. The Stun Baton is obtainable in the early game and is dependent on batteries to operate.
  2. The Stun Gun offers the same type of damage as the Stun Baton and is located in the same cave as the Rebreather.
  3. The Katana is one of the strongest, if not the strongest close, range weapon in the game, and players will need the Shovel and the maintenance keycard before they can obtain it.
  4. The Crossbow is the ideal long-range to have at all times, and players will need the maintenance keycard before they can obtain it.
  5. The Compound Bow is the best long-range weapon in the game. However, it does require the player to use both of their hands and requires a Shovel before you can obtain it.
  6. Obtaining the Pistol is incredibly easy. Players just need to either build a small boat or swim toward the point of interest out in the sea.
  7. The Magnum uses the same 9mm ammo as the pistol while having incredibly higher damage. Players will need a Shovel before they can obtain the exact location of this weapon.
  8. The Shotgun is at one of the points of interest on your GPS. Players will need a Shovel before they can obtain this weapon.
Important: A Shovel and the maintenance keycard are required to access some of the weapons listed here; thus, it is preferable to obtain them first.

As for right now, there are eight special weapons in the game; however, do keep in mind that the game is still in early access mode, and the developers are still adding new commodities or new stuff, if you will, to the game.

  • Stun Baton
  • Stun Gun
  • Katana
  • Crossbow
  • Compound Bow
  • Handgun
  • Magnum
  • Shotgun

To make things easier for you, we have inserted a Sons of the Forest Special Weapons Comparison table below:

Stun BatonMeleeMediumLow - MediumLow
Stun GunRangedLowLowN/A
CrossbowRangedLowMedium - HighMedium - High
Compound Bow
RangedLow - MediumHighHigh
PistolRangedHighLow - MediumMedium
MagnumRangedHighMedium - HighMedium - High

Stun Baton

special weapons in sons of the forest
Stun Baton [Image Captured by eXputer]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageBlockAttacksLocation
MeleeMediumLow – MediumMediumStun MeleeNear the Rope Gun Cave

Stun Baton can be acquired fairly early on your playthrough, and obtaining it early on can make you a force to be reckoned with while facing the early game mobs. It is an absolute must-have while you’re facing more terrifying monstrosities that attack your base later on.

In order to obtain the Stun Baton, you will need to head to this specific location on the GPS, as shown in the image below.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Stun Baton [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once there, you will spot a small waterfall. Players will know that they are at the right location by spotting some skulls at the base of the waterfall. In between those skulls, sticks out the Stun Baton, simply pick it up, and voila, you have found one of your next best friends while facing tougher mobs in Sons of The Forest.

Important: The Stun Baton operates on batteries, just like the flashlight. Be sure not to waste your batteries, and use the Stun Gun when you need it the most.

Stun Gun

special items in the game
The Stun Gun [Image Credit: Us]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageBlockLocation
RangedLowLowNoneRebreather / Taser Cave

The Stun Gun is another fantastic weapon that works in a similar manner as the previous weapon we’ve listed; for long-range scenarios. It can also be obtained fairly early in the game. Players only need to head to the GPS location that is shown in the pic below.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Stun Gun [Image Credit: Us]
The entrance of the cave will be behind some boards that you can break. Do keep in mind that the place is guarded by some formidable enemies, so be sure to equip the appropriate armor and weapons before venturing off to this area.

Once you enter the cave, you only need to follow the linear path. As you progress, you will find yourself at a crossroads. On to the left way is the path that will take you to the location of the Rebreather, which is essential if you wish to end the game. On the right is the path that will take you to the Stun Gun location. As you progress, you will come across a few mobs and another crossroad (players will also obtain some stun gun ammo from here), take another right and keep following the path.

Players will find some bodies hanging from the roof of the cave. You will also notice a hand sticking out. Interact with it, and you will obtain the Stun Gun.


special items in the game
The Katana [Image Taken by eXputer]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageBlockRangeLocation
MeleeHighMediumMediumMediumSouth-Eastern Cave Bunker

The Katana is a straight-up powerhouse in close-range combat- however, players would first need to embark on a long journey to actually obtain this weapon. First thing first, players will need to obtain the Shovel and the Maintenance key card. 

Once all the preliminary preparation is done, head to the location shown in the pic below to obtain the Katana weapon in Sons Of The Forest.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of The Katana [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once there, enter the cave, head down, and you will find yourself in an underground facility. Head down the stairs, and you will find a locked door that can be unlocked with the keycard. Use the maintenance keycard to unlock it. Head down the stairs, and you will find another door. Opening it will start a cutscene; you can use this as confirmation that you are headed in the right direction.

