Sons Of The Forest Patch 5 Adds New Log Sleds, Re-Growing Trees, And More

More ways to survive.

Story Highlights

  • A new update for Sons of The Forest was released that added various new features to the game along with implementing several fixes.
  • Sons of The Forest is currently in Early Access and players can expect various updates moving forward.

The fifth patch for Sons of The Forest brings new features including two buildable log sleds, advanced cooking methods, an option for the regrowth of trees, and the ability to strum your guitar. The patch notes provide details for these new additions along with a list of improvements, and bug fixes implemented for the game. Further reports on bugs and feedback can be shared on the Community Hub for the game.

Aside from the buildable log sleds, the tree regrowth option was added to Sons of The Forest. The option will be active by default and provides a 10% chance to randomly regrow trees when you sleep. Tarps can now be added to log structures along with two newfound footage clips, a beached sailboats location, and 79 new ponds and 34 new lakes added on the map.

Aside from the new features, existing elements of the game have been tweaked for a more immersive experience. Cannibals in villages will now engage in a test of strength with other cannibals. Their fear will now be affected by group size. A lone cannibal will have higher fear compared to a large group. In addition, the shotgun rail is now on the side of the gun instead of the top to avoid blocking the vision.

Sons of The Forest patch notes for Update 5
Sons of The Forest patch notes for Update 5

Some other details include turtles only laying eggs on the sand, eagles that might attempt to steal dead fish, and dead small birds that will now float in water. The GPS map has also been updated with the latest lakes and rivers. Support for loading into large multiplayer saves has been improved along with improved draw distance at the docks and better bunker food lighting.

General Fixes In Sons Of The Forest Patch 5

With the addition of new features and a wide range of improvements, several fixes were rolled out in the fifth patch as well. Some of these certifications include players no longer being able to drink lava and the correction of visuals under it. Snow and wetness occlusion used in certain areas has also been improved along with the issue of projectile impact FX for flesh and hard surfaces not replicating in multiplayer.

Furthermore, errors such as the cannibals taking dismember damage while blocking, cannibals getting blocked by collision, cave sharks being killed by creepies, eating dead squirrels not impacting the character’s fullness stat, and muddies having standing collision have been ironed out. Kelvin will no longer pick up broken radios and several related discrepancies have been resolved.

Other fixes include improved audio for other players in the multiplayer. Some voice acting was also added to the Gold Room cutscene for Timmy along with enhanced demon boss audio. Ragdoll impact sounds were added as well. 

Sons of The Forest is available on PC and is currently in Early Access.

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