Sons of the Forest: Final Boss Location & How To Beat

Learn how to find the location of the final boss in Sons of the Forest and memorize his attack patterns to defeat the boss quickly.

Progressing in the game, Sons of the Forest will lead you to the final boss of the game, the Demon Boss. Defeating this final boss will end the game. The Demon boss can be found near the eastern part of the map if you travel upwards from the beach. This boss may look small and normal like other enemies, but it is way deadlier. As soon as you defeat the Demon boss, the game will move towards its various endings, and you will be given the option to choose an ending to the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Finding the Demon boss can be hectic, so just move to the eastern part of the map and use the VIP card to enter the cave.
  • You must carry items like a flashlight, Shotgun, and golden armor with you.
  • The flashlight will aid you in working the movements of the Demon boss in the dark.
  • The shotgun can prove to be quite useful for close range; the Demon Boss jumps up toward you for an attack.
  • You must be careful about your health and stamina during the fight
  • Clearing out the smaller enemies inside the cave is of utmost essential as they won’t wander around later while you are fighting the Demon boss.
  • If all things go south, just use the Holy Cross to burn the enemy and finish them off.

Where To Find The Demon Boss 

Sons of the forest final boss was added in the latest patch along with several other items. This is why many of the players might struggle to even find it at first.

Like most of the bosses in the game, you will find the Demon Boss inside a deep cave. The exact location of this enemy will be found once you travel to the eastern part of the map. You must go upwards from the beach and travel straight.

Once you come across a dead body, it will indicate that you are traveling the right way. You may require your VIP card to enter the cave. If you don’t have one, you can find it at various places around the map.

Now, before you enter the cave, you need to set out your strategies to defeat the Demon boss. There are some items that you need to equip in hand.

Sons of the Forest Demon Boss
Using the Holy Cross to burn the Demon Boss

Items To Carry Before Fight 

Before You Start: There are some items that will aid you in defeating the boss with much ease in Sons of the Forest Final boss. These may include:

  • A flashlight
  • Shotgun
  • Holy Cross
  • The Golden Armor

How To Defeat The Demon Boss 

There are multiple ways to defeat the sons of the forest’s final boss. Some of the ways may not even require you to fight the boss and will lead the game to an end.

Sons of the Forest
Fighting the Demon Boss

Running Away 

Once you enter the cave and travel deep inside, the Demon boss will come across you at some point. If you want to end the game without fighting the boss, then you need to run backward. Do note that for this to work, the boss needs to see you first. When you reach the end of the cave, the game will end as it should have been, and you can see the ending.

Sons of the Forest Demon Boss
Using weapons to defeat the final boss

Fighting With Weapons 

If you are so determined to defeat the final boss of Sons of the Forest, then you must carry weapons with you. A shotgun may provide to be the best option for short-range. The demon will immediately start the fight as you see him.

The Demon boss will use quick, rapid attacks, including the poke attack from their hind legs. This attack may be replicated like a scorpion with their legs. They may also use their arms for a deadly combo of swipes that may give you some damage.

Sons of the Forest Demon Boss
Demon Boss

Using Utilities 

This may even damage your armor, so you need to light them with fire using the cross to burn them. To play safe and make you last longer, you should equip the Golden Armor as well. 

Fighting with the enemy in the dark will be tough; therefore, equipping the flashlight is a must. The Demon Boss tends to jump and move upside down on the roof of the cave, so you need a flashlight to see its movements.

You will see that it will be moving around a lot to attack you from every side, so you should counter it to move along with the opponent.

Avoid Distractions 

While you move to the location of the Demon boss, you will encounter several small creatures that may tend to give you a little damage. You might think to go to the boss direct, but it is advised to deal with these creatures first. They might be a hazard while you are fighting the boss. The best way is to clear the room first so you can focus on defeating the Demon boss.

Tips To Defeat The Boss 

  • Using the VIP card to enter the cave will lead you to reach the exact location of the monster.
  • Just maintain your distance from the Demon boss and use weapons like shotguns when he approaches you.
  • Attacks carried out by the enemy are mostly projected, so you can easily dodge them.
  • You must make sure that you keep a check on your stamina, hunger, and thirst. It is necessary to keep up the energy to defeat the Demon boss.
  • You should adopt a strategy to fight with the weapons at first, but if you run low on them, you can use the cross to burn them right on the spot.
  • Equipping a flashlight is a must during your fight against the boss as you will be able to spot the melee attacks from the Demon Boss.
  • Golden armor for protecting you can be proven useful, and it will make you last longer.


The Demon Boss is indeed tough to defeat, but by using armor and going with weapons, you can defeat the Demon Boss. Just be careful about your health and stamina. You must make a rule to always carry flashlight in the caves; this may be to your own benefit.

You must defeat the little enemies first and then move on to your opponent for your own ease. Do dodge the melee attacks and counter them by launching your own. You must carry a shotgun with you because if the Demon comes close, you can use it to defend yourself.

If you feel like losing or the Demon is too tough for you, use the Holy Cross to burn them, and this will end the opponent in a few glimpses.

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