On the floor you are on right now, upon exploration, you can find some golf balls and the Putter weapon in the bedroom. If you backtrack and move down the stairs again and enter the door with a “2” written beside it. Once there, enter the second opened door located on the right of the hallway, and you will find the Katana in the bedroom. 


special items in the game
The Crossbow [Image Captured by eXputer]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageRangeUsesLocation
RangedLowMedium – HighMedium – HighCrossbow BoltFood and Dining Bunker

The Crossbow is another ideal weapon to have for long-range combat, thanks to its heavy damage. For the Crossbow, you will also need to obtain the maintenance keycard. We have already listed how to obtain it in the Katana section.

Thankfully, the Crossbow is very easy to locate. Enter the cave shown in the picture below.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Crossbow [Image Captured by Us]
Keep traversing through the cave until you find an opening that leads to an underground lab. You’ll need to open the door that requires the maintenance key. Once it is open, just keep moving forward once you reach the second room, where those small fetus-looking monstrosities are also present. The Crossbow will be beside a dead body at one of the corners of that particular room.

Compound Bow

special items in the game
The Compound Bow [Image Taken by Us]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageRangeUsesLocation
RangedLow – MediumHighHighArrowMaintenance Bunker B

Once you have grown tired of the Crossbow, then the Compound Bow is the way to go. It is very easily the best bow in Sons of The Forest. In order to obtain this weapon, first things first, you will need to reach the point of interest shown on the map below with a shovel. Obtaining this weapon without a shovel is not possible, unfortunately.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Compound Bow [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once there, start digging, and you will uncover a secret gate leading underground. Once inside, start exploring because you will also obtain a few other key items here aside from the Compound Bow. Speaking of which, the bow is located in the bathroom of the bedroom, located in the secret tunnel.


special weapons in sons of the forest
The Pistol [Image Captured by Us]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageRangeUsesMax CapacityLocation
RangedHighLow – MediumMedium9mm Ammo12
  • Survival Raft
  • Green Point Cave

A Pistol should be the ideal long-range weapon to get as soon as you are able to because it is incredibly easy to obtain. First thing first, you would have to reach the beach that is shown in the image below.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Pistol [Image Captured by Us]
From there, you can either wear a wet suit and start swimming(if you got the guts), or you can build a small boat. Start heading to the small lifeboat that you can see in the distance. Be careful, though. These waters are infested with sharks. Once there, you will find the pistol and also a GPS tag.


special items in the game
The Magnum [Image Taken by eXputer]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageRangeUsesMax CapacityLocation
RangedHighMedium – HighMedium – High9mm Ammo6Maintenance Bunker C

The Magnum is one of the strongest weapons in the game, and it uses the same ammo rounds as the Pistol. While obtaining the pistol is extremely easy, we will recommend saving your 9mm rounds until you get a magnum because of its incredibly higher damage output.

For this beast of a weapon, players would first need to trek a long journey on the other side of the island and reach the location shown on the map below in Sons Of The Forest. Once there, players will need a Shovel so they can start digging. Obtaining this weapon is unfortunately not possible without the shovel.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Magnum [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you have entered the tunnel,  traverse through the hallway and enter the room to the right. There you will spot a dead body and the Magnum right beside it.


special items in the game
The Shotgun [Image Taken by eXputer]
Weapon CategorySpeedDamageRangeMax StackLocation
RangedLowHighLow1Operative’s Grave

And finally, the Shotgun is the ideal weapon to have when you are dealing with tougher enemies at close range. What’s best about this weapon is not its damage but just how easy it is the obtain it.

The first thing players will need for the weapon is a Shovel. Once they have crafted one, then they only need to head to the location; shown in the image below.

special weapons in sons of the forest
Location of the Shotgun [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once there, they will find a grave. Start digging and break the coffin. A Shotgun will be lying there, just waiting for you to take it.


That concludes our guide on all the special weapons locations in Sons Of The Forest. The game has been long anticipated by fans of the survival genre as the Forest was already one of the most popular Survival games on the market.

Here we have listed all of the special weapons in Sons of the Forest as these weapons are bound to give you an upper hand while taking on man-made horrors beyond our comprehension. Although these weapons will only help you out in the offense, consider reading our guide on how to build a defensive wall for good defense as well.

In any case, we hope our guide helped you out. The game is still in early access and is available now on PC through Steam. The developers are still taking in the community’s opinion and adding new things to the game from time to time. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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