Sons of the Forest: How To Change Time & Sleep

Manipulating Time: How to Fast-Forward in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of The Forest, Players need to effectively manage their hunger, thirst, and weariness, which includes receiving sufficient amounts of sleep, to stay alive. This article will teach you how to sleep and adjust the time in Sons of the Forest so that you may make the most of the daytime hours and avoid dangerous encounters during the nighttime hours.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can change time by sleeping in their shelter, which makes time pass more quickly.
  • To sleep, players need to construct or find a shelter using a tarp and sticks and select the moon symbol next to the shelter to put their character to sleep.
  • Managing time is crucial for survival in the game, as certain resources and enemies may only appear at specific times of day or night.

How To Change Time

In Sons of the Forest, changing the time is accomplished most quickly and easily by sleeping; however, this is not the only method. You don’t have to go to sleep if you don’t want to; you may just wait for time to pass on its own. The day and night cycle never stops in this game, and it has a significant impact on both the environment and the island mutants.

It is not a good idea to go into the woods at night since your enemies are more likely to be confident in their abilities when it is dark. Players have the option of either sleeping or waiting for sunrise to void potentially harmful confrontations. So Choose a secure place where you may hide and wait for the sun to rise if you need some time to wait.

How To Sleep
How to Change Time in Sons of Forest
How to Sleep in Sons of the Forest

It is necessary to locate or construct a suitable shelter to sleep in the Sons of the Forest. A tarp and some sticks, both of which may be discovered quite early in the game, are required components for constructing a shelter. After you have all of these things, lay the tarp on the ground and use a stick to create a tiny lean-to by propping it up against the ground.

This is your refuge, and it will enable you to sleep while also allowing time to pass more quickly. To put your character to sleep, you need to pick the moon symbol that appears next to the refuge and keep it selected until they lay down.

Benefits Of Sleeping

In the game Sons of the Forest,you have two major benefits begin. First gives you the ability to fast advance through time, which might be helpful if you want to avoid potentially dangerous encounters during the night or if you need to wait for anything to take place during the day.

Second, getting enough rest may reverse the effects of fatigue and exhaustion, which are two states that can set up rather fast if your character engages in strenuous physical activity or goes too long without consuming any food or drink.


Mastering the game mechanics of Sons of the Forest, namely sleeping and changing the time, is essential to surviving on the island and discovering the game’s hidden mysteries. Keep an eye on your character’s levels of fatigue and weariness, and don’t forget to locate or construct a place for them to sleep. Keep in mind the risks that exist on the island at all times, whether you decide to sleep or wait for the sun to rise; this will help you avoid being hurt.


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