Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells: How To Get & Uses

Explore the Versatility of the Turtle Shells and not make them go wasted.

Sons of the Forest features plenty of collectible materials that help you in certain ways to survive cannibals and deadly monsters. One such item is the Turtle Shell. If you get it and are unaware of its possible uses, then it might go wasted and keep lying in your inventory. So, if you possess the material, make sure to use it the right way. 

Key Takeaways
  • Turtle Shells are one of the many collectible materials in Sons of the Forest that could be used for your survival.
  • You can obtain the Turtle Shells in the game by hunting and skinning the Sea Turtles.
  • Each Turtle will give you one Turtle Shell and some meat on skinning.
  • You can find the Turtle Shell in the top right corner of your inventory from where you can equip it when needed.
  • You can use the Turtle Shell as a water collector to gather Rainwater or water from streams and lakes. 
  • It can also be used as a sled for riding down the slopes to save up time or to escape your enemies quickly. 

How To Get Turtle Shell

Sons of the Forest Turtle Shell
Hunt Sea Turtle [Image by eXputer]
There are primarily two ways to get the Turtle Shell. You can either look for them near the coastline and around the seashore of the island, or you can kill the Sea Turtles to get the item as a collectible. Make sure that you specifically hunt Sea Turtles, as the ones habituating near lakes and ponds are less likely to give you Turtle shells upon killing. 

Turtles are passive animals that can be categorized as safe creatures on the Island. If you go near the Turtles, they will rather try to disperse away rather than attack you. Once you spot a Sea Turtle, you can get close to it and attack to kill it in a couple of hits.

Once the creature is dead, you’re most likely to get Turtle Shell and some Meat as a loot reward. One thing to keep in mind is that every Turtle will not give Shell as loot, but if you hunt a couple of tortoises, you’ll easily get the material. 

Turtle Shell Uses

Uses of Turtle Shell
Turtle Shell Uses [Image by eXputer]
For now, there aren’t many uses for Turtle Shell but in the future, it might become an ingredient for crafting useful items and armor. Still, you can utilize the Turtle Shell in Sons of Forest in the following ways. 

Collecting The Rainwater

In order to survive on the Island, you have to follow every instinct of survival. From hunting animals to searching for clean water, you have to do all the hustle on your own. The Turtle Shells can help your survival by becoming a clean water storage item.

The shells are considerably large and hollow from the inside, which makes them good water-collecting material. So, if you come across a riverside or a fresh stream, you can use the Turtle Shell to collect and drink its water. Similarly, you can also collect rainwater in these shells. When it starts to rain on the island, you can take the shell out of your inventory and place it on the floor to get a fresh supply of water.

Important: You can not use the Turtle Shell as a water-carrying flask as it is not an air-tight item. It is an instant-use gear and not a storage item.

Sliding Down The Slopes

Besides using the shells for collecting water, you can show some creativity in their utilization. If you’re on an elevated slope, you can hop into the shell and slide down the steep slope at a fast speed. This could save much time and effort and also save you from potential threats that you might face while walking down on foot.

Wrapping Up

The community is trying to find more uses for Turtle Shell in the game, but for now, its primal use is the only collection of fresh water. As the shell is considerably easier to get, it is considered a common material and doesn’t have a significant value. Now that you’ve learned enough about the shells make sure to check out the Sons of the Forest map to master your navigation skills as well.

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