Sons of the Forest Duplication Glitch [Explained]

Sometimes using brains over brawn is the way to go!

With its fair share of bugs as early access, Sons of the Forest has a notable glitch that acts more like a quality-of-life feature – duplicating items an infinite number of times. A decent chunk of the community has already picked up this bug along with discovering several ways to recreate it. So why chop down a whole forest for a few logs when the game can automatically give you hundreds more?

Key Takeaways
  • Duplicate glitch in Sons of the Forest replicates logs, loot, and inventory.
  • Applicable in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but inventory duplication works only in Multiplayer.
  • Duplicate loot by saving, quitting, and rejoining the game after looting an area.
  • Infinite logs can be spawned using blueprints, raising logs with a stick, or stacking Three-Quarter logs side-by-side.
  • To duplicate inventory items, place them on a shelf, then rejoin the server to create copies in both the shelf and inventory.
  • Note: Key items like Keycards or Special Weapons cannot be duplicated using this glitch

Ways To Recreate The Duplication Glitch

There are several tricks you can attempt to trigger this glitch. While they’re limited to specific scenarios and items, some duplicate tactics are much easier and more efficient than others. These tricks are mainly available in both Solo and Co-op modes, but there are a few exceptions.

Duplicating Newly Found Items

  • Works in Solo and Co-op Mode

If you’ve stumbled across some decent loot when exploring, you can duplicate it several times and stache it in bulk in your inventory. The best way to use this exploit is by first going to a location with tons of resources lying around. You can find these locations in the form of abandoned campsites, vehicles, and cave systems, as these areas have mass amounts of items to pillage.

Abandoned Camp Sons of the Forest
An Abandoned Campsite (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Important: The easiest way to find these massive looting spots is by going to the green and purple beacons located on your GPS. You can also zoom out your GPS to track down even more nearby spots by pressing the middle-click button on your mouse.

Once you do come across such an area, here’s what you need to do:

  • Loot the entire area and fill up your Inventory.
  • Set up a Tarp next to you and save your game by holding the ‘E’ key next to it.
  • After saving your progress, immediately exit the game and rejoin.
  • Once rejoined, you’ll find the same items you just collected still out in the open world and ready to collect.
  • Now, simply pick up the items and add them as duplicates and repeat the process as often as you like.

Of course, you can also recreate this exploit with your friends in Co-op mode as a host. As a host, you need to do this exact process, ask all your friends to leave the server and then leave yourself, rejoin, and invite your friends back. And voila! You’ve just triggered the duplicate glitch in Sons of the Forest’s multiplayer!

Important: Remember to save your progress before leaving the server with your friends.
Save Game Sons of the Forest
Saving your Progress with a Tarp (Image Source: eXputer)

Although this exploit is easy to pull off, there are a few drawbacks that come with it. Firstly, the items you can duplicate are limited to whatever’s available in the area. For example, you can’t duplicate a Turtle Shell if there’s none available in the area.

Duplicating Logs

  • All methods work in Solo and Co-op Mode

Logs are by far the most common resource in making home-based items and structures like Cabins, Tree Houses, Doors, and many more. Getting them, however, is a complete chore as you go up to the trees, chop them down, and carry them back two at a time. This process gets repetitive, boring, and lengthy very quickly.

As such, a trusty duplicate exploit can help you save a lot of time, energy, and frustration. Furthermore, there are 3 possible glitches to duplicate logs an infinite number of times in Sons of the Forest. And unlike the previous duplication trick, you can trigger these ones anywhere.

Method 1

The first thing you need to do is open your crafting book using the ‘B’ key. Make sure you have the book in your left hand by Switching Modes which will let you craft houses and cabins. After that, go to the ‘Shelter’ section, select the Small Log Cabin, and place it anywhere you like.

Small Log Cabin in Sons of the Forest's Crafting Book
Selecting a Small Log Cabin from the crafting book (Image Source: eXputer)

Once you’ve put the Cabin’s blueprint down, approach any one of the corners of this blueprint. Stand next to the corner and keep a close eye on that prompt next to the blueprint that tells you to place the logs. Now, look up toward the intersection of the roof and steadily move back.

Starting at the top of the Small Cabin Blueprint Sons of the Forest
Looking at the top of the blueprint with the log prompt (Screenshot by eXputer)

As you move backward, the log-placing prompt will eventually disappear, which is your queue to stop. Now, while still looking up, press and hold ‘C’ to automatically spawn in logs individually. After you’ve spawned a log, you can now repeat this process as many times as you like from where you’re standing.

