Sons Of The Forest ‘Knight V’ Vehicle [Location]

Add a bit of spice to your exploration adventures by hoping on to the Knight V vehicle!

The Sons of the Forest Patch 0.3 comes with exciting features and additional items to make your wild adventures more exhilarating. The update comes with a brand new vehicle EUC Knight V in Sons of The Forest. It is a fast-paced vehicle that could come in handy to travel to distant places or just to escape the deadly cannibals. So, make sure to know where you can find this uni bicycle on the map.

Key Takeaways
  • EUC Knight V is the latest vehicle added to Sons of the Forest with the recent Version 0.3 updates.
  • Knight V is a single-wheeled unicycle that you can use to travel across the island.
  • You can find the Knight V vehicle across several areas of the map, including Abandoned Camps and Cannibals Settlements.
  • The locations are random but there are a few known ones that can help players narrow it down easily.
  • Although the unicycle looks small, you can not store it in your inventory and have to carry it around. 

EUC Knight V Vehicle

The EUC Knight V is a unique vehicle and has only one wheel. You can call it a bicycle or a hoverboard, but it will surely help you drive around the island. 

Sons of the Forest knight v
EUC Knight V

Although the Knight vehicle looks small enough to carry, you still cannot store it in your backpack, like the turtle shell. You have to either carry it with you or park it somewhere before leaving it, as you can not fit it in your inventory or backpack. So, once you get your hands on the vehicle, make sure not to lose it.

Important: Make sure to update your game to the recent patch to enjoy all the latest features and items, including EUC Knight V.

Sons of the Forest Knight V Location

The Knight V spawns on random spots on the map. It is just another vehicle in the game, like the Paraglider, that you can use to reach your destinations quicker.

As the vehicle is recently added to the game, I am not sure about all of its spawning locations. However, there are a few specific spots that you can visit to look for the Knight V unicycle and test it out. The known locations for the Knight V are. 

  • Near the Winter Jacket, in the southwest part of the island.
  • Near the Waterfall, on the north side of the lake.
  • In the Abandoned Camps area on the western side of the Island.
  • Near the Cannibal settlements on the eastern side of the map.

You can have a look at the screenshot below to know all the spawning locations of the EUC Knight V vehicle so far.

Knight V Unicycle
Knight V locations [Image Courtesy: Mapgenie
While going out on the hunt for the vehicle, you might have to go through places where you can encounter cannibals and unwanted creatures. So, make sure to grab some best weapons, such as a Shotgun, Crossbow, or Chainsaw along with you.

How To Drive Knight V

Riding the Knight V unicycle is no hectic task. Once you get close to the cycle, press the interact button to grab it and hop onto the cycle. It might look a bit weird to see yourself riding on a single-wheeled vehicle, but your character is pretty good at maintaining his balance. To control the vehicle, you can use the conventional movement buttons, or you could just take it down the slope to get an extra boost!

Sons of the Forest knight v
Knight V Vehicle

If you want to get off the vehicle, press the jump key twice, and your character will leave it. You can also jump from the cycle while riding to get off quickly. You can also spawn multiple Knight V vehicles at their spawning location by saving and loading the game.

Wrapping Up

The Knight V is an exciting and fun addition as a transport mean in Sons of the Forest. You can hop onto the mini cycle and explore the carnival world while avoiding the dangers that lurk within it. While the hunt for the vehicle will be a bit time taking, it is worth the effort. So, gear up and get ready to explore the forest with the Knight V unicycle.

While you’re at it, make sure to go through the Best melee weapon in Sons of the Forest to become an unstoppable hunter by using weapons such as MagnumAxe, and Firefighter Axe. Also, you can consider doing a 10 Minutes Speedrun of the game if you follow what we’ve done. Lastly, if you want to complete the entire game, make sure to check out if you’ve completed all the Achievements.

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