Sons of the Forest: How To Get Katana [Walkthrough]

Slice & dice the cannibals by getting that shiny Katana in Sons of the Forest!

Katana is one of the best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest, and to get it, you will need to venture far south side of the game’s map. Like most precious items, this, too, is hidden inside a cave in a secret lab. Our step-by-step guide entails the complete process of how to get Katana in Sons of the Forest.   

Key Takeaways
  • Katana is by far the best damage-dealing melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. 
  • To get Katana, just follow these steps: 
    1. Katana is located in the Southeast corner of the map in Sons of the Forest.
    2. Rebreather, Rope Gun, and Shovel are there equipment that will help find keycards to access the bunker.
    3. Use keycards to access the bunker, defeat mutants, and find Katana on display.
    4. Grab the Katana and add it to your inventory and start slicing and dicing the enemies.
    5. You can also find Golden Armor here.

Location Of The Katana Sword

Katana cave location – sons of the forest

You will find the Katana Sword at the bottom-left corner of the map.

  1. Acquire Necessary Items: First, you need to find the Rebreather and the Rope Gun. These items are crucial for accessing the location of the Katana Sword.
    Katana map location – sons of the forest
  2. Obtain the Shovel: Once you have the Rebreather and the Rope Gun, use them to acquire the Shovel. The Shovel is necessary for finding the keycards required to enter the bunker where the Katana Sword is located.
  3. Use Keycards to Access Bunker: With the keycards in hand, head to the location marked on the map, southeast of the snowy mountain and to the right of a large lake. Look for a cave-like structure between two snowy slopes.
  4. Enter the Laboratory: Navigate through the underground tunnels until you reach a passage leading to a laboratory.
  5. Swipe Keycard to Enter: Use the keycard to unlock the door to the laboratory. Proceed downstairs and watch the story cinematic.
    swipe the key card to enter for katana
  6. Proceed to the Second Level: After the cinematic ends, head down to the second level of the laboratory.
    cinematic – sons of the forest
  7. Engage Mutants: Enter the second hallway and turn right to find an open door. Be prepared to engage in combat with adult mutants.
    entering level 2 to get katana
  8. Eliminate Infant Mutants: Once the adult mutants are defeated, proceed through the open door to eliminate any infant mutants inside.
  9. Find the Katana Sword: The Katana Sword will be displayed on a cabinet in the middle of the room near the couch.
Katana Found – Sons of the forest

Equip The Katana Sword

Players in Sons of the Forest need to approach the Katana Sword and hit the “E” key on the keyboards before they may equip it. When it has been equipped, the Katana Sword is one of the most powerful close-combat weapons in the game because of its ability to slice through adversaries quickly. Nevertheless, players should keep in mind that the Katana Sword does not prevent incoming blows, so they will need to be fast and cunning in order to make successful use of the weapon.

Additional Items

In addition to the Katana, Sons of the Forest has a number of additional weapons and things that may be discovered and used by the player to improve the chances of surviving. The Golden Armor is the strongest armor in the game, and it can be discovered in the same area as the Katana.

If you equip this armor, you will be nearly unbeatable in the game. The island also contains a variety of other weapons, such as guns and explosives, which may be utilized to eliminate foes from a greater distance. These weapons can be discovered everywhere across the island.

It is essential to keep in mind that the island is teeming with violent mutants and other perils; hence, it is essential to arrive on the island well-equipped with firearms, armor, and other supplies. Crafting items and constructing shelters may also be beneficial in the process of creating a secure location for oneself, and properly exploring the island can lead you to hidden locations, objects, and information.

Finally, in Sons of the Forest, getting the Katana Sword involves some forethought and planning. In order to get the weapon, players must first collect all the essential items and keycards, then make their way through a maze of subterranean tunnels while fighting off mutant monsters. With the Katana Sword, you become nearly unstoppable, slashing mutant heads and limbs.


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