Sons of the Forest Console Commands [Full List]

Embrace your inner hacker with these console commands for Sons of the Forest.

While there are no official console commands in Sons of the Forest, players can use commands made by fans using a third-party tool known as WeMod. These commands allow players to break the game in any way they want.

Important: Sons of the Forest has no official console commands. These can only be accessed through WeMod. Also, using them during cooperative play can get you banned, so only use them during solo play.
Key Takeaways
  • Using a third-party software known as WeMod, console commands can be implemented in Sons of the Forest.
  • After creating an account on WeMod, launch the game through it. 
  • Now, press F10 and then F1 to bring up the command menu. 
  • Once that is done, type any of the console commands mentioned below, such as “godmode on”.
  • Make sure you are in solo play before you execute console commands, or you run the risk of getting banned.
  • These commands allow you to do virtually anything, even things like spawning the Golden Armor out of nowhere.

Executing Console Commands In Sons Of The Forest

  • In order to set up console commands for Sons of the Forest, players must first download WeMod.  
  • Once that is done, they must create an account on WeMod and then launch Sons of the Forest through it.
  • If players wish to use the console commands, make sure to play the game in solo mode only.
  • This is to ensure that players do not get banned.
  • Once players are in-game, they can bring up the console command menu by pressing F10 and then F1.
Sons Of The Forest Debug Menu
The Debug Menu | Image By eXputer

Now, players can execute the following commands in the debug menu.

Console CommandsEffects
addallitemsGrants you every item in the game.
removeallitemsRemoves every recently added item.
addcharacter virginia Spawns Virginia.
addcharacter robbySpawns Kelvin.
godmode on/offToggles full invincibility on/off.
setimeofday morningChanges the time to morning.
setimeofday nightChanges the time to night.
aighostplayer on/offToggles invincibility on/off.
playervisibility on/offDisplays a menu indicating player visibility
freecameraUnlocks the camera.
toggleplayerstatsDisplays player stats.
forcerainChanges the weather to rain.
season winterChanges the weather to Winter.
season summerConverts the weather to Summer.
season springSets the weather to Spring.
season autumnSets the weather to Autumn.
locktimeofday nightlocks the time to night time.
locktimeofday morninglocks the time to morning.
additem itemnameAllows you to add any item by mentioning its name next to the command.
aipause on/offStops all AI activity.
superjump on/offBoosts your jump.
showhud on/offToggles HUD.
aigodmode on/offMakes your allies invincible.
cavelight on/offEmits light from your character.
regenhealthRestores your health.
spawnworldobject namespawns any object by writing its name after the command.
killradius xKills all enemies in x radius
createlightSpawns a light source.
instantbookbuild on/offAllows you to create anything from your crafting book.


Sons of the Forest is a sequel to 2014’s The Forest. It boasts a bigger map, 8-player cooperation, solo play, and an enhanced combat and crafting system for players to enjoy. All in all, it is a great game for a bunch of friends to play together and kill time with while having a blast.  

And there you have it; with our guide on how to get Red Mask in Sons of the Forest, you will easily craft this item and sneak past any cannibalistic threat you encounter.

It is very important that you have in-depth knowledge about the cannibals you will be fighting. In addition, make sure you learn how to build a defensive wall, as it is key for building your base. Also, here is how to obtain your very own flashlight in Sons of the Forest. Recruiting Virginia is important as she is an extremely helpful ally. Lastly, here is how to get water in Sons of the Forest.


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