How To Kill Sluggy In Sons of the Forest

Can't damage Sluggy in Sons of the Forest? Then blow it off to pieces!

Sluggy in Sons of the Forest is a non-hostile creepy mutant. It has high health and is resistant to most normal attacks. Its movement speed is very slow due to its large body and massive flesh, and it is highly weak against explosives.

Key Takeaways
  • Sluggy is a massive mutated creature with a large amount of flesh.
  • It is also known as The Blob.
  • It leaves its trails behind as it moves along the ground.
  • Sluggy is invulnerable to normal attacks.
  • Players can use different explosives in the game to blow off Sluggy.
  • You will be rewarded with the Piñata achievement after blowing off a Sluggy.

Who Is Sluggy, The Blob

The Blob is an alternative name that is used for “Sluggy” by the Sons of the Forest players. Sluggy is an enormous mutated creature having a bulky mass of flesh with multiple flailing arms and legs. Its body is adorned with numerous rolls of fatty tissues. These tissues leave behind their trails as it moves along the ground using the limbs. The concept of Sluggy is somewhat similar to that of a slug in real life. 

Sluggy aka The Blob
Sluggy [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

How To Kill

Unlike the other mutated creatures in Sons of the Forest, Sluggies do not roam around in the open but are found very rarely. Most of the time, players are going to encounter Sluggy only when they are inside a cave. Players can see Sluggies blocking entrances of many caves due to their large body size. They can’t pass through those small cracks and entrances.

The following points should be kept in mind before encountering a Sluggy:

  • Sluggy is invulnerable to normal attacks.
  • It has very high resistance and health.
  • Sluggy has high electrical resistance as well.
  • Its movement is slow due to its large size and is weak against explosives.
  • Players can use explosives like Time Bombs and Grenades to blow off Sluggy.
  • Blowing off Sluggy will earn players the Piñata achievement.

The “Sluggy” Encounter

Normally players will encounter Sluggy only inside a cave or see it stuck in the cracks or entrances of different caves. But there is one more Sluggy encounter that every player is going to face as they progress through the storyline of the game. As players are near the end of the game, they will encounter a Sluggy in the bunker’s cutscene. 

In this cutscene, Sluggy is shown with mutant babies. This Sluggy is different from the rest, as the other Sluggies do not appear with the mutated babies or have any ability to spawn them. Players can see it throwing the mutant babies toward the protagonist. However, you don’t have to fight it because it only blocks your way of going back. So all you have to do is keep moving forward. 

Encountering Sluggy
Sluggy With Mutated Babies [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]


And with all of this information provided, our short guide on Sluggy comes to an end. Players should keep in mind that Sluggy is not a hostile entity in the game. Most players consider it as an enemy, although it is not. If you are in its way, then most likely, it is to attack you. 

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest. We have a variety of guides available on our website to help players who are new to the game. Guides like how to lock doors, craft mannequins, how to get a chainsaw, shotgun, and much more.  These guides can even prove to be helpful for players who have no prior experience with The Forest. 


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