Sons of the Forest: Winter Jacket Location [Step By Step]

Cozy up in the cold winter nights of Sons of the Forest with the warmest Winter Jacket!

Winter is one of the most taxing seasons in Sons Of The Forest, which will require the players to find warm clothes like the Winter Jacket found in a certain location to survive. With the four seasons constantly changing, you will need to get your hands on the winter jacket as soon as possible if you want to explore the snow-covered mountains without freezing to death. Just like any other clothes, the winter jacket also has base stats that can be very beneficial for players in colder regions. You will be able to find a winter jacket located on the western side of a campsite on the island. 

Key Takeaways
  • A winter jacket is one of the most important items in Sons Of The Forest to survive against the cold weather. 
    1. It can be found on the southwestern side of the forest near a waterfall. 
    2. It is located in one of the two tents near The Cave entrances and an abandoned cave site on the western side of the mountains. 
    3. The winter jacket can be obtained from one of the corpses and can be equipped by pressing E. 
  • A winter jacket can provide protection against rain and windy weather as well due to its insulation properties. 
  • It is high on warmth stats and can be equipped by Virginia or Kelvin as well. 
  • After equipping the winter jacket, the players will notice a significant increase in their stamina meter. 
  • The winter jacket is great to use in areas where you cannot build a fire to warm yourself up. 
  • Other important winter clothing items include a Winter Blazer that can be obtained on the northwestern side of the map. 
  • Players can also get the Winter Leather Jacket for themselves or for Kelvin or Virginia by heading toward the northern region of the map. 

Winter Jacket Location 

While it is not important to find the winter jacket right away, it is still suggested to do so as it can be obtained quite easily in the game.

Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Location 
Map Location [Screenshot Capture Credit: eXputer]
After that, you can focus on finding trickier items like a rebreather and rope gun, which will require you to cover a lot of areas and search a lot of caves.

Following are other steps you need to follow in order to get to the winter jacket location. 

  • Keep in mind that a winter jacket is one of the items whose location is not marked on the map and will not show up on the GPS. 
  • However, you will still be able to know the location of the winter jacket by using the GPS device in Sons Of The Forest. 
    1. You will have to look for a campsite that will be located near a lake. 
    2. This lake will be surrounded by a lot of mountains so you will know where to look. 
    3. The location for the winter jacket is on the southwestern side of the forest. 
    4. On your GPS device, it will show up as a region between two caves and their entry points. 
    5. On the northern side of the forest, you will be able to collect the jacket. 
    6. You need to look at the western side of the mountains and visit the campsite nearby. 
    7. For your convenience, there will also be a waterfall in front of it. 
    8. There will be two tents, and in this area, you can search for a winter jacket.
    9. In one of the tents, there will be a corpse, and beside the corpse, you can find the winter jacket.
    10. In order to collect it, you just need to Press E. 
Tent Location
Tent Location [Screenshot Capture Credit: eXputer]
After you have successfully added the winter jacket to your Inventory, you will be able to use it whenever you need to warm your body. It is definitely an essential item for exploring colder regions on the map. The best part about the jacket is that it is insulated, so you won’t have to worry about getting frostbite when you have the jacket equipped. You will be able to make your way through the snow as you progress after obtaining the item. 

How To Equip 

While the players will be able to obtain the winter jacket from the very first day, it is recommended that they collect other important items first. 

  • The location of the item is quite far from all the spawn points in the Sons Of The Forest. 
  • Therefore, you will cross a lot of enemies when you are making your way to that location. 
  • Without proper equipment, you won’t be able to face cannibals and other enemies in case you have not collected weapons and armor. 
  • So before you go on and collect the winter jacket, it is important to get items that will help you in defense against the enemies.
    Sons Of The Forest How to find Winter Jacket Location 
    WInter Jacket [Screenshot Capture Credit: eXputer]
  • After obtaining the winter jacket from the abandoned campsite near the waterfall, the place will be able to equip it from their Inventory. 
  • To put on the winter jacket instantly, the players will have to hold down the E button. 
  • They can also click on the E button to add it to their Inventory and use it later. 

Uses Of The Winter Jacket 

Following are some of the users of the winter jacket and why it is a must-have item in your Inventory. 

  • There are many clothing items that you will come across in Sons Of The Forest. However, the winter jacket provides the most protection against the weather. 
  • The jacket is insulated and weatherproof, so it won’t only be your defense against the cold weather but will also help you survive in windy areas. 
  • It is great for protection against rain as well, therefore, increasing your survivability in different environments. 

It has amazing warmth starts to look for that can help you out a lot in freezing temperatures. 

  • The only drawback of the jacket is that you will have to remove other clothing items to use it. 
  • In case you have recruited Virginia by now or kept Kelvin alive, then you will be able to use the winter jacket on them as well. 
  • Doing so will allow you to increase their life and help them make it to the end game. 
  • By giving your jacket to Virginia or Kelvin, they will be able to help you in getting the necessary items you need or help you fight against enemies. 

Important Winter Items 

Besides the winter jacket, you should also consider getting the following items to help you survive in the winter weather. 

Winter Blazer 

After getting the winter jacket, you should find the Winter Blazer in case you want to give it to Virginia or Kelvin. It can also be very helpful against cold, and here is how you can find it. 

To get the blazer in Sons Of The Forest, you need to head towards the northwestern area of the map. 

  • Here you will come across a Burial Area where there will be some corpses as well. 
  • After progressing a bit, you will come across some storage boxes. 
  • These storage boxes have dead bodies inside them, and you need to look in the middle of them. 
  • After searching for a bit, you will be able to retrieve the winter blazer from one of the corpses. 
  • To add it to your Inventory, you simply have to press E in Sons Of The Forest. 

Winter Leather Jacket 

In addition to the winter jacket, the players can also get a leather jacket which is great against the freezing weather of Sons Of The Forest.

Sons Of The Forest Winter Jacket Item Map Location 
Leather Jacket [Screenshot Capture Credit: eXputer]
While it might not be as effective against the cold weather as the winter jacket is, it can still be obtained for either Virginia or Kelvin to use. Here is how you can obtain the winter leather jacket in the game. 

  • Keep in mind that you should be prepared with proper weapons and armor before you go out hunting for the leather jacket, as there will be a lot of cannibals and enemies on your way waiting to attack you. 
  • You need to make your way toward the northern region of the map to get to its location. 
  • After that, you need to progress towards the shoreline in the forest. 
  • Keep moving forward until you come across a cave that has some stones in front of it. 
  • It will be sealed off using wooden planks, and you need to go inside to get the leather jacket. 
  • After breaking the wooden blockade, the players need to head inside. 
  • Make sure that you are equipped with proper weapons before going inside, as there are a lot of cannibals and mutants inside The Cave. 
  • Keep moving forward and take your first right and defeat the mutants here. 
  • Then you just need to look in this area, and you will be able to obtain the leather jacket. 
  • In order to equip it or place it into your Inventory, the players simply need to press E. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to obtain the winter jacket as well as the winter blazer and leather jacket in Sons Of The Forest.

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