Collecting Infinite Logs in Sons of the Forest
Collecting Infinite Logs with the Small Cabin’s blueprint (Image by eXputer)

There is a small problem with this method, though. As you spawn more and more logs, they’ll keep cluttering up in a small area above your head. Since the game views them as in a “falling” state, they’ll damage you as well as your partner. Apart from that, this cluttering will also push you off that duplicating spot, and you won’t be able to duplicate more logs.

The easiest way to solve this problem is just to reposition yourself to another corner of the blueprint and spam the exploit from there. You could also just pick and throw them away from you, so you don’t get buried under a bunch of logs.

Method 2

This method is equally common and has the same success rate as the previous one but is a little slower. Just like the last one, this glitch will also work in multiplayer, so both you and your friends can do this trick to duplicate logs simultaneously.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, pick up a log, carry it to an open area, and lay it flat on the ground.
  • Now, grab a stick and place it vertically with the log to make it sit upright from one of the corners.
  • Once the log is sitting at a tilted angle, take a few steps and now walk right into the log from where you placed the stick.
  • The log will tip and fall off the stick and automatically spawn another log as well.
Spawning an additional log with a stick Sons of the Forest
Spawning an extra log with the stick method (Image Credits: eXputer)

So as you can see, this is another super simple and common exploit, but it, of course, has its shortcomings. Although it’s much safer than the last method, It’s a slower alternative since you can only spawn a single extra log at a time. It’s also very repetitive since you need to pick up the log and place it on the ground again after each attempt.

Raising the Log with a stick Sons of the Forest
Raising the Log with a stick (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Important: It’s better to perform this exploit on a completely flat surface since a hilly area or slope might cause the spawned log to glitch through the surface.

Method 3

This method is perhaps the fastest and safest log-duplicating exploits on this list, but it comes with a major flaw. So if you want to test your luck as well as another duplicating tactic, follow this procedure:

  • Take 5 full logs and chop them up into Three-Quarter Logs with your axe.
  • After that, place them side-by-side in an upright position.
  • Once you’ve stacked up all 5 of these logs, grab another full-sized log and place it next to the others.
  • Now when you place this log down, it’ll instead spawn another log instead, and you can spawn as many as you like by stacking up that same full-sized log with the other 5 Three-Quarter logs.

This method, however, has a much lower success rate compared to the previous 2. In fact, sometimes this trick will just prevent you from placing your original log on the ground on top of failing to give any additional logs. So it might either be the most effective or the most ineffective log duplication exploit.

Log Duplication 3 Sons of the Forest
Duplicating Logs with Method 3 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Duplicating Inventory Items

  • Only works in Co-op mode for a non-host

Now we can move onto a more unique but restrictive exploit in Sons of the Forest. This glitch will let you duplicate a certain amount of items in your inventory, but with certain limitations. You can do this in co-op when you’re not the host. Otherwise, it won’t work.

This method involves putting your valuable items on a Shelf as a storage unit on a friend’s server. After placing the items, leave the server right after and rejoin. Once you’ve rejoined, you’ll find the items you initially placed both on the shelf as well as in your inventory. And with that, you’ve effectively replicated your inventory items in Sons of the Forest!

Duplicated Inventory Glitch Sons of the Forest
Duplicate Inventory on a Shelf (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Important: You can use several shelves for this exploit to duplicate more items in a single go.

How To Make And Utilize A Shelf?

Open your Crafting Book and head on over to the ‘Storage’ section. On the last page of this section, you’ll find the recipe for a Shelf along with its ingredients – 3 Half-Planks and 2 Three-Quarter Planks. Select the Shelf and place its blueprint wherever you like, and after that, you can search or spawn the logs and install them on the blueprint.

Shelf Blueprint Sons of the Forest
A Shelf’s Blueprint and ingredients (Image Credits: eXputer)

Once you’ve made the Shelf, interact with it by holding the ‘E’ key and then right-click on any item you want to store. While storing the items, you can cycle through them using your ‘Q’ and ‘R’ keys. You can store up to 12 item types on a single shelf, so use your storage wisely!


That wraps up our guide on how you can use various duplicate glitches in Sons of the Forest. Now you won’t have to use a cheat table, console command, or force poor Kelvin to get a few extra items when you can spawn a boatload yourself. So try out these exploits as soon as you can before the developers patch them up!

With that being said, you can now use your infinite logs to build your home sweet home on one of the 6 Best Base Locations in Sons of the Forest. If you purely want to focus on progression instead, consider reading our guide on All the Achievements and How To Unlock Them in Sons of the Forest. And to make your journey more convenient, here are the Top 21 Tips and Tricks in Sons of the Forest.

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