Sons of the Forest: How To Get Stun Gun & Ammo

Zap enemies & incapacitate them using the stun gun in Sons of the Forest!

The Stun Gun is a crucial weapon in Sons of the Forest, ideal for close-range attacks against enemies. It temporarily stuns them for around at least 5-10 seconds, rendering them prone and vulnerable to attacks. When successfully stunned, cannibals stop moving and fall to the ground, while mutants display their own unique stunned animation.

It is important to note that the Stun Gun must be reloaded after each use, regardless of whether or not it hits anything. This weapon requires special Taser ammo that can be found in crates throughout the game, similar to other types of ammunition.

Key Takeaways
  • The Stun gun is not a damage-dealing weapon in Sons of the Forest but it freezes a target for a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to strike back.
  • To get the Stun gun, you need to follow these steps:
    1. Stun gun is located in the Northside cave of the island.
    2. This cave also contains Rebreather that you should not miss while venturing inside. 
    3. The cave is linear, so it should not be difficult for you to explore and get both the stun gun & rebreather in a single go.
    4. The stun gun can be found on a ceiling near a dead worker. 
    5. Ammo for the stun gun is found in tents, supply boxes, and places where you can expect loot items
    6. If you give the stun gun to Virginia, she will sometimes go off course & locate the ammo for it by taking you there. 

Stun Gun Cave Location 

Stun gun map locations sons of the forest

The rebreather and the stun gun are both kept in the same cave on the shore of the island where they were found.

  • To get there, go to the beach on the northernmost part of the island and search for the cave where the rebreather is hidden.
  • Be certain that you are traveling in the direction of the correct shoreline and not the one that is more convenient.

Traversing The Cave

stun gun cave location – sons of the forest

After you have reached the cave, you should step inside and continue down the trail that leads onward.

  1. Crouch through low portions of the tunnel.
  2. Reach a creek draining into a chamber with mutants; clear the area.
  3. Swim across water and proceed into another tunnel.
  4. Continue until reaching softly illuminated cavern with red light.
  5. Head towards the wall with the glowing red area.
  6. Stay alert for danger; encounter basic enemies and strange finger-like creatures.
  7. Stealthily pass or quickly run past monsters.
  8. Face pivotal moment: go straight for stun gun or left for rebreather.
  9. Consider increased risk of encountering more monsters by choosing both options.
  10. Make firm, calculated decision to mitigate potential risks.
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Get Stun Gun Hanging Near A Corpse

A dead body will be seen dangling from the ceiling of the cavern in where you are currently located. You can easily add the stun gun to your inventory by plucking it from the wall adjacent to the corpse.

stun gun hanging near a corpse – sons of the forest

How To Get Ammo For Stun Gun 

Stun Gun Acquired – sons of Forest

In order for you to use the stun gun, you will need to locate the special stun gun ammunition that it requires. Ammo for shock guns, like that for other kinds of ammunition in Sons of the Forest, is often stashed away in the supply boxes that may be discovered in caverns, cannibal camps, and other locations on the map. It is also possible that some will be in the boxes that are located surrounding your spawn point at the helicopter crash scene.

We strongly suggest that you recruit Virginia as a partner if you are having problems locating more stun gun ammunition. If you have established a friendship with her, she could direct you to some secret boxes that aren’t listed on the map, in which you might locate more stun gun ammunition.


In Sons of the Forest, having access to a stun pistol may make your battles against cannibals and mutants far less difficult. If you follow the instructions in this guide, you will be able to get your very own stun gun and begin incapacitating your foes from a safe distance. Just keep in mind that you should store up on ammunition for stun guns and try to remain stealthy whenever it is feasible. This will help you avoid being overpowered.

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