New Sons of the Forest Patch Brings Hotfix Updates

The game finally gets a hotkey feature for items and weapons alongside addressing performance issues.

 Story Highlights.

  • Endnight Games has released the hotfix updates for Son of the Forest.
  • The patch includes introducing some new things, bug fixes, and game improvements.
  • There’s also a new hotkey feature for items and weapons, improved cutscene skip prompts, fixes for stuttering and lag issues, and enhanced performance through stability and sound effect fixes.

A new patch for Sons of the Forest has been released. Developer Endnight Games has introduced several changes that players have been looking forward to since the early access of the game release, including a hotkey feature for Items and Weapons.

The lack of the hotkey feature was a significant issue for many players. Many complained about the lack of flexibility in switching back and forth between items in the inventory.

There is also a significant number of performance fixes that players were looking forward to, including improved cutscene skip prompts and lag fixes.

All Hotfix 1 Changes In Sons of the Forest

  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a book from the backpack could cause the game to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue with input mapping.
  • Added stability fixes to improve the overall performance of the game.

All Hotfix 2 Changes In Sons of the Forest

  • Added a hotkey system for keyboard/mouse controls. This means you can now assign numerical keys 0 through 9 to items in your inventory for quicker access.
  • Added a hint for hotkeys to the loading screen.
  • Improved the cutscene skip prompt, which will now appear briefly at the start or when common skip keys (esc, space, etc.) are pressed.
  • Added a tutorial for heavy attacks in the loading hints.
  • Pressing the ‘Back’ key (default Esc key) will close the Tutorial book, Construction book, and Grab bag interactions.
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